1. Scholars Launch Pan-Muslim Body In London
  2. The Man Called ‘The Gipper’
  3. Why will the US fail?
  4. ‘Freedom’ Fundamentalists
  5. The Myth and Reality of Islamic State
  6. Muslim self-rule is the answer
  7. The year democracy ended
  8. Sustainers of the darkness
  9. Islamic Movements
  10. Aljazeera Sacks Yvonne Ridley
  11. Organization of Islamic Conference – Vision for 2050
  12. Twisted democracy reaching critical mass
  13. Islamic extremism may save western civilization
  14. Support Taysir Alouni
  15. The new “Islamophobia”
  16. Newsweek spreading hate
  17. Scholars under siege
  18. Palestine: God's Covenant with Abraham
  19. It’s Crusade Vs Jihad
  20. The darkest times ahead
  21. The Cheney Connection
  22. The Contemporary Muslim Challenge and Responsibility: Advice to Muslims
  23. Sorry about that, Yemen; never mind, Venezuela
  24. The US fading into history
  25. The calculated and strategic assault on the American Family
  26. Terror alerts manufactured?
  27. Australia flexes risky imperialist muscle
  28. Hu's On First?
  29. They Can't Tell Time and They Don't Like Music
  30. Open letter to Rev. Pat Robertson
  31. The Challenge Before the Muslim World
  32. Worse than Dalits
  33. Islam and Political Science
  34. When help begets terrorism
  35. The Bush Doctrine: Bringing Democracy to the Muslims
  36. The mantra that means this time it's serious
  37. And the verdict is: “Guilty!”
  38. Why my film is under fire
  39. The Debauchery of American Womanhood
  40. Why? Because We Can
  41. Americans! Say No to Busharrafism
  42. Nelson Mandela: The U.S.A. Is a Threat to World Peace
  43. Saddam is not the issue
  44. Going Nowhere Fast
  45. Peace Is A Bargain
  46. Remembering The Victims
  47. Confronting Anti-American Grievances
  48. It is the Oil, Stupid!
  49. A Creeping Collapse in Credibility at the White House
  50. We need a regime change...
  51. Muslim in America
  52. Freedom And Independence For Enslaved Nations
  53. Orwellian Anti-Semitism
  54. A is for Arabs
  55. The Financial Blowout is On – And It's Much Worse Than 1929
  56. Foreign Policy Wrong
  57. April 20th Report From DC
  58. A Strange Kind Of Freedom
  59. Modernism in Islam
  60. Muslims Are Good Folks
  61. Sultan And Shaitan
  62. Stereotyping Rankles Silent, Secular Majority of American Muslims
  63. The "Independence" of the Press
  64. Living in the Nazi world
  65. Bush's War Against Terrorism: Be Cautious!
  66. Preferring a war with Allah?
  67. Beware Of Your Inner Cowardice
  68. George W. Bush, Attempted Murderer
  69. Rising Without Uprising
  70. Let's Stop Dodging Reality
  71. Venezuela: Next Chile?
  72. The Way Out For The Muslim World
  73. From Cordoba To Kabul
  74. Those Secret Snatches
  75. War On The Third World
  76. Why The West Craves Materialism And The East Sticks To Religion
  77. The Truth Is Out There... Right?
  78. The War Against The Saudis
  79. The Colder War
  80. Some In Kandahar Mourn The End Of Taliban Rule
  81. Islam Can't Be Diluted
  82. How Different Are Islamic Societies?
  83. A Letter From An American Prison
  84. Bias Upon Bias Upon Bias
  85. A Mere Brush With Our Reality
  86. Campaign 2000
  87. American Elections and Hizb At-Tahrir
  88. American Political Scene and Muslim Americans
  89. The Bushes and the Muslims
  90. The Dream of Anti-Islam Forces
  91. World Trade Center Bombing - February 26, 1993
  92. Victor, The Victorious
  93. Bullies, Dogs, Rats, and the Muslim Ummah
  94. The Gullibility Index