Victor, the Victorious

by A. A. El Cid

Late 1988: "We have to do something about it", said Rabin. "About what?" asked Sharon. "We have known that the Muslim population in the U.S. is increasing and it would hurt our interests sooner or later!", Rabin responded.

* * *

Rabin's country was created forty years earlier in the middle of alien people by use of force, terrorism and deceitful politics worldwide. The Native people of the country were driven out by terrorism or killed, their property confiscated and allotted to immigrants from Europe, North Africa and other parts of the world. Europeans formed a communist style government and adopted a socialist economy. Immigrants of the same religion as the European rulers but came from other parts of the world were given second class status of citizenship and the natives, whatever was left of them, were given the same rights as accorded to animals.

* * *

"Look! We have been able to triple the size of the country within the last forty years", said Dylan, a former terrorist turned military officer, then politician in retirement. "We initiated wars and were successfully able to blame our enemies for starting them and in the process, occupied their lands which are our lands now", continued Dylan. "God is with us", commented Moshe, another terrorist turned military officer, then politician.

* * *

Somehow God has been against the natives who suffered defeat after defeat in the hands of European invaders. The Natives suffered the same fate as American Indians in the hands of the European invaders to the Americas. No wonder Americans have been helping Rabin's people who are European invaders to this little country of olives, sand, dead water and ancient history.

* * *

"The question remains how to stop the growth of Muslims in the U.S." repeated Rabin.

"Let us give the project to our most efficient service, MOSSAT, Murder Of Society Services And Terrorism" suggested Moshe. "They have successfully planted bombs in Egypt and maligned the Muslim Brotherhood; they have blown up airplanes and blamed our enemy, The Natives Society, for it", continued Moshe. "Don't forget how well our operatives planted bombs in Beirut to blow up Americans' military barrack, killing almost 250 American soldiers, and Muslim fundamentalists got the blame for it", reminded Sharon. "Hey, remember we planted bombs in Munich, Rome, Berlin, Athens, London and blamed The Natives Society very successfully. The whole world believed us!", commented Victor, a representative of MOSSAT at the meeting. "Victor, do you think you can come up with something to stop the growth of the Muslim population in America?" asked Rabin. "If you can add to the ill reputation of Islam and Muslims it would help us", Rabin added. "I will call a meeting of our intellectuals and present the problem, we will see what we can come up with", responded Victor.


February 26, 1993: "Victor, congratulations! You did it and no one suspects us", said Rabin in the meeting. Everyone else around the meeting table congratulated Victor for his agency's operation of bombing the Twin Towers in New York. MOSSAT was able to carry out the operation and conceal it from the American intelligence community. "Will you please tell us how did you guys did it?" asked Sharon. "It was a very complex operation which took three years of planning and execution", responded Victor. "I will have to get the report from our operatives, domestic and foreign to give you the complete picture".

* * *

The challenge before MOSSAT was very complex. The problem was that the Muslim population in the U.S. was increasing through immigration as well as conversion. For twenty-five years MOSSAT'S government was asking the U.S. government to stop the immigration of Muslims. But the U.S. government, a champion of slogans of human rights and equality of all races and all people, with the slogan of freedom of religion, could not do it without appearing to be anti-Islam, anti-Arab, anti-Asian and racist. If, somehow Muslims could be labeled as terrorists causing terrorism within the boundaries of the U.S., it would provide a flimsy handle to the U.S. government to scuttle the immigration of Muslims into the U.S. At the same time a bad reputation given to a religion would make it unattractive for prospective converts. MOSSAT had the challenge of carrying out terrorist operations under the gazes of the U.S. intelligence community yet come out unscathed and blame the Muslims and make it stick. It was a great challenge and it appeared that MOSSAT pulled it off.

* * *

"Planting of the bomb itself was no problem because our own people are in-charge of security of the property", responded Victor, "The most difficult thing was to find some stupid Muslims who could be implicated without their knowing about it", continued Victor. He elaborated further, "we found our victims, young Muslims who occasionally went to a mosque in New Jersey, reputed to be run by fundamentalist Muslims. Then we had to build their record with the police and F.B.I."

"How did you build police and F.B.I. records for these kids?", asked Moshe. "The American system has built in flaws for it which we took advantage of", responded Victor. He continued, "all you have to do is to make a fake report of planning some heinous crime, such as bombing, robbing or murder against some person; police arrests the accused, finger prints him, investigates him, the file is opened, the accused has to bring bail and prove himself innocent. We had to have these stupid kids called into police stations a few times, have the F.B.I. visit them a few times and now they are fixed to stick a crime to them and we remain out of the picture. New York is our town and we have our people at every government level too willing to help our cause", Victor continued.

"I thought that in the American system one is innocent until proven guilty but you are saying the opposite", asked Rabin. "That's hogwash! That's on paper only. In reality it is the other way around; a person is guilty as soon as accused; that's the way the media treats him, that's the way courts treat him; that's the way people treat him. Remember the Original Sin, the Christian dogma, it applies everywhere", Victor explained. He continued, "In Christianity, you are a born sinner, particularly the Muslims, their biggest sin is that they are Muslims. It is alright to stick every kind of crime to them. Everybody accepts it - why not to exploit this mentality?". Dylan agreed and added, "Look at Bosnia, the Christians have been killing Muslims for almost ten months, butchering them. It's worse than the Nazi crimes against the Jews, yet the whole Christian West is ignoring and letting the butchery continue".

"Excellent, excellent!" everybody shouted. "Let us give Medal of Honor to Victor", Sharon proposed. "Victor really understands Christians and knows how to exploit them", Rabin commented.

"One more thing", Dylan asked: "did you do anything to connect these Muslim kids with Iran?" "Certainly! These kids want to get rich and get into business. We helped them get into export business with our own business front organizations in Germany and we were able to transfer money from Germany to their bank accounts. Our agents in Iran are helping us to connect these Muslim kids money to Iran via Germany", Victor explained.

"Do you think just one bombing will do the job?" Moshe asked Victor. "This was successful beyond our imagination; the media gave us full support, U.S. congressmen and senators are giving us full support and the new administration is indeed on our side, one hundred percent. Congress is already considering a bill to limit immigration from Muslim countries on the grounds that Muslims are terrorists; all Islamic centers are under F.B.I. and police surveillance and prospective converts have been turned off of Islam. However, we may have to plant a few more bombs before we can be sure of complete success. Our problems remains finding our Muslim victims who will take the bait and build their police and F.B.I. record; it takes time, you know!" Victor explained the position.

"What else are you working on, Victor?" asked Rabin. "Our India Department has been training Indians in Kashmir, Assam, and Tamil Nadu in a variety of projects with one common goal: to carry out terrorism but make sure that the Muslims of India, Pakistan and Afghan mujahids get the blame for them" replied Victor. "In Kashmir our trainees kill Kashmiri mujahids, and in other places they carry out terrorist acts and Pakistan gets blamed for all of them" Victor continued.

"Thank God that the U.S. is going to put Pakistan on the terrorist countries list, which would not have been possible without the services of our valuable agency MOSSAT", Rabin commented. Sharon added, "MOSSAT was instrumental in placing Syria, Libya and Iran on the terrorist countries' list." Rabin agreed, "yes we know it well and we have already awarded Medals of Honor to our operatives". Moshe corrected, "but we got caught by the U.S. government in our Lebanon operation". Victor agreed, "yes, it was very unfortunate".

Sharon wanted to know a few details, "what happened there?". Victor responded, "the Bush people found out about it and they kept the 10 billion dollar guarantee as hostage and we had to release all of the American and European hostages from Lebanon before Bush released the 10 billion; but neither the media nor the American people ever found out about it because it was part of our deal with the Bush people for releasing the hostages."

* * *

The MOSSAT set up terrorist organizations in Lebanon under "Islamic" names and took many European and American hostages giving a lot of bad publicity to the Islamic fundamentalists. The money and directives to these "Islamic" fundamentalists was routed through MOSSAT people in Iran. This way the Iranian government was implicated and was declared a terrorist government. In reality the Iranian government was not involved. Somehow, the Bush people found out about it and they demanded the release of all hostages before releasing the 10 billion dollar guarantee. Initially, MOSSAT denied any connection and stalled negotiations for several months. Finally they buckled under the economic pressure and released the hostages with the condition that MOSSAT name will remain clear of complicity in the hostage taking.

* * *

"I have many more issues to discuss in the next meeting; for today the meeting is adjourned", Rabin gave his final comment.

Victor remains victorious as long as Muslims remain asleep. Victor is very careful and will not allow Muslims to wake up and Victor's country prospers and lives happily ever after.


* A fictional story. All characters are fictional and quotations do not represent any real dialogue or conversation or statements by any persons, living or dead. Author.


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