Australia flexes risky imperialist muscle

by Bernard Wijedoru –

5 December 2002

PM Howard’s recent threats to intervene militarily in neighbouring countries should not come as a surprise to those who have observed the development of Australia’s Post independence role. Initially she was the trusted servant of US Imperialism and now a Junior partner in the new US/UK/Aussie Imperialistic Axis.

At the time of the Vietnam war Australia was only sacrificing Australian lives primarily for the Benefit of US Imperialism with little or no immediate benefit to Australia. If at all it provided big pay off’s to the Military Industrial Complex within Australia who funded the election campaigns of the Governments in power over the period. It also possibly satisfied the accute servitude to the USA that Australia began to suffer from after the umbilical chord to Britain began to weaken.

After Vietnam, Cambodia etc Australia began to pretend that Australia is very much a part of Asia. In fact it was clearly a Trojan Horse role which Australia has been playing with a view to replace Europe as the de-facto colonial power in South East Asia.

Australia was however realistic enough to recognize that she neither had the muscle nor the influence within the Region to pursue such Imperialist objectives. That was why they had to depend almost totally on the US to provide them a military umbrella for pursuing the Imperialist objectives of taking control of the natural resources and corner the markets in the Region for Australian goods and services. In order to achieve this it was necessary to either have a military dictatorship favourable to Australia or get involved in separatist movements aimed at detabilising the target countries and eventually breaking them up.

Naturally, the easiest target was Indonesia where the US backed Suharto Dictatorship was supported by Australia almost up to the very end of his despicable rule. The next country Australia is targetting is clearly the Philippines. It is interesting to note that both the US and Australia identified Suharto and Marcos as great Democrats and leaders of the free world!

It would also be worthwhile to make an objective assessment of the nature and extent of direct and indirect support given to all the separatist movements in Indonesia by Australia. Such support has been clearly aimed at breaking up Indonesia into smaller countries. Australia of course fraudulently claimed that support for separatist movements are to enable the regions to have greater Democracy.

In this connection it is relevant to note that the Australian Government has not made a single public statement about the US statements that a McCarthy style US Military Government similar to the post-war Government in Japan, would be set up in Iraq for a few years if and when President Saddam is overthrown.

Howard could not possibly support the military action against Iraq because he believes that the McCarthy style Government was a democratic form of Government. It is clearly an Investment in return for the umbrella that US would provide for Australia to gain economic, political and military control over neighbouring countries starting with a Balkanized Indonesia.

The threats that Howard is making to intervene militarily in neighbouring countries to capture terrorist is merely the tip of the ice-berg. Full scale US backed military intervention in countries that does not permit Australia to gain economic, political and military control in the Region will not be too far off.

If the Australian people do not wake up and call Howard to order and demand that he withdraws his threat and tender an appropriate apology, it will not be long before Asian countries will start treating them as "pariahs" and pathetic coolies of US Imperialism.

Bernard Wijedoru

Sri Lanka


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