The Dream of Anti-Islam Forces

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

Introduction. It is a dream of anti-Islam forces to get rid of Islam from the face of the earth but they know the impossibility of their dream coming true. Therefore, they have resigned themselves to live with Islam but a modified one in the mold of Christianity, a religion of a few private rituals. Anti-Islam forces want to redefine Islam and they want Muslims to accept it. They have been working on this project for the last three centuries with a lot of success. Their last three centuries of persistent efforts has given rise to pseudo-Islamic cults, new sects, sects redefined, and corrupted orders within Islam.

It is not a secret that various anti-Islam forces are working in tandem and in coordination with each other to remove the Islam of the Qur'an and Sunnah from people's lives around the world. They will tolerate a ritualistic Islam in the mold of Christianity but not real Islam. The question may be asked, "who are these anti-Islam forces?" This author has written an article on this topic; for a detailed discussion, see "ISLAM IN AMERICA: ROUGH ROAD AHEAD", published in the MESSAGE INTERNATIONAL, February 2000. A brief introduction is given below.

Anti-Islam forces may be divided into three groups: (a) Secular Fundamentalists, (b) Zionists and Hindu Fundamentalists, and (c) Christian Fundamentalists. All three work together, support each other in full cooperation, and each group has its own area of work delineated. All three groups put together constitute only under 4% of the American population or under 10 million individuals. However, these people enjoy tremendous power and sway over the people. Over 96% of the people are ignorant believers and followers of anti-Islam forces. It is possible to break the bond between anti-Islam leaders and their ignorant followers through massive education by the Muslims.

Anti-Islam leaders come with titles like Dr., Rev., Prof., etc., which carry an air of authority when they speak. However, when they speak they give informed individuals the impression that they, perhaps, have their doctorates and specialties in bigotry and demagoguery. A few examples of these hate-mongers include, Dr. Robert Morey, Dr. Anis Shorroush, Rev. Pat Robertson, Rev. Billy Graham, Prof. Sam Huntington, Prof. Daniel Pipes and many others.

Secular Fundamentalists are those intellectuals who see religion as irrelevant in peoples' lives but they tolerate religion if people have private beliefs in some kind of God or gods. Some of these people may have some loose belief in some kind of god or gods but they do not see its relevance in the social, economic, and political lives of the people; these may even include the clergy. They are particularly against Islam because they perceive that this religion tries to become an established system of life competing with secularism. Naturally, secularists try to destroy Islam completely; they have an agenda. Secular Fundamentalists is the largest of the three anti-Islam forces and the most powerful because its proponents include politicians, media people, businessmen, professors, teachers and a section of the common folk in the West. These are the people who are running governments, UNO and its branches, banks, multi-national corporations, think-tanks, universities, school systems, charitable foundations, and much more. They control almost the entire wealth of the planet earth. But Allah is more powerful. Secularists use academically-oriented tools to create hate of Islam. These are the generals of the anti-Islam war. These bigots and demagogues are found among professors, specialists, gurus, academicians of universities, and other think-tanks. It should be understood that not every Secular Fundamentalist is an Islam hater but a majority among them are, overtly or covertly. Islam haters use the academic media of research papers, educational material, publication of books, publication of articles in professional journals, and magazines. Thus, they influence the top echelon of the society.

Zionists and Hindu Fundamentalists fear Islam for their own protection. They perceive that the expansion of Islam will destroy their ideologies and their political domains. These are pragmatists and their reasoning for carrying out anti-Islam activities may be summed up as the following:

1. The more Islam and Muslims are demonized, the better the Zionists and Hindus look. Dehumanizing and demonizing Muslims has its own rewards. It gives them the legitimacy to kill Muslims, bulldoze their property, oppress them, and arrest and torture Muslim activists. How often it is that one learns of the killing of a rat as news in the newspaper or TV news program. However, the killing of Muslims makes no news, let alone, the headlines. Whereas, when a single Zionist or a Hindu is hurt or killed by a Muslim it makes resounding headlines in the West. Palestinians in their own land, Muslims in Kashmir, and Chechens in Chechnya are suffering but the powerful West has become mute and blind to their sufferings. To add insult to injury, they emphatically label Muslims as being "terrorists". A stark contrast to Western policy toward Muslims is evident in the case where East Timuris, a Christian and animist minority in Indonesia, burned mosques, killed dozens of Muslims, and marched in the streets. The West stood up in their support and forced their independence upon Indonesia. The Western double standard at play is obvious in that the Palestinians, Kashmiris, and Mindanao Muslims have been demanding their independence for decades and West calls them "terrorists" and helps their oppressors. In October 2000 over 100 Arab youths were killed by the Israelis using American taxpayer-paid guns. A large percentage of the murdered Arabs were teen-age children but no one is questioning Israel or blaming Israelis. When two Israeli-trained assassins who were sent to kill Arab leaders were caught and subsequently killed, it made headlines all over the world. Trained assassins are "peacemakers" and children ages 6 to 16 are "terrorists". Only the ignorant will buy this kind of distortion and there are many in the U.S. due to myopia, laziness, indifference, laxity, and complacency of the Muslim masses and their leaders, particularly those Muslims living in the West. Muslims living in the West have tools and power available to them to change the situation forever and reverse the environment from anti-Islam to pro-Islam.

2. Israeli and Hindu Fundamentalists dehumanize Muslims and portray them as being brute terrorists while the actual perpetrators of terror, namely, the CIA, Israel, and India receive financial, military, technological, and espionage aid from the U.S. administration and Congress. Reportedly, Israel receives from the U.S. government over six billion dollars annually in aid. That is a $1,500 reward granted annually from the American taxpayers for every Jewish male, female, and child living in Israel. This is the reward for colonizing Palestinian land and displacing Palestinian people. The cycle of repression of Muslims is strengthened using American help in the form of guns, tanks, helicopter gunships, missiles, espionage training, intelligence information, and generous economic aid. Muslims living in the U.S. can change this policy through their involvement in the political process; surely, there will be a lot of resistance against the Muslim entry but Muslims have to fight it out and cut out their niche in the American government and exert their influence. There are many success stories of Muslim empowerment at the local level when they became active, for example, in Santa Clara, CA, Bridgeview, IL, Morton Grove, IL, Brooklyn, NY, and the senatorial race in New Jersey in addition to others. Muslims living in those areas were able to turn the tide from anti-Islam to neutrality or pro-Islam. The isolationism proposed by some ignorant Muslims is a recipe for a slow suicide and is in effect a request to be subjected to the same fate that Muslims suffered in Spain, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Kosova. As a result of Muslim involvement, Congressman Tom Campbell (Republican, CA) presented a bill in Congress to stop all forms of aid to Israel; the bill was supported by only 12 congressmen but it was a first attempt. If Muslims become active in American politics, the day when Tom Campbell's bill is passed will not be far.

3. The Zionists and Hindus fear the increasing population of Muslims in the U.S. They see that with the increasing Muslim population, Muslims will eventually become politically and economically a factor and that scares them the most. Zionist influence in America is drawn from Jewish involvement in the political process through giving money, time, and talent for politicians. It is estimated that for every dollar American Jews spend on politicians, Israel receives over one thousand dollars from the U.S. government. This process yielded them, not only money for Israel, but opportunities of becoming politicians themselves. Now, Jews are in the government and running the government at local and national levels enjoying influence beyond their proportion in population (under two percent). Jewish involvement in the political process has changed their position, that is, from the most hated people around the 1900s to the most powerful people in the year 2000. Actually, it took Jews in America less than sixty years (two generations) of hard work to accumulate the power they have. These anti-Islam forces are working as hard as possible to keep the growth of the Muslim population in America in check and certainly, Muslim political participation in check. They are already spreading rumors that Muslim political participation is outright dangerous and should not be encouraged. This group uses the media and entertainment industry to create hate of Islam and Muslims. There are some Muslim groups, like Hizb At-Tahrir, Tanzeem-e Islami, Tablighi Jamaat, and others who have come out actively against Muslim political participation thereby fulfilling the dream of anti-Islam forces. It is strange, what happened to the commonsense, intellect, and wisdom of our sincere brothers? In their na´vetÚ, they are becoming enemies of Islam despite their love and sincerity for the deen of Allah. Although their sincerity and love of Allah is unquestionable, they are nonetheless positioning themselves right into the opportunistic hands of anti-Islam forces.

3. Christian Fundamentalists see Islam as a world competitor in winning the hearts and minds of the people around the world for their respective religions. The conversion (reversion) rate to Islam is abhorrent and terrifying for them. In addition, Christian Fundamentalists are more Zionists than the Jews of America. This group works at the gutter level creating lies and deception against Islam and Muslims and selling it to the masses directly. They create hate of Islam and Muslims and work so that Bosnia-like situations are created and the holocaust of Muslims takes place right here in America. Their goal is to remove Islam from the West, which includes the Americas and Europe, and they fight Islam in the Muslim-majority countries as well. These are the foot soldiers of the anti-Islam movement. The Christian Fundamentalists attack Islamic aqeedah, practices, history, and civilizations; they distort everything Islamic and misrepresent it to their listeners and readers. These people use Christian TV and radio, publish books for common people, as well as brochures, tracks, and pamphlets. Furthermore, their leaders with the title "Dr." appear live in churches and deliver talks filled with bigotry against Islam and Muslims. While Muslims are ignorant of these activities and oblivious to whatever is going on around them, by the time they find the results, it will be too late to do anything about it. It will be Bosnia right here in America. Those Muslims who are against reaching out to the non-Muslim population are fulfilling the dreams of anti-Islam forces. Again, this author finds Tablighi Jamaat is openly guilty of opposing the reaching out to non-Muslims. This author has experienced a lot of antipathy from these people during his travels from New York to California for the purpose of mobilizing the Muslim population to perform outreach work.

Muslims themselves contribute to islamophobia but this is not due to spite for Islam but rather to their own ignorance of Islam but this is not the topic of this paper. This author has written an article on this topic that is unpublished but privately circulated. The solution to the problem of anti-Islam forces is the education of Muslims and American masses about Islam and Muslims and thus pulling the rug from under the feet of the anti-Islam forces, that is, denying them an audience who would believe them. The Muslim mission is like a bicycle that has two wheels. A monocycle is incapable of going very far or fast enough. One wheel of the bicycle is the education and reform of the Muslims and the other wheel is outreach to the non-Muslims, both tasks must be done simultaneously. The policy of the Tablighi Jamaat, which consists of going on a monocycle, has no evidence in the Qur'an or the Sunnah. They will be able to contribute many sheep to the herd but will not contribute to bringing out leaders who will lead the Muslim Ummah, restore dignity to Islam and Muslims, and establish the rule of Allah in this earthly life.

The Dreams: Anti-Islam forces would love to see a modified Islam that would include the following:

1. Removal of Jihad from Islamic teachings. This is the scariest part of Islamic teachings that a fighter is a ghazi or shaheed; it is win-win situation for a Muslim mujahid. The West is willing to support any kind of Islam that does not have Jihad in the meaning of qital in its theology. A mushrik values two things most, his life and his property, the things that a true Muslim cares the least about in the Way of Allah. Remind yourself of the Hadith of wahn, the disease that will destroy Muslims and will render them subjects of their enemies. They welcome Qadiyanis, Tablighi Jamaat, Sufis, and similar other groups. These Muslim groups, by their opposition or silence about Jihad in the meaning of qital, are fulfilling the dream of the enemies of Islam. Qital is a part of Islam but it is relevant only in its place and time; it is not for everywhere nor for every time there is opposition to Islam. Muslims have a duty to attempt and exhaust all peaceful means before resorting to qital. On the other hand, those who incite to qital for every Muslim problem are also fulfilling the dreams of their enemies because this gives them an opportunity to project Islam as advocating terrorism and war.

2. Removal of politics as a part of Islam. There are two things under this topic: (a) Separation of politics and "religion", which is the fundamental dogma of secularism, and (b) discouraging Muslims from political participation in the West, which is a wish and a dream so that Muslims do not gain power and do not disturb the power of the Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists. The separation of politics from religion is rooted in the brutal rule of the Catholic Church over Europe lasting over one thousand years in the name of religion. Secularists see Islam in the mold of Catholicism, which is foolishness on their part and those Muslims who support them.

Political participation of Muslims in America is hated by anti-Islam forces because this will change the status quo and Muslims will begin to gain political power in the U.S. They love the movements of Qadiyanis, Tablighi Jamaat, Sufis, Hizb At-Tahrir, Tanzeem-e-Islami, and similar groups who agree with the enemies of Islam in maintaining the status quo through their opposition to political participation. These groups (anti-political participation Muslims) make the dreams of the anti-Islam forces come true. If Muslims become active in politics in an organized manner the power of the Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists will dissipate in time and Muslims may gain the position of dictating their policies domestically as well as globally. Please do not tell me that allowing the enemies of Islam to realize their dreams against Islam is part of the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet(S). The absence of Muslims from politics leaves the field wide open for the enemies of Islam to work freely without any resistance and obstruction.

3. Removal of Islamic Economics. Here again there are two things: (a) Separation of economics of the country from religion, in this case Islamic teachings, and (b) Preclusion of the Muslim establishment of economic institutions based on Islamic economics. It terrifies these people that the Muslims should become successful in their economic endeavors because that will be the end of the capitalist economy which supports the exploitation of the weak and the ignorant and greed is a virtue.

An interest-based economy is un-Islamic whereas a capitalist economy is interest-based. Capitalism is rooted on the exploitation of the needs and ignorance of the people. Islam makes it Haram. In addition, trading in alcoholic liquors, swine products, gambling, and prostitution are Haram in Islam. Islamic economics will demolish the entire structure built upon capitalism. Tablighi Jamaat and Sufis are fulfilling the dreams of anti-Islam forces by adopting silence in this area and that is not the Sunnah of the Prophet(S). Anti-Islam forces would like to see either the Muslims casting away the principle of Islamic economics or adopting silence as the above- mentioned Muslim groups have done.

4. Modified Muslim social life. Anti-Islam Forces would like to see that Muslims drop Hijab and objections to the free mixing of genders. They would love to see that Muslims begin dancing the way it is done in the Western culture and adopted by many eastern societies, including some westernized "Muslims". They hate to see educated Muslim women wearing hijab and staying away from westernized social parties. On the other hand, they love to ridicule those Muslim women who are closeted in their homes and, if they go out at all, they wear complete covering (burqa or abaiya or chador). Rejecters of Hadith is the group that has adopted a western-style social life and this pleases the West. On the other hand, Tablighi Jamaat has become extremely oppressive of their women by denying them the opportunities of education and intellectual growth. Tablighis even preclude their women from going to the masajid and listening to the speeches of their own scholars. They do not understand that the first five or six years of a child shape his/her personality, this is the period he/she spends with the mother. The mother is the first teacher of a child and builds up the personality of that child. An oppressed, ignorant, frustrated, and angry mother is going to become selfish, living day by day for the security of her food and shelter till her last day comes. This kind of mother is going to raise a child in her mold: selfish, angry, frustrated, ignorant, and with no ambition for excellence or a vision for himself, his family, or his people. Conversely, a mother who is educated, Islamically informed in the Qur'an and Sunnah, happy, and a visionary with leadership qualities, will raise children who are educated, happy, and visionary leaders. For a thousand years, Muslims have oppressed their women, kept them ignorant, and suppressed and as a result, we have raised a whole Ummah that is selfish, ignorant of Islam, mediocre in their profession, short-sighted, devoid of vision for their people, and lacking in leadership qualities. The whole Muslim world is ruled by such selfish brutes who are able to become brute dictators with the help of the West but cannot lead because their ignorant mothers did not train them for such tasks. Tablighi Jamaat and the likes of them want to maintain this sorry state of affairs for the Muslim Ummah and are happy with keeping the reins of world power in the hands of anti-Islam forces. No wonder these people can obtain visas to any country in the West whereas many good Muslims are black-listed or quietly denied entry and if they enter somehow, they are arrested and jailed under one pretext or another.

5. Opposition to Outreach to non-Muslims. Da'wah to non-Muslims is a duty of all Muslims because this promotes and propagates Islam. Anti-Islam forces hate this activity of Muslims most because the spread of Islam and any rise in the influence of Muslims is contrary to their wishes and designs. Anti-Islam forces love Tablighi Jamaat and Sufis who do not reach out to the non-Muslims to convey the message. Naturally, the members of these Muslim groups are able to obtain visas easily to countries all over the world. By opposing or adopting silence against Da'wat ila-Allah to non-Muslims is fulfilling the dreams of anti-Islam forces. Hizb At-Tahrir is quite vocal in their slogan of "Khilafa is the solution" but they have no workable plan to bring it about, not even in the Muslim-majority countries. I would like to see their plan to establish Khilafa in places where Muslims are living as 2% of the population such as in the United States. The West is not the place for raising emotional slogans of "Khilafa is the solution" and hyping up a few young people with fiery speeches. If their speeches are for establishing Khilafa in one or more of the Muslim-majority countries, they should go to those target countries and work there. All these people do is create more problems and obstacles for those who have plans to bring about a change in the West, as much as is possible, without any bloodshed.

6. Stop forbidding evil. Islamic teaching is Amr bil-ma'roof wa nahi 'an al-munkar meaning enjoining good and forbidding evil. Forbidding evil is, in essence, reminding people to abstain from their evil deeds, which they may take as criticism. From a secular point of view, evil must be defined by law; whatever is divinely defined as evil is not necessarily an evil. For example, drinking liquors, gambling, fornication, and homosexuality are acceptable norms in the West and they should not be labeled as "evil". From the western point of view, Tablighi Jamaat is a wonderful group of Muslims because they have taken out nahi ‘an al-munkar and replaced it with sukoot 'an al-munkar meaning silence about evil. Tablighi Jamaat is fulfilling the dreams of anti-Islam forces. In the secular culture, all evils that are not defined by law as crimes are wonderful, creative acts. Nudity is creativity, pornography is creativity, homosexuality is an alternate life-style, adultery is consensual adult creativity, and now here comes another imaginative act, incest is creativity. Tablighi Jamaat prefers to adopt silence on all these matters rather than reminding the society about these evils and work to remove them from the society. The Muslims of Tablighi Jamaat and Sufis are wonderful, moderate Muslims loved by Daniel Pipes and Sam Huntington.

7. Stop studying and living by the Qur'an and Sunnah. It is becoming common knowledge among informed Westerners that those Muslims who study Qur'an and Sunnah and try to live by them are catalysts of change within the Muslim Ummah. Such people earn the wrath of the West, they are awarded titles such as Wahabi and Fundamentalist extremists, and are the targets against whom the West subsidizes movements. This author has heard many times from Sufi leaders that the goal of their lives is to fight to remove "Wahabism", a non-existent ghost. Sufis do not work for the goal of their lives as being that of earning the pleasure of Allah but rather gain the pleasure and good graces of the enemies of Allah through their fight against Wahabism. The term "Wahabism" was coined by the British in the 1820s to destroy the reform movement of the Shahidayn in India through sowing hate and dissension within the Muslim Ummah and in this the British were very successful. The people who call mankind to the Qur'an and Sunnah are bringing meaningful change in the Muslim societies worldwide and this upsets the West. The true revival of Islam among the Muslims is possible only through the Qur'an and Sunnah. Only rote recitation of the Qur'an rather than studying keeps Muslims tame. Tablighi Jamaat and Sufis are fulfilling the dreams of the West from within by discouraging study of the Qur'an and Sunnah. The West would love to see Muslims blindly follow a leader who does not call people to study the Qur'an and Sunnah but follow him blindly. According to Tablighi Jamaat and Sufis, asking proof from the Qur'an and Sunnah is a taboo. Such religious leaders can be bought and sold to the highest bidder thus controlling people becomes easier. People who are ignorant and follow like sheep in a herd are much easier to control than those who seek knowledge from the Qur'an and Sunnah rather than hearsay opinions.

With respect to Muslim-majority countries, the West has the following dreams in addition to the above-mentioned points.

Israeli Resolution. In the early 1970s the government of Israel passed a resolution to keep all Arab (Muslim-majority) countries, singly or any combination thereof, weaker than the State of Israel. This resolution was adopted by the Democratic Party in total and a slightly weaker version was adopted by the Republicans. It is obvious that these American political parties have joined the enemies of Islam and Muslims and they are pursuing the following strategies.

8. Educational and technological backwardness and mediocrity. It is the earnest hope of the West that Muslims not become educated or technologically advanced but remain mediocre in their work and professions. Research and development and excellence should remain within the circle of non-Muslim people. Muslims should only be consumers of development and production of the non-Muslim world. Fortunately for the West, there are Muslim groups that promote mediocrity, consumerism, and staying in the masajid as much as possible - the West loves it.

The West is trying to keep Muslim-majority countries in the column of net importers of consumer-finished products and exporters of raw material so that they remain dependent upon industrially advanced non-Muslim countries for finished products and purchasers of raw material. The West is trying as much as possible to keep Muslim societies backward in education, technology, and industrial products whether heavy industry or consumer products. As long back as 1973 when King Faisal stopped selling oil to the U.S., Henry Kissinger reportedly told Saudis that they may drink oil when they get hungry because the U.S. would not sell them wheat. The U.S. government wants to keep every Muslim-majority country at bay with that kind of threat. Muslims cannot change such stupid policies of the U.S. government until they get involved and rise upward through the ladder of power. Get involved and gain influence. Muslims need not beg but demand and dictate after removing anti-Islam forces from the position of power. It can be done and it should be done. For the Muslims, the rise to power in America is not going to be a bed of roses.

9. Denying military technology. The West would not mind if Muslim majority countries have a police force with a few sticks and guns to kill their own people and to keep them as herds of sheep who stay in line and remain loyal to the puppets of the West. The peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians showed their real intent. The deal was that the Palestinian police would be given a few simple guns to keep the Palestinian population under control and for use against their own people. A credible force of defense against an enemy is not allowed for any Muslim-majority country. When Iraq developed a credible force, it was bombed to the stone age. The West has been conspiring with Israel, India, and Russia to bomb Pakistan to the stone age, as soon as possible. India and Israel can develop nuclear bombs but the same technology is denied to Pakistan and Iraq. Israel, India, and China can develop their own missiles and airplanes but Pakistan and Iran are not to develop these technologies. Those who oppose Muslim participation in American politics want the status quo, that is, keeping Muslim countries weak and maintaining the hegemony of the West, Israel, Russia, and India over Muslim- majority countries. Only through involvement will Muslims be able to change the policies of the West. Muslims should have the vision of becoming the government of the West and pursue it with tunnel vision.

10. Globalization. This is the tool, which is being sold to Muslim countries to stunt Muslim culture and replace it with western culture. Dr. S.M. Kureshi of Pakistan has written a book under the title, "WESTERN FUNDAMENTALISM IN ACTION"; it is worth reading.

It appears that "globalization" was developed to stunt the resurgence of true Islam and the rising aspirations of Muslims to regain their past glory of being the world power to which others would have to reckon with. Globalization includes maintaining the hegemony of the West in all areas of life, particularly, cultural hegemony. Some Islamic movements are trying to remove the bad influences of the Western culture and replace them with true Islamic norms, lost gradually under the colonial rule of Europe. The West is using all tools available to her to implement globalization. Unless Muslims reach the policy-making chambers, they will have no control over such hazardous movements. Those Muslims who oppose Muslim involvement in U.S. politics essentially want to give free rein to the West in their implementation of globalization. For whom are these people working in their ignorance? Are they working for Islam or anti-Islam forces? You decide!

During the last fifty years two persons were most influential in the formulation of American foreign policy. During the Eisenhower era, John Foster Dulles, then Secretary of State, formulated the policy that was Capitalism-centered; it was anti-Communism and anti-Islam. When it was suggested to him to work with Islamic movements to destroy Communism, he rejected the idea saying that Communism was a daughter of the West whereas Islam was an alien. During the Nixon era, Henry Kissinger, an immigrant Jew from Europe, maneuvered himself into the position of Secretary of State. Kissinger's policy was Zionism and Israel-centered and, naturally, it was anti-Islam, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab. Perhaps, it was Kissinger who inspired Israel to pass the resolution of keeping the Arab (Muslim) world weaker than Israel so that American political parties could adopt in their planks. He developed or contributed to the policy of dividing the world into regions of influence (hegemony) with the U.S. on top, like on the top of a totem pole. He chose Israel to be the masters of the Middle East, from Morocco to Iran. India was chosen to be the master of South Asian countries and Japan was selected to rule over the Far East. He chose the Republic of South Africa (then a white, racist regime and an ally of Israel) to be the master of sub-Sahara Africa. The same policy is being followed by the U.S. government and Europe in the year 2000. Kissinger engineered the implementation of Dulles' plan of breaking Pakistan into two pieces. Kissinger planned further break of Pakistan into four pieces and his policy is being followed by the successive U.S. governments. Muslims must get into the power and put a stop to such anti-Muslim policies. Globalization is the extension of the same old policies of Dulles and Kissinger. Only through involvement, will the Muslims be able to change these corrupt and racist policies.

In conclusion, it is an earnest appeal to our beloved brothers in Islam who associate themselves with Tablighi Jamaat, Hizb At-Tahrir, and those who agree with these parties to re-examine their policies and strategies. The founders of these movements were sincere and good people but their policies and strategies were developed during the colonial period. Had they been living in our time, traveled in the West, this author is sure that they would have changed. They would have never agreed to fulfill the dreams of anti-Islam forces the way their perceived followers are intent on doing. Besides, many of these policy and strategy issues are not a matter of Shari'ah but rather a matter of Ijtehad. Let us work together to change the world by bringing justice and equity as we have learned it from the Qur'an and the Sunnah.


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