World Trade Center Bombing

Who did it and why?

February 26, 1993


1. The World Trade Center in New York suffered a big blast causing large craters in the basement floors of the building. However, there was no structural damage and the building remains standing.

2. Mohammad Salameh, a Palestinian, age 26 years, entering the U.S. on a Jordanian passport was arrested in connection with the blast.

3. Nidal Ayyad, age 25, years, a U.S. citizen was arrested in connection with the blast.

4. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad have a reputation of being a decent young men, mild mannered with no record of crime, terrorism or indecency.

5. Mohammad Salameh rented a Ryder Econoline van in his own name but gave the phone number of another person, Josie Hadas, living in Jersey City, New Jersey.

6. Mohammad Salameh rented the van to haul some material for Josie Hadas, yet it has remained unreported his point of pick up and his destination.

7. A day before the blast Mohammad Salameh tried to make a report of the theft of the rented van to the police but the police refused to take the report because he did not have the van's license plate number.

8. The day of the blast Mohammed Salameh reported the theft of the rented van to Ryder, obtained the license plate number and made a report at the police station.

9. The day after the blast Mohammad Salameh went back to Ryder and demanded his deposit of $400.00 but was returned only $200.00. He was arrested before he boarded a bus.

10. Police reported that they had recovered some wiring, bomb making instructions in the English language and traces of explosives from a closet of JOSIE HADAS's apartment.

11. It has been reported that Josie Hadas is an operative of the Israeli terrorist organization, MOSSAD; Josie Hadas' whereabouts remain unreported to the media and the people of the U.S.

12. Nothing of a suspicious nature was found at the apartment of Mohammad Salameh or at the mosque where he, allegedly, went for his prayers.

13. Three days later the police reported that they found at the outer fringe of the blast crater some metal scrap, allegedly, belonging to the van rented by Mohammad Salameh.

14. Shaikh Omar Abderrahman, an Egyptian scholar, was arrested, tried and acquitted in Egypt in connection with the assassination of Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian President most hated by his people but loved by the West and Israel.

15. Shaikh Omar Abderrahman is a respected blind scholar with a doctorate degree and Hafiz (memorizer) of the Qur'an and he has never been convicted of any crime in the U.S. or any other country of the world.

16. Accusation and allegation is not the same as conviction; until a conviction is obtained the story of the accused is the most probable truth and should be told to the people.

17. Israel is trying to make a connection between the blast at the World Trade Center, Mohammad Salameh and HAMAS (an Islamic reform and revival movement in Palestine), that is, in part Israel searches for justification for exiling 415 Palestinian scholars, doctors, professors and Muslim leaders from their ancestral homeland.

18. The media was quick in associating Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad with "Islamic fundamentalism" and Masjid Al-Salam; however, they withheld the information about the identity of the religious denomination and the church to which Michael F. Griffin, the accused killer of Dr. David Gunn of Florida, belonged and the identity of the pastor whose sermons he listened to.


1. The World Trade Center was bombed by terrorists.

2. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad were involved in the bombing operation and it was the work of some Middle Eastern group.

3. The World Trade Center blast, if it was a terrorist bombing, was the work of Israeli terrorism agency, MOSSAD, to frame Muslims, defame "Islamic fundamentalism" and to continue with criminal policy of exiling Muslim leaders.

4. Josie Hadas, an Israeli intelligence, espionage and terrorism agency MOSSAD operative, and employer of Mohammad Salameh, has disappeared.

5. Josie Hadas, Israeli MOSSAD operative, was taken into custody by the police and was quietly sent back to Israel.

6. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad are followers of Shaikh Omar Abderrahman.

7. Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad and Shaikh Omar Abderrahman are "Islamic Fundamentalists". The connotation given is that they are terrorists; it is a subliminal suggestion to equate terrorism and "Islamic fundamentalism".

8. Israelis have been planning to bomb World Trade Center for over two years and accuse Muslim Arabs of committing the crime (see "EARLY WARNING" in TIME, March 22, 1993, page 19).


1. Israel is suffering bad public relations all over the world since the exile of 415 Palestinian scholars, professors, doctors and Muslim leaders from their ancestral homeland.

2. For twenty-five years Israelis, Zionists and their sympathizers have been trying to make the term "Islamic fundamentalism" an ugly, unpopular term implying terrorism, cruelty, backwardness, religious fervor and anti-modernism without ever defining the term.

3. If Israel cannot find any basis to establish its propaganda slogans against her perceived enemies it implants evidence and creates grounds for publicity; read BY WAY OF DECEPTION by Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli.

4. Israelis believe that "the end justifies the means", therefore, loss of life or property, lies, deceit and cheating to achieve Israeli goals are valid and honorable means; those Israelis who achieve goals by any means are honored.

5. Israelis are already linking the World Trade Center blast to HAMAS in Israeli occupied lands in search of justification of the exile of 415 Muslim scholars, leaders, professors and doctors from their ancestral homeland.


1. Where is Josie Hadas, the Israeli employer of Mohammad Salameh?

2. What was the nature of the cargo which Mohammad Salameh was hired by Israeli agent Josie Hadas to move?

3. Why have the police and the media not explicitly reported that bomb related wiring, instruction sheets and traces of explosives were found in the apartment of Israeli agent Josie Hadas and not in the apartment of Mohammad Salameh?

4. Why did Mohammad Salameh go to the police station twice to make a report of the theft of the van, if he was a terrorist?

5. Why did Mohammad Salameh go to the Ryder van rental agency twice to collect a paltry $400.00, if he was a terrorist? Why did he rent the van in his own name, if the implied use was bombing? Why not steal a van?

6. Why did Mohammad Salameh not run away or try to hide if he was a terrorist?

7. Is there any record or history of crime, terrorism or abnormal behavior of Mohammad Salameh since his arrival in the U.S.? Why have the police not made his records available to the public?

8. Did Mohammad Salameh have any links to any of the "terrorist" organizations before his arrival in the U.S.?

9. Why is Mohammad Salameh's link to a given mosque so important whereas other criminals, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Oliver North, Mike Milken and other famous convicted criminals were never linked to their religious affiliation or the church they attended.

10. What are the explanations and responses of the accused, Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad, regarding respective allegations?

11. What is the motive of the accused, Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad for committing such a heinous crime of bombing the World Trade Center? However, the motives of Isreal for committing the crime are clear.


1. There will be one or more attempts by MOSSAD to kill Salameh and Ayyad and make it look like a suicide or an accident because their trial will link Israel with the blast at the World Trade Center in New York.

2. There will be attempts by the FBI under the pressure of the New York police to hush up the whole incident and leave a case which remains unresolved.

3. This may become one of those incidents engineered by MOSSAD where Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims were accused, but became unresolved cases because all the proof pointed towards MOSSAD, such as the TWA accident over Lockerbie, bombings in Paris, Munich, Berlin, Rome, Cairo, and some of the Beirut bombings, etc. .


1. American Zionist, pro-Israel, anti-Islam, anti-Arab media will do everything possible to give cover to Israel and protect its interests so that Israel continues to collect political, military and financial support of Americans at the cost of their own interests. Muslims must demand answers of questions given above.

2. Muslims, Arabs, Arab Americans and their friends should collect information about Israel, Israeli anti-American activities (there are many), American financial, military and technological aid to Israel, Israeli atrocities, military rule in the occupied lands, discrimination of non-Jewish citizens of Israel, lack of democracy in Israel, Israeli socialist system and its failures, discrimination among Jewish citizens; categorize and divide the information in several flyers and distribute them by the millions to the American public. We have to go directly to the public because the media will not help us in the dissemination of this information.

3. We have to pressure the media into publishing information, to bring recognized Muslim leaders on talk shows and documentaries and try to use the media as much as possible. Bring sympathetic Americans, black and white to be our spokespersons.

4. Do not go to sleep. Make copies of this paper and distribute it to the people, Americans, Muslims, Arabs, non-Muslims and the media. Muslims must ask questions and demand equal time with the media.

5. Demand details from the police and the FBI. Ask questions and do not let the FBI and the New York police rest.

6. Organize delegations of local Muslim leadership, obtain appointments with editorial staff of newspapers, heads of news departments of radio and TV stations, talk show hosts and producers and producers of documentaries. Make sure that you are armed with solid information to back up your claims and be bold.

7. Muslims must develop local, regional and national telephone networks and fax networks for mobilization of the Muslim population overnight. Anyone interested in developing a network should contact III&E, P.O. Box 41129, Chicago, Illinois, 60641-0129, or call (773) 777-7443 or fax (773) 777-7199.


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