Open letter to Dr. Hans Blix, Chief UN Weapons Inspector


Your 27 January report to the UN Security Council on your follow up activities on SC Resolution 1441 has caused considerable concern amongst politically conscious people world wide. The main questions and views generated by the tone and contents of your report include the following:

  1. That you have overlooked the fundamental principle of Natural Justice that it is the accuser who has to prove the accusations and that the accused has little or no responsibility to prove his innocence.
  2. That you have overlooked your obligation to press the US to provide you any and all information that the US Administration possesses which justifies its allegation that Iraq does indeed have weapons of mass destruction.
  3. The fact that the US has not provided such information for you to verify and the fact that you have apparently not pushed for such information suggests that there is no such verifiable information
  4. In civilized societies, it is the DUTY of an Inspector who gives an adverse report to give clear reasons as to why he arrives at such a conclusion and discuss such adverse comments with the accused party BEFORE publicizing the adverse report.
  5. When you made the adverse comments regarding the nature and extent of Iraqi cooperation, you have not stated what Iraq’s responses were to the allegedly unanswered questions. Alternatively, were they un-asked questions which you included in the report primarily at the behest of the US?
  6. It would appear that you had met US Government officials and discussed and agreed on the tone and contents of the report before presenting it to the Security Council.
  7. If you had in fact done so, it would have been common courtesy, if the Inspection is in fact being carried out in a civilized manner, that you would have afforded a similar privilege to Iraqi Government officials as well, particularly because you were going to present an adverse report against Iraq.
  8. In the light of the above, it is a widespread view that the wording of the report has been clearly aimed at providing ammunition to the US to pursue the invasion of Iraq, with or without UN blessing.

The peace loving world accordingly would look forward to a more transparent and defensible final report which would form the basis of the eventual Security Council Resolution regarding whether the US accusations against Iraq have been proven beyond reasonable doubt and whether Iraq has been guilty of any material breach of the provisions of SC resolution 1441.

If you continue your current questionable approach and fail in the task of providing a fair and objective final report, history would certainly find you guilty of crimes against humanity on account of your being a co-conspirator of President Bush’s Fascist attempt at Global conquest.

As is now common knowledge, President Bush has acquired Fascist traits genetically by virtue of his grandparents being the chief US Agents and Financiers of Hitler. He has clearly displayed such traits in the way he aided and abetted the 9/11 "Reichstag" and used all the tactics and slogans used by Hitler to justify war. Do you think it is worth your while continuing to serve such blatantly Fascist causes?

Yours faithfully,

Bernard Wijedoru


Hi Bernard!

A great letter, You are so right about Blix. He has definitely either been bought or intimidated into toeing the American line. I thought he looked rather sheepish when he read that speech to the Assembly. It was interesting to note that for the first time he did not enter with ElBaradei and the body language between ElBaradei and Blix was distinctly cool. For some strange reason Blix did not ask for more time whereas ElBaradei did. This is all so obvious. Blix should be ashamed.

Best wishes


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