The Iraqi War:
It's not about the oil, stupid!

by David Duke
Broadcast Date 11-29-2002

Representative David Duke at Al-Jazeera Satellite Network in Qatar

I just returned from Bahrain and Qatar. In Qatar I appeared on one of the most-watched television satellite channels in the world, Al-Jazeera. An audience of 70 million saw and listened to me expose the Jewish supremacist traitors in the U.S. Government who have sold out America to Israel. In violation of the United States Constitution, the Jewish-dominated U.S. State Department actually protested my appearance and tried to suppress my freedom of speech as an American citizen. More on that a little later, but first, I want to turn to one of the big lies about the coming war on Iraq, that lie is that Big Oil interests, rather than the Zionists, are behind the planned war.

The Zionists are masters at deception. Like the bait-and-switch sales tactics of American retail giants, some elements of the Jewish-dominated media in America have floated the idea that the coming war in Iraq is about oil. Sounding like a genuine dissident viewpoint, some patriots have unwittingly help spread this myth. One antiwar pundit adopted this theory and headlined, "It's about oil, stupid!"

These claims were originated simply to deflect the blame for the war from Israel and its fifth column in America. The warmongers anxiously want this war NOT to appear to be the result of the Israeli Fifth Column trying to strike down Israel's enemies one by one. By floating the idea that the war is about oil, a resource vital to America and Europe, the suggestion is that somehow it is in America's and Europe's economic interest to invade Iraq. The implication is that the war will somehow allow us to grab the oil, and so it will be good for the economy and the common man. Of course, the idea that we will just grab the oil is simply preposterous. Whatever new regime is in charge of Iraq will sell the oil at normal world spot prices!

A lot of good antiwar people have been deceived by this tactic, and are parroting the idea that it is big Oil that really behind this war. The Bush family ties to the oil industry are often cited in this scenario. And frankly, it is one thousand times easier in America to speak about conspiracies of the big bad Oil companies than to speak of the more open and more obvious Jewish conspiracies. Talk about big Oil conspiracies and some will call you wrong, but no one will accuse you of the great blasphemy of our age, the most evil of all heresies: so-called "anti-Semitism."

But really, does big Oil or America have a strong economic motivation for this war? A few obvious facts coupled with plain, old-fashioned reason will show you that the war against Iraq holds no real advantage for big Oil, in fact it offers them much peril. As far as concerning American and European economic interests at large, the war in Iraq will have devastating consequences, to say nothing of causing anti-American political unrest and horrendous terrorism.

Today, I will exam the economic consequences of the Iraqi war. The first question is "Do we have to go to war with Iraq to get its oil?" The answer is: "Of course we don't." We bought oil from Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War, and we can buy it now. If America, by this war, makes a regime change in Iraq, the American government is not simply going to pump the oil out of the ground and put the proceeds in our treasury. Those in political control in Iraq will still control the oil and still sell it to the world at the international prevailing spot oil prices.

And let me make this very clear, Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. Giving Iraqi oil easier access to the world's markets will, after the flurry of wartime higher oil prices, eventually depress the price of oil. What does this mean to the big American and European oil companies who have the great bulk of their oil investments in the United States (such as in Texas, Louisiana and Alaska), in the North Sea, in Russia and in South America? Opening up the Iraqi market (and Iraq will need to sell huge quantities of oil after the war devastation) will ultimately mean, bottom line, depressed prices for oil reserves that Big Oil actually owns! The war will not help their profits but in the long run only hurt them. That is why Russia, a nation with large oil reserves but less Jewish influence, rightly opposes the war, knowing it will ultimately hurt their own oil business.

So, in the final analysis, Big Oil has no long-term interest in the overthrow of Saddam. And it must be admitted that Big Oil has no strong interest in normalizing relations with Iraq either. For if America normalizes relations with the current Iraqi regime, the oil will flow freely, just as it would if sanctions lifted after a so-called regime change. Either way, regime change or normalized relations would not necessarily be good for the Big Oil companies.

However, more oil on the market and resulting lower prices would be incredibly good for the American and European economy. Energy costs are one of the biggest expenses of our economy and civilization. Lower energy costs translate into lower prices, more money for wages, schools, and the other needs of society. If 30% of a company's expenses are energy related, and energy costs fall by a third, that company's revenues increase by 20 percent. That's more money for wages, and also somewhat lower prices that help everyone's standard of living.

Imagine if we offered to end the war and sanctions against Saddam and normalize relations in exchange for special lower oil prices for the next decade. Obviously, Saddam would jump at that opportunity.

So, if Europe and America wants Iraqi oil and wants it at good prices, we can easily get it by ending sanctions against Iraq and returning to the quite cozy relationship we had before the Gulf War. And, if we demanded UN inspections and disarmament of BOTH Iraq and Israel for their weapons of mass destruction, suddenly the Israeli fifth column would quiet their demands against Iraq, because Israel is far more committed to their illegal weapons of mass destruction than is Iraq. Iraq has now ok'd inspections. I can't even imagine Israel ever doing that!

On the other hand, a regime change would also certainly open up the oil pipelines, but after the change there would not be the motivation to negotiate as good an oil price as with the Saddam government. Iraq has a tremendous incentive to make a very good oil deal for us right now. Once the regime changes, the incentive is gone. Look at recent history. We certainly cannot and will not force a new regime to give us bargain prices for oil. As always, in normal times oil will be bought and sold on the international oil market. But now, of course, we a very special case, America has a lot of leverage to make a deal with Saddam Hussein: a deal he couldn't refuse!

In terms of the European and American economy, the Iraqi War can be catastrophic. Right now our economies are weak and struggling. The temporary spike in oil prices and the enormous expenditures of such a war can destroy our fragile economy and push us into a terrible world depression. Perhaps even more importantly, an American invasion would be throwing gasoline on the already glowing fires of terrorism throughout the Mideast. We already have learned the lesson that terrorism can have a terrible impact not only on lives, but also on our economy. Look what it has done to transportation and tourist industry and the ripple effect across the entire economic spectrum.

One more note, if Western economies and businesses suffer, then the biggest consumers of oil and oil related energy also suffer. Thus, the demands of our economy for oil falls, and if less oil is consumed, prices fall further and again -- the Big Oil companies are harmed. And don't forget that most of the Big Oil companies are now quite diversified. They have huge investments in all kinds of businesses in Europe and America. They also will be devastated by a suffering economy.

Before parroting the canard that Big Oil wants this war, think about all the facts at hand. If our attack on Iraq causes fundamentalist revolutions across the Arab world, what happens to the billions of dollars of Big Oil's current investments in the Mideast, such as in Saudi Arabia where Western oil companies have enormous investment? Is it in their advantage to have those businesses possibly taken over by new and radically anti-American governments?

No, it's not the oil, stupid!! It's Israel! It is Israel and the Jewish supremacists around the world who are the real force behind this war.

It's the traitors in the United States government and in the media who will sacrifice American lives, security and economic well-being in order to support the criminal activities of Israel and its mass-murderer, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

As I have repeatedly documented in the Duke Report, Israel has even committed terrorism against America. Even the Israeli government had to admit this in the Lavon Affair! Of course, the Jewish media doesn't talk about Israeli terrorism against America, doesn't allow Americans to get angry about it, and it doesn't even oppose the flow of American money to Israel after it attacked the USS Liberty and killed and maimed American sailors by the score. Even our secretary of state said the attack on the USS Liberty was clearly a deliberate act against the United States!

After Israeli terrorist attacks against America and after Israeli spies such as Jonathan Pollard devastated our spy network in Eastern Europe, billions of American dollars just kept flowing to Israel!

Our Jewish-controlled government and media won't even address the copious evidence showing Israeli complicity in the 911 attack. The WTC had an Israeli co-owner and was at the center of world Jewish finance and trade, but inexplicably did not have even a single Israeli casualty. This amazing fact flies in the face of the fact that the Jerusalem Post stated on the next day after September 11 that about 4000 Israelis citizens were believed to be in the area of the World Trade Center. We are supposed to believe in a modern Jewish miracle equal to the parting of the Red Sea. We are supposed to believe that not one Israeli casualty is possible without advance warning to at least some of the Israelis. Anyone who thinks seriously about the matter and reviews the evidence will learn of the Israeli treachery in 911. But, again, the Jewish-controlled media and government never let the public focus on these things.

Newsweek magazine dated November 25th in the Periscope section decried my recent lecture tour in Bahrain and my appearance on the Arab Al-Jazeera satellite network. Here is an excerpt from its Jewish journalist:

But U.S. officials are keeping an eye on Al-Jazeera's programs, which sometimes include anti-U.S. rhetoric and conspiracy theories packaged as news. One example: on Nov. 13, a talk show featured former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who was labeled as an ex-GOP representative from Louisiana (Duke once served in the Louisiana House of Representatives). Duke used the air time to vent an assortment of anti-Semitic canards, saying Israel sat on warnings of 9-11, and Israelis in the Twin Towers were warned to evacuate two hours before the attacks. The State Department lodged a protest with Al-Jazeera over the Duke broadcast.

First, the article implies I wasn't a GOP official. Of course, I am indeed an ex-GOP official. After I served in the House of Representatives, I was elected to the executive committee of the largest Republican district in Louisiana and then unanimously chosen by the other members of the elected Republican committee as Chairman for St. Tammany Parish from 1996 to 2000.

Next, the article acknowledges the incredible fact that the U.S. Government protested my appearing on the Arab satellite network. My question is: who gave the U.S. State Department authority to officially protest against an American citizen criticizing Israel on a international television talk show. Since when does the American government have the authority or the right to infringe upon the free speech of an American citizen? Isn't such an attempt by the American government to suppress my freedom of speech a clear and obvious violation of the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights?

If they can attempt to infringe on my free speech, they can do it to any American citizen. They can do it to anyone who dares to expose the crimes of Israel. Of course, what the Jewish supremacists really fear is my exposing the anti-American treason going on inside the United States government itself! When the American people learn the truth about this naked treason there will be hell to pay.

Newsweek also said that my facts exposing Israeli treachery in 911 is quote, "an anti-Semitic canard," unquote. Of course, Jewish supremacists in the American press suggest official Saudi involvement in 911, that's no problem. In fact, there is now a wholesale attack by the Jewish press in America on Saudi Arabia because a Saudi Princess helped pay for the medical expenses of an injured Arab woman. It turned out she was the wife of a Saudi man who is alleged to have been later involved in the hijacking. Even though this not even remotely proves official Saudi involvement in 911, no media personalities refer to allegations of Saudi government involvement in 911 as an "anti-Arab" or as an "anti-Semitic canard" (Arabs are, of course, a Semitic people). But if you dare to lay out the clear and copious evidence of past Israeli terrorism against America and Israel's obvious foreknowledge of the attacks of 911, then you are automatically labeled "anti-Semitic," probably the most hateful and onerous title that can be conferred on a human being.

The Jewish supremacist's power is unique, and it is enormous. Its fifth column of traitors in America ultimately caused the attack on the World Trade Center by leading America to blindly support the criminal and murderous regime of Ariel Sharon and Israel. Then, in 911, after warning a number of Israeli citizens of the impending attack, Israeli agents treacherously let this horrendous attack go on to serve their own murderous ends in the Mideast. Israeli Mossad agents were even caught and arrested shortly after filming and cheering during the actual attacks on the WTC!

And now these traitors sponsor and push for a massive escalation of the war on Iraq. It is a war that can only hurt America in every conceivable way. It will devastate our economy, our security, our freedoms. The war in Iraq is not in America's interest, it is not even in the interests of Big Bad Oil. It's not the oil, stupid!!!! It's the Jews! The only ones who have a true interest in this war are the Jewish supremacists and their well-rewarded servants, such as George Bush!

We must continue to educate our people on this vital point. The most important issue of our time is the Jewish supremacy over our media, our government, our economy, our culture, our future. They are leading us to utter ruin. It is not just Palestine that is occupied by Jewish supremacists; it is New York and Washington D.C. It is not just the West Bank of the river Jordan they occupy; it is the East Bank of the Potomac! I told Arab television that the main difference between the West Bank Palestinians and the Average American, is that the average American does not know that his nation is occupied.

If you truly believe in freedom and justice, you will join me in opposing their power. I will continue to tell the truth about this no matter how much the government tries to discredit and silence me. I, as much as anyone, realize that there is a great risk to opposing their power, but I will not rest until I do my small part stop this naked treason against the American people. And, as a truly patriotic American, I will not agree to my country being immorally used to support the criminal and murderous policies of Israel. While we still can: let's prevent this anti-American war, a war that can only hurt America, this Jewish-supremacist war against Iraq.

Won't you stand up with me for truth and justice? Won't you stand up with me for America!

Sincerely, David Duke

Extracted 12/12/02 from David Duke Online


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