Note by Dr. Amir Ali: Dr. Anwar Ul Haque is a courageous writer with a keen sense of analysis of world politics, particularly the disorder, instability and world war conditions being created by the Bush-Sharon regime in the U.S. The Pope Bush has appointed Inquisitor General John Ashcroft for a domestic war against Islam and Muslims. The Hitlerized Bush has appointed his own Josef Goebbel, named Donald Rumsfeld, to fabricate lies and repeat, repeat and repeat more until these are believed so that war on Islam worldwide can be carried out. This is the fulfillment of the resolutions of the 1993 anti-Islam conference held covertly under the eyes of then Vice President Al Gore to remove Islam from the West and defeat Islam in the Muslim majority countries. Huntington's writings on the clash of civilizations, Hal Lindsey's The Final Battle and other anti-Islam bigot writings, supported by many Zionist Think Tanks and founations, are part of a well-coordinated war on Islam. I have been writing on this topic since the early nineties and some of my articles are posted on my website I have been warning my audiences on Friday Khutub and speeches at Islamic centers across the U.S. and England about the unfolding war on Islam but many have taken me to be nuts. If Muslims, particularly those living in the West, do not educate fellow citizens and make them friends of Muslims, the holocast of Muslims in the West is in the making. See my articles THE VISION and ONE FAMILY A MONTH.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

To: Editor, Letters to the Editor Column

Dear Editor: Assalamo Alaikum.

The US ambassador to Pakistan Nancy J. Powell has asked Pakistan to stop helping local Kashmiri freedom fighters. It is indeed amazing that she did not condemn Indian, Israeli and Russian open state terrorism against genuine freedom movements. She did not ask India to apply unanimously accepted UN resolutions for plebiscite in Kashmir to which India is a signatory.

If Kashmiris’ freedom fight is illegal and constitutes terrorism then USA’s own independence from "Great" Britain also becomes an act of terrorism and USA becomes a product and progeny of terrorism. USA should then celebrate 4 July not as a day of independence but as a day of terrorism! Would Paul accept this?

It is also interesting to witness that USA itself is sending troops and infiltrators all over the globe and asking others to refrain from even helping true freedom movements. Please don’t tell us that all USA might in Iraq is against Saddam Hussain who is living in Presidential palace, celebrating Birth Days and other parties and not in Torah Borah!

It is a sad fact that USA Government is backing the slavery of human beings by State Terrorists may it be Vajpai, Putin or Sharon Governments. If a helper of a terrorist is a terrorist then USA again becomes a terrorist state by virtue of its unconditional help and assistance to Sharon for carrying out his Serbaric genocide of innocent Palestinian people and speaking the tongue of Vajpai etc.

I hope that Nancy J Powell recognizes that by adopting dual and hypocrite policies USA has lost all its moral and ethical stature and is widely seen as a materialistic selfish, immoral beast which can go to the lowest of the low. These are the characteristics described for anti-Christ or Dajjal. The one US dollar note describes this deliberate policy with one eye on a pyramid and the words in Latin meaning New World Order. It is indeed not order but utter disorder.

History has proved that the humane, human, moral and ethical forces have ultimately won the wars. Goliath and Pharaoh had to crumble under the feet of David and Moses (Peace be upon them). In case of Jesus (PBUH) he was saved according to Quran, Gospel of Barnabas and Unitarian Christians and Jesus (PBUH) will finish the anti-Christ and its followers.

I therefore request Her Excellency the Ambassador to look into the mirror before commenting. She should convey to Mr. Bush and his Government not to act as a slave servant of Sharon who has just today killed 12 innocent Children with the help of USA supplied machine guns and bullets. USA Government must stop deceiving its own citizens. It should work hard to lift the Zionist curtains on the eyes, ears and minds of common Americans.

With Best Regards,

Sincerely yours,

Anwar Ul Haque
Islamabad, Pakistan


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