Israelization of America

by M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

Discipleship and obedience. The U.S. government has become either a good disciple of Israel or she has become her colony and obeys orders. In October 2001 Ariel Sharon declared:

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

He was so right then and he is even more right now. In the following I am going to show to the reader a few examples of American kowtowing to the Israelis dictates.

1. Terrorism that pays. In the 20th century the Israelites of Europe established the proof that terrorism pays big way. In the 1930s the European Jews began to invade Palestine in large numbers, occupying Palestinian homes, properties, farms, factories and orchards through terrorism and murder, exiling the surviving indigenous population and rendering them into refugees in the surrounding lands and countries. The U.N under the tutelage of the major powers awarded their terrorism by granting these terrorist invaders into Palestine the status of a country and imposed its recognition on the world. The West, led by the U.S., granted Israel nearly two trillion dollars over the last fifty-five years, giving her technology, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction to stabilize this wobbly terrorist state.

During the last fifty-five years the Israelis committed numerous terrorist acts but framed Arabs and Muslims to give them bad reputation of being terrorists (e.g. Levon Affair). Once the false perception of Arabs being terrorists was established, Israel received more economic and military help from the West led by the U.S. and the green light to kill more Arabs, young and old, women and children, demolish more homes and create more destruction under the pretext of self defense and security and supported all of it without investigation. Palestinians requested the U.N. numerous times to investigate false charges of terrorism and station U.N observers but to no avail. The U.S. vetoed all such resolutions. After nearly sixty years of patience (from early 1930s to late1980s) the Palestinians began responding but at a high price of their own lives. Israel had the best of technology of heavy military hardware and software, tanks, helicopter gun ships, rockets, missiles and bombers paid for by the American taxpayers whereas the Palestinians had only primitive guns, homemade bombs and rocks to throw at the Israeli tanks - no match. Israel is waging the war of terrorism against the Palestinians with murder, plunder and destruction with impunity due to the support of the American regimes and the taxpayers.

The U.S. with the help of her teacher, Israel, committed terror at the World Trade Center in 1993 and again in September 2001 and framed the Arabs in both incidences, committed terror in Oklahoma City and are still trying to frame Muslims, terror at the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Darussalam and framed the Arabs. The net result was that Arabs and Muslims were accepted to be terrorist, albeit falsely, and the ground was set for invasion. Israel was able to initiate four wars against Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1982 causing a lot of destruction of lives and properties while the West led by the U.S. either helped actively or looked the other way. The U.S. following her professor of terrorism, Israel, invaded Iraq in 1991 and again in 2003, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 under the false pretext given to her by the Israelis and the neo-cons.

American governments have learned very well from their teachers, the Israelis, the art of terrorism and have been carrying it out in all third world countries, particularly in the Muslim majority countries. John Negraponte, current U.S. representative to the U.N. and to be ambassador to Iraq earned a reputation as head of the murder squads helping pro-America terrorists in Central America (Honduras and her neighbors). It seems that Negraponte’s new assignment is to run murder squads in Iraq killing freedom fighters, their friends, relatives, women and children. American murderers have adopted the Israeli policy that killing women is good in the long run because it eliminates women who may give birth to children who may grow to become freedom fighters (terrorists in the American jargon) and killing children is cheaper than killing him when he becomes an adult fighter. These people are worse than Pharaohs who killed only newborn boys of Israelites and allowed girls, women and adult men to live. These new state terrorists of Israel, America and Britain are enemies of mankind including their own people who oppose their government’s anti-human policies.

2. Targeted killing. Israel claims to carry out the killing of only suspected terrorists and their leaders. Firstly, it is a universal principle of justice that an accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Killing without determination of guilt is known as extra-judicial murders, which Israel has been carrying out for 75 years. The terrorist Bush administration has adopted the policies of its professors turned bosses, the Israelis, and began to carry out extra-judicial murders in the Muslim majority countries. We are seeing these kinds of murders going on in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq and preparations are underway to expand such murders in other Muslim majority countries. Historically, all state supported terrorism has been a slow poison for its own people.

3. Collective punishment. The Israelis established the practice of collective punishment on entire families, neighbors and sometimes entire towns of a single Palestinian suicide bomber. Israelis kill tens of civilians including babies, women and old people, destroys homes and entire neighborhoods. The U.S. government is following the dictates of her Israeli bosses and carrying out destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq and requiring her puppets like Musharraf of Pakistan to do the same. Recently, the Iraqis killed four mercenaries in civilian clothes and hung them on a bridge. Americans attacked the city of Fallujah, killing nearly 800 civilians including children, women, old and young people and injuring thousands; Americans did worse by occupying the hospital and blocked the injured from being brought for emergency treatment, which is the same as Israelis blocking the roads to the hospital by setting up check points and stopping the ambulances.

4. Disproportionate revenge. In every case that a Palestinian hurts or kills an Israeli they pay to the Israeli revenge ten or more Palestinian lives and destruction of ten times more property. Americans have gone beyond 1:10 death and destruction ratio and reached 1:200 death and destruction; this is American justice. Similarly, the American puppet Pervez Musharraf made his adventure in Waziristan causing death and destruction of hundreds of souls on both sides without any reason but proving that he is a loyal slave of the slave of Israel, the U.S.

5. Surrounding the populations and setting up checkpoints. Israel has been putting siege of Palestinian towns and blocking passage of civilians thereby obstructing movement of the people and trade. The whole of Palestine has become a series of prison camps of the people. The U.S. government has done the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq; the mobility of the people and trade is blocked and people are seeing live demonstrations of American free trade and freedom of movement of the people. Are they going to love or hate American government? There are no credible reports of the existence of such blockades under Taliban or Saddam.

6. Destroying the economy, culture and Islam. Israel has systematically destroyed the economy of the Palestinians so that they become dependent upon Israel for their necessities. What is their plan for submission?

"The Palestinians would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls."
- Israeli Prime Minister (at the time) in a speech to Jewish settlers. New York Times April 1, 1988

What is the plan of the U.S. for bringing Muslims into submission to the American desires? Destroying economies of the Muslim world through pacts, using IMF and World Bank tactics, destroying infrastructure, factories, transportation system, education system and whatever works. One may ask about rebuilding projects in Afghanistan and Iraq? This is all hoax, deception and pacification slogan. See the American record of nearly three years in Afghanistan and one year in Iraq. This is the U.S. government that destroyed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan under a false pretext, dodged Pakistan for twenty years for a steel mill and oil exploration, discourages industrialization in other Muslim majority countries, sabotage if they pursued without American approval. Iraq under Saddam was self sufficient in many consumer goods production, built roads, bridges, best hospitals and schools in the region but it was destroyed in the 1991 war and the country was crushed through ten years of embargoes. Saddam had brought Iraq in education to nearly 100% literacy but it was destroyed, hospitals were destroyed and its infrastructure was destroyed. This is the American way of crushing Muslims to turn them into grasshoppers – a lesson well learned from the Israeli master. Similarly, the Taliban of Afghanistan were on the way of building Afghanistan in to a modern Islamic country. The oldest among them was under 40 years, inexperienced in government and immature in knowledge but these were honest, sincere and good people yet they were brought down on false charges, why? Because their success means more and more Muslim majority countries would begin to adopt Islam as a system rather than capitalism and hypocrisy of sham democracy of the U.S. Taliban had no paid standing army except volunteers and these people were able to defeat corrupt, selfish, pedophile, homosexual, rapist “Northern Alliance” and put them in a northwest corner of the country. Taliban destroyed poppy seed production and brought it to a zero level, removed guns from the streets, brought rape of women to zero, women had begun to go in the streets and seek jobs without fear, planned for opening eight professional universities and colleges for women and gave stability to the country within five years. Admittedly they did make a few errors of judgments but they were on the way to correct them. The U.S. constitution in 1800 was a rotten document that allowed slavery, treated women as third-class people, voting was limited to landowners and there was hegemony of the landlords. It took numerous amendments and a period of nearly 200 years to correct the errors and Bush thinks that the constitution needs more amendments. Taliban on the other hand were in power for only five years in which they achieved more than what America achieved in 200 years. American government could not tolerate independently developing Muslim country under Islam and had to invade for destroying them.

7. Police state. Israel is in the business of making Palestine and Israel police states for the Arabs and Jewish minorities. A Police state is a contradiction of liberal democracy. Israel has been hiring paid collaborators and paid infiltrators among the Palestinians. Only tyrannical governments need infiltrators and collaborators. This requires money, money and more money, which is financed by the American taxpayers to the tune of 10 billion dollars annually, 3 billion budgeted and the rest under the table. Actually Israel is costing American taxpayers nearly 100 billion dollars annually. U.S. has also been in the business of hiring collaborators, particularly in the Muslim majority countries. U.S. won the Afghanistan war by paying off millions of dollars to collaborators. The same was repeated in Iraq. Before American invasion 87 officers of Saddam were already purchased and war was won before U.S. forces entered Iraq. All high level officers had already fled after providing intelligence to the U.S. and left soldiers without any guidance. Naturally, soldiers without commanders changed into civilian clothes and melted away in the population. Very few zealous soldiers gave a mild resistance to the Americans. Reportedly, Saddam commented that even his clothes were betraying him. Americans have spent billions of dollars in buying out Iraqis in addition to whatever was and is being paid to the so-called coalition partners who are billing their price for joining the coalition. In the American “democracy” taxpayers are kept ignorant of how their government is squandering their taxes. Hiring of infiltrators and collaborators is pursued actively within the U.S. for spying on Muslim Americans and their organizations. Only a government of tyrants and bigots needs informants and collaborators. These are the same forces that engineered Patriot Acts I and II to tyrannize the Muslim population in the U.S. It is obvious that the Zionists in Israel wrote these two bills with the help of neo-cons because such voluminous laws (Patriot Act I consists of nearly 450 pages) could have not been written within a few weeks and passed. These bills were written long before the 9-11 terror because they knew what they were about to do and why they were doing it. Even Congressmen and Senators did not read the bill because they trusted whatever Zionists wrote; which was blindly followed by the American Congress and the administration as if it was the Bible came from higher up to live by. The assumption was that if these oppressive laws were good enough for Israeli colonial power, they must be good enough for the colony, the U.S.A.

8. Roll up the terrorists. Israel has been working on this false slogan for the last several decades and failed. Israel has been bombing and killing people relentlessly and finding the replacement of each fighter killed by two who are better and more fierce than the one they killed. It has been a policy of utter failure and as a result losing friends internationally until only one duped country, the U.S., remains. The U.S. “war on terrorism” is nothing more than expanded copycat war of Israelis against the Palestinians. Just as Israel failed in realizing that the people’s passion for freedom from colonizing power and tyranny cannot be destroyed, the U.S. failed to realize that “democracy” means to let the people have a system of their choice for their country. Imposing secularism by force upon Muslim countries is certainly not democracy but colonization and tyranny. Naturally, each freedom fighter killed will be replaced by at least two who will be better trained and they are expected to be better fighters. Chechnya is another example of a failed policy and Russia is paying for their stupidity dearly. Chechnya’s fighters who are being murdered over the last 150 years believe that they were going to paradise but their enemies were going straight to hell. America will never win the war on Islam with a misleading label of “war on terrorism.” The American government can fool its own ignorant population but the Muslim world is not fooled. America’s best and the wisest option is to roll up herself and return home and let the Muslims mind their own business; let the American puppets fall and let the Muslims bring true “democracy” in their own countries. “Democracy” is built into Islam and the Muslim psyche and all the noise of the Muslims to attain democracy Islamic way but not American tyrannical way is being crushed under the false slogan of terrorism.

9. Torture. Torture has been used from antiquity as a tool of punishment and for extracting information. In the old times victims were routinely promised freedom after giving information but after information was obtained they were killed. Whether such deceptive murders are still practiced by the Israelis and the Americans is everyone’s guess. However, physical and mental torture remains a tool of tyrannical regimes worldwide including Israel and the U.S. Israeli torture chambers do nothing less than Saddam and, it appears that the U.S. is learning from the Israelis. Israeli tortures include everything we are hearing about Abu Ghraib and a lot more. For example, injecting hot coffee through the penis, sodomy and making videos, gang rape, pushing broomsticks in the anus until guts are punctured and sometimes fall out of the body and other horrible acts of inhumanity. Unhonorable Donald Rumsfeld said in his testimony that worse tortures were committed than so far exposed in the media – what they are is anybody’s imagination. Torture is another aspect of Israelization of America – “birds of one feather fly together” is the famous saying or a better one is “lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas’. When U.S. takes the color of the Israelis, it behaves like Israelis and Americans got the fleas of the Israelis. There are reports that interrogating private contractor companies of Titan and CACI had employed Israelis or Israeli trained Americans who committed the tortures that shamed America. There is a report that head of one the companies was head of a prison in Utah who kept a prisoner naked, tied him to the bed or a prison bars in standing position and beat him to death. He was investigated and fired so he established his own company for interrogation services. The U.S. employed him being the right man for Iraqi prisoners who were demonized enough already and the Americans were prepared for accepting the worst humiliation of the Iraqis.

10. Blackmail. Another technique of the Israelis is blackmailing people under occupation or outside who could be useful. One of their methods is to arrest a whole family and put them in prison. They would rape the mother and sister in front of their men and make videos. They threaten them to become informants otherwise their videos would be shown to people. These victims out of shame take the orders and carry out spying for the Israelis. This is one of the ways Israelis have been able to develop an effective network of Palestinian collaborators. Are Americans following the same shameful methods for the recruitment of collaborators? So far there is no evidence, which does not preclude such practices when Israelis or Israeli trained personnel are working with the Americans in Iraq and elsewhere in the Muslim majority countries. It has been suggested by thoughtful American observers that shameful photos of the Abu Ghraib prison were a part of blackmail scheme and this activity had the approval at the highest levels in the Bush’s fascist regime. I believe that Sharon is blackmailing Bush & Co too. Bush or some elements in his administration collaborated with Israel in the crimes against humanity, such as 9-11 terror and other terror activities and Israelis are holding the proof. This allows the Israelis to blackmail Bush and succeeding administrations for extracting favors for Israel. American regimes are stuck in a bad blackmail situation with Israel and the American people are paying through their noses for the crimes of a few.

11. Racist State. Israel is a racist state, which runs contrary to the concept of liberal democracy. Israeli society is multi-layered. On top are Ashkenazi Jews who founded the country and controlled it from the beginning. Second level citizens are Sefardic Jews; lately they are gaining higher positions in the government. The third level citizens are Arab Jews who migrated from Arabic speaking countries. Fourth level citizens are Flashas and those who migrated from Sub-Sahara Africa. Fifth level citizens are African-Americans who claim to be Jews; they have been accommodated in a camp near Dimona and their movement is quite restricted. At the bottom of the Israeli citizens at level 6 are Arabs who opted not to migrate out of Israel; these people have no human rights except token seats in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Israeli Arabs are treated like lepers who live in camps surrounded by barbed wires with Israeli watchtowers and gates and they need permits to go to the cities. Arab villages have no school buildings, no sewer system, no running water and little in terms of electricity and schools are in hot sheds. At the 7th level are the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank who have been rendered to the level of grasshoppers to be killed at the Israeli whims. Americans are following the Israeli pattern of citizenship and multi-layered humanity.

Following the Israeli social structure America has placed on top white European American men and the white American women have accepted the second level. If white people criticize Israel they are marginalized and lose their position. The third level is being created for the African American Christians who are committed to supporting Israel. If these African Americans are not blind supporters of Israel, they have no position and they are rejected. It appears that the Latinos have accepted the fourth level when they support Israel blindly. The fifth level is given to the non-Muslim South Asians and other Asian Americans. The sixth level is being given grudgingly to the Muslims.

When the Bush & Co alleges people without proof of “terrorism” there is a multi level treatment. Top treatment among alleged terrorists is given to the white American Muslims who are allowed to be tried in the civilian courts and juries decide the matter of guilt. Second level of alleged terrorists are non-white American Muslims who are declared “enemy combatant” and thrown in the military dungeons forever even without charging them of any crimes. When thousands of Muslims are arrested who are not American citizens, they are at the third level and treated as less than humans as they are thrown into the dungeons indefinitely outside the U.S. mainland without charging them of any crime. They are treated like people with a horrible communicable disease, which can spread to others just by looking at them. The fourth and the lowest level is reserved for “high level target” alleged terrorists as they are thrown in the black hole of all prisons, no information is ever available about them This is not liberal democracy but hypocrisy Bush style. As one American professor put it on NPR, the problem of America is that this country needs Scotch tape to put together the constitution torn apart into pieces by Bush. Bush has been reported of saying that Geneva Convention rules are old, quaint and irrelevant; evidently, Bush, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and the neo-cons treat American constitution, which is over 200 years old as quaint, irrelevant and inapplicable in the 21st century. Bush and company is operating as if the American constitution does not exist; this is fascism.

12. The game of semantics. Israelis invented beneficial terrorism in the 20th century, which was copied beneficially by the Algerians, Libyans, Arabs against the Turks led by the British espionage leaders, Central and South Americans and Sub Sahara Africans for their respective fight for freedom. The only terrorist movement for land grab and colonization was that of the Zionists. Americans found a successful role model in Israelis and began their own terrorist wars for establishing imperial hegemony in Korea, South Vietnam, Central America, Caribbean, Iraq and Afghanistan and used semantics of “war for security” and “war on terrorism.” When Americans hijack and abduct people from the streets and homes of the people, it is called arrests for security and a good deed. When freedom fighters arrest Americans, it is abduction. When Americans kill civilians, blow up heads and bodies of children by the thousands, it is called collateral damage; the word murder is not a part of the phrase. When a freedom fighter tries to kill enemy military and intelligence personnel and local collaborators, it is wanton murder of civilians. When Israelis and Americans put a siege on a town and set up checkpoints, it is freedom but when Muslims place roadblocks to prevent enemy movements, it is terrorism. When Israelis and Americans carry out indiscriminate bombings on houses, cars, shops, buildings and towns it is laser targeted killing of the terrorists and their leaders as if the laser can distinguish between a child and an object, a man and a woman, a terrorist and an innocent. Compare this with a person who has lost all hopes in life and sees nothing but a bleak future for him, his family and his people due to tyranny of the colonial power, he decides to blow himself up taking a few enemies with him, he is a terrorist. This idiotic semantics goes on and on and the American people are being fooled by it. American imperialism is freedom and freedom sought by the Muslims is tyrannical Muslim Fundamentalism. The Islamic way of life is backward whereas American capitalism is modernism. A clean society sought by the Muslims free from pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, alcoholism, drug abuse, massive suicide, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, etc is going back to the 7th century culture and denying freedom, whereas, having all these evils is progress and modernization. This game of semantics fools only the Americans and few other westerners but Muslims are not fooled by it.

13. Hate campaign. Israelis thrive on hate campaigns within Israel and in the West. Israeli textbooks are filled with revised history telling lies to their young, reinforcing hate of the Arabs and the Muslim world. Historically hate has been used by all pagan cultures as a tool of motivating people to fight, kill and humiliate. Recent humiliation of Iraqis by the Americans could have not been possible without reinforcing hatred of Arabs and Muslims in the soldiers and interrogators. Normally, American textbooks contain a lot of hate of Islam so that children grow up with the hate. As they grow up, the media reinforces hate by brain polluting people through twisting the news, misinforming people, stereotyping isolated events, out of context facts, misinterpreting and misquoting Qur’an and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, incomplete reporting and many such twists and spins. I receive hate letters daily from ignorant people who are the victims of American media hate campaign. Some among them are very sincere and good people yet their ignorance drives them to write hateful letters. All people are not liars like neo-cons led by Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft who know the truth yet misrepresent it to achieve their goal of hate and war on Islam. The media like FOX News and bigots like Rush Limbough, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Riley, Savage promote the darkness of ignorance, hate and fear of Islam and Muslims, each competing with other demagogues to be better slaves of the Zionist state of Israel. This hate campaign against Islam and Muslims is led by the Christian Fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, Franklin Graham, Gen. William Boykin and other Zionists like Daniel Pipes, Sam Huntington, Bernard Lewis, Robert Morey, many Congressmen and Senators and other bigots and demagogues.

14. Inflaming paganism of patriotism. A necessary ingredient of the hate campaign is inflaming patriotism. Zionists and fascists used this technique very successfully and made their causes popular. The Zionists of Israel have popularized flag waving, flags as bumper stickers, flags in the windows, patriotic slogans, songs of patriotism, etc., which is no different from the Nazis and the fascists method of inflaming patriotism. The U.S. following the 9-11 inflamed patriotism using all the techniques possible. With inflaming patriotism the hate campaign was perfected and people went crazy in the paganism of patriotism. Patriotism is the negation of humanism because it puts one nation above other nations and justifies (implicitly and unspoken) colonizing others, treating “foreigners” as inferior to the nationals; “foreigners” never gain full human rights as we are seeing in America. As hate of “others” is grounded in a people and enforced with patriotism, these people would do worst crimes against “others” unimaginable by enlightened human beings. Recent crimes committed by the American military and its contractors in Iraq, particularly what has been revealed at Abu Ghraib prison, is nothing extraordinary. President Bush, Rumsfeld and American military Generals may declare that Charles Graner, Lynndie England, Sabrina Harman, Ivan Frederick, Jeremy Sivits and a couple of others are “bad apples”, “exceptional few” and their actions “do not reflect the nature of the men and women who serve our country” but they are contradicted by their families, friends and their own town people. According to TIME magazine, “psychologists and historians who study torture give what is probably the most disturbing explanation of all: they are us” (TIME May 17, 2004, p. 38). TIME further says on the same page about the region where these accused come from, “Patriotism runs deep in this part of the country.” Darius Rejali, a college professor and author of Torture and Modernity says of the methods at Abu Ghraib that the same methods were used by the Gestapo and Stalin. He goes on to say that this sort of things were not taught in West Virginia but somebody had to tell those soldiers what the parameters were for their behavior. We can see the evils of inflaming patriotism, perhaps this is the reason why Islam does not support nationalism or patriotism based on geography, language, religion, race or color. Islam demands justice and equity for all people of the world; early 1200 year history of Islam is the evidence admitted by fair-minded non-Muslim historians of the West.

15. Unremitting toughness. Once hate has been grounded in the nation, toughness, torture, abuse of its people and exploitation of hated nation’s resources becomes a pleasure and remains popular as we are seeing in Israel and the U.S. The colonial power, Israel, has perfected the hate campaign against Arabs and Muslims that allowed its regimes to kill and destroy the Palestinians yet remain popular with the Jewish people of Israel and Islam haters in the West. In fact, it has worked so well that the tougher the regime with the Arabs and Muslims the more popular it gets. Now it is the turn of the colony of Israel, the U.S., to try the same techniques. Reagan in 1981 began emulating Israel and after some trial and error perfected the hate campaign against Islam and Muslims; Bush-43 is reaping the harvest. Bush is finding that the tougher he gets with the Muslims the more popular he gets with the American people. He doesn’t care if he is being hated more and more among the Arabs and Muslims and rest of the world in general. He doesn’t care America is hurting worldwide by his ill-conceived ideas of hate and warmongering. Donald Rumsfeld, neo-cons, Dick Cheney, Bush and Company are not mad at the perpetrators of evil at Abu Ghraib but at CBS and Dan Rather for their unpatriotic action of revealing the crimes.

16. Go it alone arrogance. Israelis lost all friends slowly over the decades due to her arrogance and following a “go it alone” policy of the invasion and occupation of Palestine. The U.S., under Bush, adopted the same failed policy of “go it alone”, severing good relations with friends around the globe and inflaming the masses, particularly, 1.3 billion Muslims except for a handful of puppets at the top. American policy of invasion in Afghanistan may have been popular in Europe but not with the Muslim masses. The invasion of Iraq remains unpopular with many people around the world and extremely unpopular with the Muslims everywhere except a handful of Kurds. Some of the Muslim puppet governments support the U.S. secretly but they do not dare to tell their own people due to the fear of arousing rebellion in the country.

17. The might is right arrogance. Israelis believe in “might is right” and live by it but to their disappointment it has not served them adequately. Despite all their firepower and policies of extreme brutality they have not been able to control rebellion against their tyranny in Palestine. The U.S. has decided to follow the same failed policies. “Might is right” is the law of the jungle but it fails in the civilized world and contradicts American values of respecting nation states. America was an internationally civilized country with a few exceptions until the era of John Kennedy. I find some arrogance of power in Harry Truman, a Christian Fundamentalist, who started the Korea war unjustifiably but Eisenhower brought it to a close. John Kennedy, out of his arrogance, tried to dominate Cuba but did not push too hard and compromised easily. Lyndon Johnson, who came from a Texan racist environment, translated his racism in to American nationalism and superiority, which caused him to use the excuse of the Gulf of Tonkin incidence for attacking Vietnam. This was an expensive war in money and American pride and ended in defeat of a Super Power. The policy of “might is right” failed. Richard Nixon was given Henry Kissinger, a German Jewish Zionist, Islam and Muslim hater, who adopted failed policies of arrogance of power and failed. Jimmy Carter was a Christian Fundamentalist yet a humble and moral man, an anomaly. Ronald Reagan was the first Zionist puppet president, full of arrogance and he hurt the U.S. a lot. It was during the Reagan era the U.S. fell fast on the slippery slope. Bush-41 continued with the failed policies of Reagan, which Bill Clinton tried to reverse the slippery downward process but failed due to the influence of Al Gore, an ardent Zionist. It has been determined that 42% of the appointments made by Clinton went to the Jews although the Jewish population in the U.S. is under 2%. Hence, Clinton is responsible for the Israelization of America openly. With the election of George W. Bush the Israelization of America is complete except for moving the capital of the U.S. from Washington to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or moving the capital of Israel to Washington. Another manifestation of arrogance is not admitting even serious errors. In a press conference when a reporter asked President Bush if he has committed any errors, he avoided answering the question.

18. License to barbarism. Once hate and arrogance is deeply rooted in a nation and it is a Super Power it has a license to barbarism for unleashing worst crimes against humanity on the weaker people. In our time Israel and the U.S. are the worst such criminal countries. Barbaric crimes are being unleashed upon the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis and there appears to have plans ready for unleashing similar crimes against Iranis, Pakistanis, Syrians and Saudis. In the short run weaker nations suffer a lot but in the long run barbaric nations themselves are destroyed by themselves. This is what is feared b y Andy Rooney too.

19. Israeli plan for Iraq. Israel draws plans and the U.S. implements them as the most obedient slave. Israelis planned the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. for removing every hurdle in her plan of ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and absorbing it into the “Greater Israel” dreamed up a hundred years ago. Naturally, Israelis did not care what could happen after the invasion of Iraq by the Americans. Invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with the security of the U.S. because every political observer in the world knew that Iraq was not a threat to the U.S. or a serious threat to Israel. Fourteen months after the invasion with the June 30 approaching fast, there are one of the two possibilities that can happen in Iraq: (a) A vanishing possibility is that Iraq will become a pacified peaceful colony of the U.S. and Israel, or (b) Iraq will face civil war among various sectarian and ethnic factions. Even if there is a civil war, it would be most welcome by the Israelis and the U.S. because more they fight the more they would destroy each other, which will make Israel more secure. The U.S. naturally will be happier because that would allow keeping her colonial army in the country and continue to exploit oil and other natural resources for the profits of the American companies and sell more consumer goods to the poor Iraqis for increasing the profits for the American billionaires. Bush has tied the fate of American people with the fate of Israelis. The fate of Israelis is doomed. Allah says in the Qur’an: They planned and Allah planned, Allah is the best of planners.

My concerns. The American constitution has adopted many Islamic values knowingly or unknowingly, therefore, I would like to see these values are preserved and followed, not ignored. With time the American politicians and elected people are compromising or ignoring or amending those good values. This country is going downward on a slippery slope and I am afraid that it is going to crash and breaking the country into pieces. My children and their children are born here and my future generations are going to be born here, I wish best for its people. Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes also has similar concerns as I do about America. It pains me to see that elected U.S. governments are filled with arrogance of power and extreme myopia. I have been writing a lot to warn fellow citizens to open their eyes and mind, take measures and elect the right kind of people. Alas! I find no differences between Bush and Kerry in the year 2004, both are bad choices. The Democratic Party offered some better choices but democrats went for the bad choice of Kerry. Bush is a disaster and he should be replaced even if we have to elect a dogcatcher to the presidency. In the year 2000 I worked hard to get Bush elected but in the year 2004 I am working hard to see him defeated.

May 15, 2004


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