The Invention of an Enemy

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

During the early Gorbachev era his spokesman said that the Soviet would agree to arms reduction and would go even further: the Soviet Union will deprive the U.S. of an enemy. As far as the Soviet Union is concerned those were prophetic words.

Alas! The enemy, the Soviet Union, is gone forever, leaving the U.S. alone without an enemy and the country is surrounded with friends or those who care less! What a miserable fate for the U.S.

But the U.S. economy, politics, social structure and the psyche of the people is built upon competition and winning over the enemy! Without an enemy to win over, without someone to compete with, the whole country is lost, falling apart. The U.S. is in search of an enemy at any price. What is there to do without an enemy? There is nothing to do!

Zionists are very smart people and they knew that the golden opportunity was approaching and they were ready. They pointed towards Islam and Muslim majority countries. At first it was Islamic fundamentalism represented by Iran under Shia Mullahs. It did not materialize and Iran is turning out to be more of a friend than an enemy. What a disappointment! Next, the U.S. turned against a war ally, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, which turned out to be not a worthwhile enemy. The U.S. destroyed it in a very short time. After the brief excitement of finding an enemy in Iraq there was total boredom. With the new president and a new administration there were new ideas about finding an enemy. Zionists came to help again and this time it was Sunni fundamentalists inside and outside the U.S.

Pakistan has been a staunch U.S. ally since its birth in 1947. Pakistan has been such a close ally that it earned the worst title of all the Third World countries: being a puppet of the U.S. for decades. Zionists and their friends are busy trying to declare Pakistan a "terrorist country" and turning it into an enemy. It might work. Afghanistan, which was a de facto ally of the U.S. and fought against the Soviet Union thus contributing significantly to its downfall, is being turned into an enemy. Afghanistan needs the U.S. most for its development and is doing everything possible to remain a friend of the U.S. but Zionists are turning screws to make it an enemy of the U.S. Saudi Arabia, a close ally since its birth in 1931, earned the most hated title of puppet of the U.S. and is being worked upon to make it an enemy. Zionist ploys go unchecked. For a while Japan was an enemy but through Japanese shrewdness it escaped getting a permanent title.

Zionists are not content with finding external enemies of the U.S.; they want to contribute internal enemies as well. The World Trade Center bombing and bringing Shaikh Omar Abdel-Rahman as a "fundamentalist cleric" (meaning a terrorist leader) will certainly contribute to perceived enemies internally. There are six million Muslims, which is one million more than the Jews, but Zionists would have Uncle Sam believe that there are no more than one million Muslims that can be handled as enemies through surveillance and internment of the leadership.

President Clinton really took a bite of the bait offered by Zionist "supporters" when he fell on the side of homosexuals and pro-abortionists. They told him that ten percent of the male population was exclusively homosexual but the data released after Clinton had fully committed himself on the side of homosexuals was that only one percent of males were homosexuals. Poor President Clinton is now trapped. Similarly, President Clinton was told that there was a negligibly small but vocal minority opposing abortion and they could be controlled by the Federal and state law enforcement agencies. Alas! Anti-abortion forces turning out to be much larger, well-financed and well-disciplined than estimated by Zionists earlier. Now there are at least three internal enemies, Sunni fundamentalists, anti-homosexuals and pro-lifers. On top of it the U.S. found an enemy in David Koresh and his followers who were ultimately decimated. Now, there is a talk of other cults who could be declared enemies of the U.S.

What about Rush Limbough? Well! He is an enemy, at least an enemy of the administration. What about Republicans? Well, they are but they are part of the government!

So far there is no worthwhile enemy to depend upon - the search goes on. America is in search of an enemy; is there anyone to help?


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