The Bush Treachery

by M. Amir Ali

My support for Bush election. In the year 2000 in the pre-election campaign I wrote articles in support of Muslim participation in politics in the U.S., refuted Muslim cults who oppose such participation and I supported Bush over Gore as lesser of the two evils. The two Gores’ history of over fifty years (Al Gore Sr. and Jr.) clearly shows that both of them represented Israeli interests more than the U.S. Both Gores have been staunch enemies of Islam, Arabs and Pakistan and blind supporters of Israel and India at the expense of American interests. My estimation was that Bush would have to support Israel to some extent due to its power in the U.S. but I never dreamed that he would be the Voice of Israel and an Israeli operative working against the interests of the people who elected him. His slavery to Israeli wishes is bordering on treason. Do I regret working for his election? No, because under the same circumstance I would do the same thing again – I have no way of knowing the future action or reading the mind of a person I never met. I never dreamed that he would be the hostage of the Jewish and Christian Zionist interests in the U.S., ignoring interests of the U.S. and American people. It is embarrassing to find that he is hypocritical, he deceives, he breaks promises, he lies, he misinforms American people and he is unable to use his head at all and depends upon other people’s heads. No wonder he was a flunky and drunkard in college. Had he not been born with a silver spoon in his mouth no one would have ever heard of him.

Bush lied to the Muslim Americans. During his campaign for presidency he announced in very clear language that he would like to see the Secret Evidence law removed. After he got elected for the first eight months he did nothing because he knew that 9-11 was coming and he would have an excuse not keep his promise. However, he replaced the secret evidence law with a No Evidence law and appointed an Islam-hater Israel-lover, John Ashcroft, as Inquisitor General for the removal of Muslims from the U.S. For the Muslim world he appointed another Islam-hater Israel-lover, Donald Rumsfeld, as Chief Propagandist against the Muslim world so that he could launch military campaigns to weaken them further. Rumsfeld came with a whole team of strategists to remove Islam from the world and establish American hegemony worldwide. They came in with their 9-11 plan, which they have been working on since 1997. See the documents “Plan for the New American Century” and “A Clean Break”; some of the key documents are being removed from their web sites.

Colin Powell lied to the world. Powel addressed the U.N. Security Council with charts, diagrams and photographs to prove that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Powell showed very specific spots where such weapons were being developed and stored. Colin Powell proved himself a liar. This government is playing a good guy / bad guy Western drama with the world but both have the same goal. Rumsfeld is playing the role of bad guy and Powell is playing the role of good guy but both are a team of an evil government. After the occupation of Iraq the Bush forces failed in finding any such weapons. Recently, Iraqi Chief Scientist Amer Al Sa’adi surrendered himself and declared that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and the American invasion was illegal. I said that even before American invasion that the Bush government knew that Iraq had no such weapons because if Saddam had them, American forces would have not entered Iraq. Korea is a case in point and is the evidence in support of my contention. The lesson to be learned is that all major and minor Muslim majority countries should immediately launch research, development and production of weapons of mass destruction secretly and announce their possession only after having stocked piled them. This is the only defensive option left for the Muslim world because this is the only way to protect their countries from invasion by the American troops. Europe, Russia and China are not of much help to the Muslim world because they are all pagan nations lined up against Islam and they support Americans through silence or meek opposition. To protect against bombing Muslim countries must build industries and protective bunkers one hundred feet underground to accommodate millions of people in case it becomes necessary. In essence there is a need to go underground literally to protect from the Dajjal forces of our time. This is a very costly project but it is worthwhile to eat less and spend resources on defensive measures against bunker busting JDAM bombs and worse weapons being developed for murder, plunder and destruction.

American government deceived the world. In September 2002 the U.N. Security Council, at the persuasion of American-British demands, passed the resolution to renew UN inspections of Iraq to find or verify absence of WMD. Over a period of six months the inspectors cleared Iraq of all such charges and found nothing there. This is exactly what Bush wanted. Bush had planned all along to invade Iraq because Israel wanted it. However, the American government did not want to risk their lives of its troops just in case Iraq had any WMD. Once UN inspectors cleared Iraq of having any WMD, the invasion was launched without any worries. America used the United Nations for its war designs and Europe went along with the U.S. since all of them are enemies of Islam and the Muslim world.

Bribery, not bravery, of American troops that brought victory in Iraq. It was the treason of the Iraqi Generals and other high-ranking officers who took bribes from Americans and sold the country. Some of those who disagreed with treason fought and lost and a few are still waging their own personal war. I am very glad that Saddam is gone but I am very sad that Israel won because America fought a proxy war for Israel. Iraqi Generals left the field without notice to their soldiers and soldiers had no one to direct them in the war. The evidence of my contention is in the huge amount of armament that was found in various places in Iraq. A brave people fight until the last bullet is gone, then they hate to become prisoners of war and would rather die fighting. In addition, people fight for a cause, there was no Islam in Iraq to fight for nor was there western style paganism of patriotism or nationalism but to fight for a tyrannical dictator of the worst kind. In the old days people used to fight for popular kings who did good things for his people. In effect Saddam brought his own ruin. Likewise, in Afghanistan America gained the upper hand even before the first bomb was dropped, because the entire “Northern Alliance” was purchased for millions of dollars. The real story was never told to the American people.

Playing with fraudulent semantics. Bush invaded an independent country, Iraq, which did not threaten anybody during the last twelve years nor did it have any WMD. Even if an independent country developed WMD, this should be the right of that country to have them as defensive weapons against American invasion. This is the only protection weaker countries are left with against the proxy American invasions on behalf of Israel. This American unprovoked invasion is being labeled as “Iraqi freedom”, a big lie. If anything this invasion, this war, should be called change of master for another Iraqi slavery; only this time Israel is the master. In this war “Fedayeen” are called death squads; American-British forces are called “coalition forces”, which are lies. This is not a “coalition of the willing” but a “coalition of the billing.” Bush is a squanderer of the American taxpayers’ money without authorization. In this coalition of the billing the British have contributed 20,000 troops for an undeclared price, Australia contributed 2,000 for another huge price and the rest are American troops. Other forty-some countries have allowed the use of their names for the price of one billion dollar a piece and soon Bush has to pay their bills with billions of American taxpayer dollars, a treachery of trust.

The hoax of precision bombs. Show me one bomb which can differentiate between a civilian and an army soldier. There are media reports that bombs were at least fifty feet off the mark and that makes, in high-density population areas, whole lot of difference. Naturally, there have been thousands of civilian deaths that are not being shown. The only pictures of casualties shown on the American media are those when American soldiers help and care for the Iraqi civilians and it becomes a propaganda event, like Abbas, a 12 year old boy, the propaganda of the “humane face” of America. The American people are good and humane but the American government is totally inhuman, impersonal and immoral; with people like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wofowitz, John Ashcroft, Richard Perle, Michael Laden (not bin Laden) and others like them – it is impossible to call such a government humane. If these despicable, hate mongering and war-mongering characters are fired, this government may become a little humane. There are no precision bombs but only killer bombs. Precision bomb is only propaganda to make bombing in the civilian areas palatable to the American people in particular and the world in general.

Imprecision of casualty figures. The U.S. government has created the “Office of Global Communication” that is a new name of Gobbelization Office, that is, an office of propaganda in the mold of Josef Goebbel of Nazi Germany. Some of the replacement of terms have been mentioned above and the other is the casualty figure. To arrive at real casualty figures the rule of thumb is that if the U.S. government says 100 American soldiers died, multiply this by 8 to get true figure and when they report 1000 Iraqis died, multiply it by 10. Recently, I heard an American officer estimate that 3,000 Iraqis may have died, it means at least 30,000 Iraqi civilians have died. American government figure of American-British dead is about 150, which means 1,000 died.

Lies to the world about the real intent in the Middle East. Colin Powell says that there is no list of countries to wage war against and there are no more war plans. About 1½ years ago Colin Powell negated the rumor that the U.S. was planning to invade Iraq but it did happen. Such blatant lies are told to prevent the victim country from making real preparations for defense. Time has proven that what Wolfowitz and what his warmonger group has planned that will be implemented and he wants nothing less than what Israel wants. Israel has been insisting upon neutralizing Syria and Iraq and further weakening other Arab states. Israel is a brat, an illegitimate child of the West or a lap dog and it get what it wants. The lie is that the U.S. wants “democracy” in Iraq. The question is whose democracy? One form of democracy for Iraq is a government of the American military, by the American military and for the American capitalists and Zionists; this is exactly what we are going to get in Iraq until the Iraqis decide to throw out the imperial power by force and they can do it. What the Bush government says and what it does are two different if not opposite things. In Iraq all the U.S. government’s desire as declared was to remove WMD she but ended up occupying it. In Afghanistan American Special Forces went in to find Osama bin Laden and ended up occupying it. In Afghanistan we were promised the formation of a democratic government and what we have is a most unpopular puppet government whose authority does not extend beyond his palace and this puppet CIA employee. Hamid Karzai is unable to even find Afghani security guards for himself and has to depend upon his master for protection.

It is not democracy but Israeli-American dictatorship for Iraq. The man in-waiting on behalf of Israelis is Ahmad Chalabi who has been conspiring with the American and Israeli governments for years to take over the country. The Israelis and Americans have trained him and his henchmen and 700 of them have already arrived. Donald Rumsfeld and his cohorts are adamant about installing Chalabi because he has been trained for the job. The boss over Chalabi is going to be another Israeli-American representative, Jay Garner. No wonder the Bush government does not want the U.N. to get involved in the political process in Iraq but the U.N. job would be to clean up the mess of death and destruction created by the American troops. The U.N. job is to bring money and manpower for cleaning up the country and helping people whereas the U.S. would install a puppet dictatorship, supervise it and pump oil to make money for the American oil companies. All reconstruction work will be contracted to American companies with the exclusion of even Iraqi companies and paid by the Iraq’s oil at discounted prices. It is a neat arrangement because rehabilitation work is never a thankful job but due to its deficiencies it is a blameworthy job. The U.S. government has taken itself out of getting blame but let the U.N. take the blame and Americans will rule the country and make the money.

American invasion was to free Iraqi people but… Yes, Saddam and his tyranny are gone and people are free but free to do what? Yes, they are free to loot and rob since there is no security, no law and no order. People prefer food and security to political freedom. People have no water to drink and no electricity. It shows that the American invaders had no plan for the people of Iraq but to remove Saddam and enslave the country for Israel. Bush and company could have sent 10,000 police officers from the U.S. or from Muslim countries or from the U.N. to maintain security after the fall of Saddam’s brutal regime. Apparently the U.S. did not care about the security and peace for the people and it was never a concern. Or was it designed to be so that the American companies could re-supply hospitals, construct new buildings, new roads and infrastructure to make more money?

Hate of Islam and its civilization shows. The U.S. government knew that Baghdad was the seat of international Muslim power and civilization and this city contained museums and libraries of antiquities, which should have been protected. What we are finding is wanton destruction of museums of antiquities and burning of valuable libraries. Gasoline cans were found at the libraries with strong smell to show that arson was responsible for burning libraries including one library containing ancient manuscripts of Qur’an. I begin to think that all this plunder and destruction was inspired by Israelis and Christian Fundamentalists who were with American forces and carried out the operation. There must have been arson by the Christian Fundamentalists, particularly on the Islamic library. There is strong circumstantial evidence in support of my contention. I see media bias in reporting looting of the museum and loss of thousands of years of antiquity but there is no mention of arson of the Islamic library. There is a lot of talk of Iraq being the cradle of civilization but there is no talk of Iraq being the cradle of Islamic civilization and the seat of Khilafat al-Abbasiah (Abbasid Caliphate) where the works of Greek philosophers were translated and given to the world; there is no mention of the establishment of great institutions of learning like Dar Al-Hikmah. Even western “scholars” are showing their narrow-minded prejudices.

Evangelization of the Iraqis. Over three centuries ago Europe began its colonization of the East and Christian missionaries marched right behind the armed forces. Missionaries were quite successful in their work in the animist populated areas but failed miserably in the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist populations. European missionaries earned only enmity for the colonizers in part due to the evangelical work, which had to be stopped. It seems that America did not learn the lessons of history. George Bush had the bigot, hatemonger and warmonger, Franklin Graham, give the invocation at his inaugural ceremonies. This same Islam hater who said that Islam is a “very evil and wicked religion” and one of his colleagues said that Prophet Muhammad (S) was a “demon possessed pedophile” is allowed to evangelize in Iraq. Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse will distribute food packages in one hand and Christian propaganda in the other hand. Ironically, these enemies of Islam are entering Iraq through Jordan, a Muslim majority country ruled by American puppets. Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), another Islam hating Christian cult, is likewise doing their share of “aid evangelism” that will deliver 70 lb food packages with a Bible Quote in Arabic (see TIME magazine, April 21, 2003, p.52). If Bush has any decency left in him he would outlaw these evangelical Christian groups from exploiting the Iraqi situation for evangelism.

No respect for Muslim culture. Muslim women are required to maintain hijab but American soldiers had no respect for women as they entered homes with guns after breaking down doors. Even American culture does not allow entering homes without permission unless there was explicit danger by doing so. After knocking down thousands of civilian homes, American forces found nothing suspicious there.

Plan to subvert Islam. The plan of the Christian Fundamentalists and the Zionists is to destroy Islam and cleanse the earth of this great religion and George Bush is their tool for achieving their goal. It began with Afghanistan and now in Iraq, the plan is to change school curricula removing the message of the Qur’an from the education process and brain-wash young Muslims to think and behave anti-Islam, the way Mustapha Kamal, the Filth of the Turks, did in Turkey. Will they succeed? No, one thousand years of European history of hate and opposing Islam and three hundred years of direct rule and tyranny has failed. Some times Muslims suffer temporary setbacks but rebound even stronger. Islam is like the phoenix that reemerges from its own ashes.

Plan to divide and rule. The neo-con-Zionist cabal in the Bush regime has already put their plan into action to create ethnic and religious tensions in Iraq so that the Israeli-puppet American Jay Garner could rule and misrule the country for a long time to come. Jay Garner, an expert in espionage, will spread the money around to buy Iraqi criminals to instigate ethnic violence, which will give an excuse to the Americans to extend their presence in Iraq to continue with exploitation of Iraqi oil and firm up an anti-Islam puppet dictatorship composed of westernized and brain-polluted Iraqis.

Sabotaging American interests. Many Americans ask, why do Muslims hate us? Muslims do not hate Americans or the American system but rather the American foreign policies towards the Muslim world. Bush is worsening the situation by giving in to the policies formulated by Israeli-American and Zionists and being sold to Bush by the Christian Fundamentalists. This is the biggest Bush treachery against the American people and his own country. Let us see the following:

a) Israel has all weapons of mass destruction, including at least two hundred nuclear warheads and delivery missiles, yet no one in the West raises a voice against it. Iraq did not even have such weapons and Bush knew it yet he felt it necessary to attack Iraq and destroy the country. Muslims hate this double standard.

b) Israel has ignored 37 U.N. Security Council resolutions but none in the West raise any voice against such violations. Iraq was accused of ignoring 17 resolutions and was attacked. India ignored several U.N. Security Council resolutions on Kashmir, Hyderabad, Goa and other territories that were forcefully occupied by India but no one in the West raises any voice against it. Muslims hate this double standard.

c) Israel invaded Lebanon and Syria, murdered Arabs by the thousands, demolished many towns and villages but none in the U.S. government raised a voice against it. Israel is still occupying strips of Lebanon and Golan Heights belonging to Syria but the U.S. is doing nothing to remove Israeli illegal occupation. Israel occupied the West Bank illegally but there is no action from the U.S. This is a double standard that Muslims hate.

d) About the 9-11 horror, Osama bin Laden was accused of masterminding it but no evidence was ever presented to the world. The Taliban government, which was demanded to hand over Osama, asked for the proof of his guilt. None was presented and they were punished by destroying their government and the country. Muslims hate this tyranny of Americans.

e) Israeli government is destroying Palestinians, their homes, their businesses, and their economy. Attacks on civilian homes, arrests, jailing and torture are routine; shutting down roads is routine and the build up of Jewish settlements is on the rise. The U.S. supports Israel with money and war equipment. It is American weapons killing Palestinians; why should Muslims not hate Americans?

f) Since the 1950s American-appointed dictators have ruled Pakistan without break. Some of the elections in Pakistan were only façade and those elected were engineered by the Americans to be elected through buying or intimidating the poor and ignorant masses and educated Pakistanis know that; then, why shouldn’t Pakistanis hate America?

g) Right now America rules the entire Muslim world through appointed or supported autocratic or outright tyrannical dictators, kings and emirs. Why shouldn’t Muslims hate America?

h) Due to the demands of the Israelis, U.S. interferes in the affairs of Muslim countries to stifle their economic, educational, industrial and technological development; buys corrupt elements to destabilize Muslim countries through crime, shootings, kidnappings and murders. The Muslim world knows it and hates America.

i) There are hundreds of thousands of political prisoners rotting in the prisons in the Muslim majority countries. These leaders are very well respected in their respective societies and people think that these leaders in prison are the ones who deserve to be in the seats of power rather than American puppets. Naturally, Muslims hate America for these crimes.

There are many more points but I have given you enough for now. When I say America or Americans, I mean the Government of the U.S., not the American people.

Will the U.S. get out of Iraq? Not soon and not easily! The Iraqi people have a history of not tolerating invaders very long; they stand up, fight and kick out the invaders. The Greeks, Romans, Tatars and British know their lesson; now is the turn for Americans to learn the lessons the history. Despite American efforts to divide and rule, Sunni and Shi’ah will stay together to remove American colonialism; afterwards they will fight to settle their disputes one way or the other. Do not believe a word of the American liars and hypocrites like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz or Powell that they do not plan to colonize Iraq or set up a pro-American dictatorship. They will try to do what they claim they do not want to do. These are professional liars and deceivers because they are professional American politicians.

American governments operate on secrecy,
and secrecy breeds corruption.
Secrecy in governing is public enemy number one.

A challenge to the Muslim world. Under these circumstances sincere Muslims have a great responsibility for staying steadfast with this deen and to guide the Muslim Ummah on the path of the Qur’an and minhaj (way) of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Muslim living in the U.S. have a much greater responsibility for educating American people about Islam and Muslims, removing their ignorance, misperceptions and fears. This work requires vision, planning and strategies for long-term achievements of our goals. Muslims can defeat Christian and Zionist dreams because Allah is with us. I call on American Muslims and their organizations: let us have a vision and plan to win this war of public opinion in this country. So far our enemies are winning, not because they have a superior message but they have no competition from Muslims. Those who live outside of the U.S. should do their part by helping financially and educating people about the real issues and spreading the message of Islam to the Muslims. Send your donations to the III&E, P.O. Box 41129, Chicago, Illinois 60641-0129, U.S.A.

April 21, 2003


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