George W. Bush: Lies, Deceit and Spin

by M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

February 5, 2004

(Part 1, 2, and 3)

President George W. Bush of the United States of America delivered his State of the Union Address to the Congress. In this address he again told untrue material, created deception from the truth, or he gave a different twist to the truth. The following is my analysis. The quote from his address has been taken from the text posted at updated: 10-23 p.m. ET Jan. 20, 2004 downloaded on Jan. 23, 2004 at 8:48 p.m. Emphasis on quotes are added by the author of this article.

1. “As we gather tonight, hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and women are deployed across the world in the war on terror.” His claim of posting American forces is correct but his claim that they are fighting terror is false. These forces themselves are the source of creating terror worldwide and they are protecting state terrorism everywhere. American forces are suppressing voices of freedom and helping to enslave the masses under tyrant dictators who are themselves loyal slaves of the American government. This situation exists from Morocco to Indonesia with the possible exception of Iran. Saddam Hussein himself was an American attack dog but he fell into disfavor when he barked a little at the American lap dogs. It is well known that it was Donald Rumsfeld, who was also the Secretary of Defense (“Ministry of Worldwide Terrorism”) in the early 1980s during the Reagan Administration, delivered the technology and bacterial culture samples to Saddam Hussein for the production of biological weapons for use against the Iranians. It was the Reagan Administration that built up Saddam into a tyrant bully in the region to terrorize and kill Islamic movements, particularly the Iranians.

2. “By bringing hope to the oppressed, and delivering justice to the violent...” The most violent forces in the world are the Americans, Israelis, British, Russians and Indians. I do not see any justice being done to them and they continue to create terror, murder and plunder worldwide. I do not understand how America can become more secure by terrorizing the world. I do not see any American forces fighting the terrorists in South and Central America where drug manufacturers and exporters have created terror in the population. I have never seen any foreigner creating any terror within the boundaries of the U.S., except internal sources like the Zionists, with the help of Americans, blowing up the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Federal building in Oklahoma City. During the last 40+ years I have not seen a single act of terror by a foreigner, which has been proven beyond doubt. The other terror in the country has been Americans against Americans, which are called crimes of murder, shootings in schools, women beatings, looting, embezzlement, cooking the books, drunk driving and killing people in car crashes and a lot more. America has been safe and secure but internal terrorists have created “terrorism hype” to make fascist laws for denying liberty. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said that if you sacrifice liberty for security you would have neither security nor liberty. American people have been fooled into believing that they should sacrifice liberty for security. The 9-11 terror was an internal job with the help of Israelis and there is no evidence contrary to it. Under the flag of patriotism, it has become taboo to question the Bush Administration’s concocted theory that the 9-11 terror was the work of Al Qaeda, for which no evidence exists. The exchange for American invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq is worldwide condemnation and unpopularity of the American people. As one American tourist said, during his visits to Europe he presents himself as Canadian, not as an American, due to the unpopularity of Americans in Europe, let alone the Middle East. In a nutshell, Bush is not bringing hope to the oppressed but he himself is the oppressor; the Iraqi people have been forced to live under foreign oppression in place of domestic oppression.

3. “(They) (American troops) are making America more secure.” The fact is that the adventures and invasion of the American troops into Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan has made Americans less secure when they travel to the Muslim-majority countries. The American mainland remains secure even after American invasion and occupation of Muslim lands. There is no evidence presented to-date that any Muslims have any plans to carry out any terrorism within the U.S. All pronouncements of Osama Binladin, if they can be believed to be genuine, is that there is not a hint he or anyone on his behalf is planning to do anything in the U.S. mainland, but to target Americans abroad, especially in the Muslim-majority countries. All of the alerts by the Homeland Security is nothing but terrorism hype for a different agenda.

4. “Each day, law enforcement personnel and intelligence officers are tracking terrorist threats; analysts are examining airline passenger lists; the men and women of our new Homeland Security Department are patrolling our coasts and borders. And their vigilance is protecting America.” Muslim freedom fighters have neither the justification nor means and resources to operate within the American mainland. These violent people within the Muslim lands are freedom fighters and if they know even a little about Islam, they understand that killing unarmed civilians among the enemies are off limits for revenge; this include the young, old and women. When they kill unarmed westerners, they do because they suspect them for being saboteurs and spies of CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), MI6, Israel or India. Since the U.S. has no foreign invaders, the CIA, DIA and other American espionage agencies go around and instigate violence among the Muslims providing a pretext for war which gives an excuse to maintain high levels of military spending; the CIA budget and defense industry owners continue to loot taxpayers’ money. Suicide is condemned in Islam, therefore, only nominal Muslims who have been influenced by the West who have been thoroughly secularized, learn from the Israelis to commit suicide bombings to achieve their goal. The Department of Homeland Security is a waste of money and it should be abolished to cut down some of the budget deficits. The only justification for Homeland Security Department is to make it a Gestapo or KGB-like organization. Also, the Homeland Security Department was created to give jobs to Republican supporters, Zionists and Christian Fundamentalist cadres.

5. “The American economy is growing stronger. The tax relief you passed is working.” This is total fraud and deception. Let us take an analogy of a family who is already in debt while spending is increasing because of indulging in more luxuries. The head of household decides to hold back tax payments to keep extra cash at hand and borrow more money on the credit card and take double and triple home mortgages to obtain more money for spending. He goes around boasting that he is living better of than before; he is more affluent than before. Is he, really? Bush inherited a 127 billion dollar surplus (meaning cash in hand), which he could have used to return some of the old debts of many trillions but he decided to withhold the debt payments and borrow more money to spend so that his buddies may enrich themselves more. His projected borrowing for the year 2004 is already 521 billion dollars and the planned supplemental borrowing for next November for the continuation of terrorizing Iraqis and Afghanis is an additional 50 billion dollars, for a total of 571 billion dollars. His planned borrowing under the euphemism of deficits for the year 2005 is 363 billion dollars. Let us look at simple arithmetic: Bush did not return surplus cash of 127 billion in 2001, he borrowed 158 billion in 2002, borrowed 375 billion in 2003 and planning to borrow 571 billion in 2004. Total increase in national debt caused by Bush in the four years of his presidency is 1,231 billion dollars or 1.231 trillion dollars. After indulging in so much borrowing he is boasting that the economy is growing and American people are living better; it is a lie and total fraud. I am hearing from friends who are receiving letters that the Social Security department has made “overpayments” in the past and these poor people will not receive their overpaid taxes back from IRS this year and for years to come. IRS will pay these overpaid taxed to Social Security Department for their supposed “overpayments”. This is a cruel joke on the poor people. This is looting the poor and giving the rich; Robin Hood is in reverse. If this man stays president he is planning on borrowing an additional 1.2 trillion dollars over the next four years. When he says that the deficit (euphemism for borrowing) will be reduced to half, he is talking about rate of borrowing will be one-half of 2004; naturally borrowing will continue in 2009 and he is planning to bankrupt the country. No one is talking about how many hundreds of billions of dollars are being paid in interest payments by the taxpayers while zero dollars are paid towards the principal loan, which should be nearing 10 trillion. Bush is dangerous for the long-term solvency of the U.S. The country is growing more fragile economically and moving towards its total collapse in the not too distant a future.

6. “You are raising the standards of our public schools;” Bush means that the Congress has passed No Child Left Behind law at his initiative. This is a false boast because this is a 600 page complicated act, which a lot of people find impossible to implement, too expensive for what can be implemented and the Federal Government is not providing enough money. Tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of burden is left on the states and local governments, which they cannot pay except through raising state and local taxes. On one hand Bush claims to be reducing taxes but on the other hand he is forcing states to raise taxes so that governors and state legislature take the blame of raising taxes, not him, or default on implementing No Child Left Behind Act. During the years 2003-2004 he spent unbudgeted 100 billion dollars in his war on Islam under the euphemism of war on terror. He can easily find many billions of dollars if he dissolves Homeland Security Department, saving over 40 billion dollars, and pulls out American invasion forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

7. “You are giving our senior citizens prescription drug coverage under Medicare.” This is another fraud, deception and a political stunt. This law was written not to help senior citizens but to help his campaign donors in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides, the benefits will not begin for another two years and it is more helpful to the rich rather than the poor who have to take a lot of medications with high bills. Senior citizens still have to find hundreds of dollars a month to pay for uncovered prescription medicine. The struggle of the poor seniors continues and they will continue to make a choice between buying prescription drugs or food. Bush refuses to open the door to Canada and Europe for buying prescriptions drugs, which are qualitatively as good as American drugs, if not superior.

8. “We can go forward with confidence and resolve -- or we can turn back to the dangerous illusion that terrorists are not plotting and outlaw regimes are no threat to us.” The Bush administration, particularly Dick Cheney and all members of the neo-con cabal, are responsible for creating the illusion of terrorism in the United States. These neo-cons have created terrorism hype. Ricin in the office of Bill Frist or anthrax of a couple of years ago are the work of domestic terrorists involving no foreigner. If there is any foreigner it would be an Israeli who is trying to frame an Arab and a Muslim as a criminal. When Bush talks about the security of the Middle East he is talking about Israel, none else. He does not care what evil happens to a Muslim-majority country but he cares for Israel because his winning of the second term depends upon the Zionist lobby that includes Christian Fundamentalists who are more Zionists than the Jews. In fact, they are the worst enemies of Judaism in the name of Christianity. The only outlaw regimes in the world are those governments created and supported by the West, particularly those supported and propped up by the U.S. for the benefit of Israel and American companies. Naturally, outlaw regimes have never been a threat to the U.S. because their survival depends upon CIA security apparatus and American dollars.

9. “In their efforts, their enterprise, and their character, the American people are showing that the state of our Union is confident and strong.” Not really but this is the illusion created by sweet talk and political spin. However, American people are not sure what direction the country is going and what are the benefits and harms in that direction. Over two centuries the people of America have been dissociated from the realities of life and politics so that the government and trillions of dollars are left in a few hands to distribute to whomever they desire. People are too involved trying to make money and buy pleasures at anybody’s cost. All anyone has to do to know the truth of American life is to pick up the daily local newspaper and read about all the crime and lives of broken families. If one wants more, just turn on Jerry Springer Show, Ricky Lake, Jenny Jones, Maury Povich, Oprah Winfrey, TV sitcoms, soap operas, 60 Minutes, Prime Time, 48 Hours, and various movies to see the condition of the country. The country is falling apart politically, economically, socially, and morally; family life is gone and individuals have no sense of direction as they need more and more psychologists and psychiatrists to take care of them. American young and the youth need more and more pornographic music, drugs, sports and their role models are adulterers, fornicators, polygamists (who have multiple sexual relationships in series or in parallel), nudists, homosexuals, drunkards, gamblers, the rich and the likes of them. Sex slavers, incest committers, murderers, serial murderers, school shootings, highway shootings, gamblers, robbers, embezzlers and likes of them are plentiful in the U.S. There is nothing to feel proud of, confident of, or strong about. Just hanging the stars and stripes (American flag) on the windows, doors, front yards and cars is not a sign of confidence but hollowness and sense of inferiority. A proud and confident nation must show it in deeds not in hollow symbolism. The symbolism of invading weak countries is the cowardice of a bully. Iraq under Saddam was a weak country; had the U.S. known with certainty that it was a strong country the U.S. would have not invaded and occupied.

10. “Twenty-eight months have passed since September the 11th, 2001 -- over two years without an attack on American soil … The terrorists continue to plot against America and the civilized world.” Even 28 months ago no foreigners attacked, it all done by the Israelis who plotted with elements in America. There is no evidence contrary to this conclusion of mine. The Bush government is operating on a false theory, which was concocted to fool the world, particularly the American people. The Muslim world does not believe it and Europe is at best skeptical and the rest of the world does not care. Terrorists (euphemism for freedom fighters) have no plans to attack America but they do want to knock out American puppets in their own respective countries. When Bush talks about the “civilized world” he means only Israel because in the Middle East for him, the Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists, the only civilized country is Israel and others are barbarians – this is the level of their racism and bigotry. The real source of all evil is the state of Israel and Americans are paying hundreds of billions of their tax dollars for its protection and maintenance. Just add up 40 billion for Homeland Security, plus 100 billion for war on Islam as being fought around the globe with concentration in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus tens of billion being spent by private businesses for their protection and security, and another tens of billions of dollars being spent destroy economies and destabilize Muslim majority countries at the whims of Israel. Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia was right on dot when he said that Zionists are ruling the world by proxy; the Israeli proxy (rather, a puppet) is the U.S. government and the media. The only terrorist who is continuing to plot is Israel to frame Arabs so that hate of Arabs continue to increase in the U.S. Their desire is to bring the level of hate to a point where the inquisition of Muslims takes place in America and Europe.

11. “Inside the United States, where the war began, we must continue to give homeland security and law enforcement personnel every tool they need to defend us. And one of those essential tools is the Patriot Act …” Finally Bush spoke the truth: indeed war was plotted and began inside the U.S. This war began against Islam with the objectives of destroying Islam and enslaving the American people. The Patriot Act will be the final nail in the coffin of American liberties. American books of law have enough laws to catch and prosecute criminals and terrorists but the Patriot Act is the law to undo what the Founding Fathers did for this country. The Founding Fathers gave liberty but Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft want to take it away. The Patriot Act must be allowed to expire and should be buried deep dishonorably in a steel coffin, locked and the keys destroyed. The days of slavery and humiliation of people are gone.

12. “America is on the offensive against the terrorists who started this war.” Bush is right again, at least in part. Yes, America is the offending party in the war but he is wrong on the second part of the statement. He has not doing anything to terrorists like Ariel Sharon, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and the whole cabal. As long as these evil people remain safe and secure, this world will not be safe. Bush can begin with firing the neo-con cabal from his administration and he should drop bombs on Israel and change the government. If there has to be peace in the Middle East and the world, all Israeli terrorists in the settlements in Gaza and West Bank must go, remove nuclear warheads from Israel, get rid of all Israeli weapons of mass destruction and destroy the wall of hate being built in the West Bank on the Palestinian properties. If Israel gets rid of nuclear warheads and WMD, no Arab or Muslim country would have any need to produce any such matching weapons. As long as Israel has those weapons, Arabs and other Muslim governments will be tempted to produce them and it will be their right. It would be wrong to call the WMDs of the Muslim majority countries illegal; the only illegal WMDs in the world are those built by the Israelis. No one needs UN inspectors but they are needed to destroy Israeli weapons of mass destruction. The world does not need U.N. inspectors as long as Israel has WMDs.

13. “As part of the offensive against terror, we are also confronting the regimes that harbor and support terrorists, and could supply them with nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. The United States and our allies are determined: We refuse to live in the shadow of this ultimate danger.” What is he talking about? The world is living under the shadows of nuclear, chemical and biological terror. The Israelis, followed closely by the governments of America, England, Russia and India, lead the worst terrorists in the world. All these powers have nuclear weapons some of them have briefcase or suitcase-size nuclear weapons and other WMDs. No one in the world has these weapons to sell or pass on to any one else. I do not find anything being done to restrain Israel or persuade it to get rid of these weapons. No UN inspectors have visited Israel and nothing from the Israeli arsenal has been destroyed yet. Since the Soviet Union has been dismantled, there is no need for the Russians and Americans to stockpile any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. The best thing to do is that all western and eastern powers should get rid of all weapons. In case of failure in destroying all WMDs from the globe, every little or large country has a right to develop and posses these weapons. If no justice is allowed, countries should find a way of developing and possessing WMDs for their self-protection. The whole world is living in the shadows of Israeli, American and Russian nuclear, chemical and biological weapons with capability of delivering and annihilating whole cities. No other country has ICBMs and delivery systems as advanced as these three terrorist countries. These three plus the British constitute the true axis of evil. In leadership the axis of evil is composed of Sharon-Bush-Putin-Blair; their shadow is the most evil one. The motivation behind the non-proliferation movement is racism and bigotry. The white Christian-secular West and Russia think that they are responsible people and that they will not use WMDs unnecessarily. The history of the West, particularly the most recent history, goes to prove that the West and the Russians are knee-jerk warriors; Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Panama and many other invasions are recent examples. These invasions took place only to dominate, exploit and render small countries into slave nations.

14. “As of this month, that country (Afghanistan) has a new constitution, guaranteeing free elections and full participation by women.” A constitution if not implemented with sincerity, is a document, which is not worth the paper it is written on. Pakistan had several constitutions since 1956 but not worth the paper because the American master never allowed it to be implemented, beginning with the puppet Gen. Mohammad Ayub Khan to Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Regarding women’s full participation, the American master’s desire is to make them nudist dancers, fornicators and prostitutes and destroy family life, the way Americans have destroyed their social fabric, family life and structure. God-forbid that this should happen to any of the Muslim countries.

15. “The men and women of Afghanistan are building a nation that is free, and proud, and fighting terror -- and America is honored to be their friend.” False! Afghanistan is in ruins and sinking in it. America is not its friend but a master and an exploiter for oil and gas pipelines at the expense of Afghani people. Afghani people have always been viciously free and the American attempt to enslave them will fail. The best thing for the foreign troops is to pack up and leave immediately.

16. “Since we last met in this chamber, combat forces of the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Poland, and other countries enforced the demands of the United Nations, ended the rule of Saddam Hussein -- and the people of Iraq are free.” A big lie! The United Nations never passed any resolution to invade Iraq, kill thousands of people, and destroy homes, buildings and the economy of the country. There was no resolution of the U.N. to end the rule of Saddam Hussein. It was the earnest desire and a demand of the Israelis and the neo-con cabal headed by Dick Cheney to remove the American attack dog known as Saddam Hussein. Secondly, combat forces of the U.S. and hired mercenaries of other countries did not really fight much to win the war, but American bribes by the tens of millions of dollars to Iraqi generals and other officers brought a victory. As Saddam Hussein said, even his clothes betrayed him. I have never been a supporter of Saddam, as he was a brutal dictator and a murderer, but the way he was removed was wrong because common people suffered a lot and they continue to suffer. This was an invasion of a Muslim-majority country by an anti-Islam government at the insistence of Israel.

17. “And America has always been willing to do what it takes for what is right.” This is a false claim. America has never offered selfless help anywhere. It always had motives of exploitation and always collects at least two dollars for each dollar spent. In addition, Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelical Christians follow behind the U.S. combat forces buying people for Christ. Changing people’s religion and culture is the ultimate motive, in addition to exploitation of natural resources to make money for a few select American capitalists.

18. “The United States of America will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins. The killers will fail, and the Iraqi people will live in freedom.” This is just a claim but the reality of what is going on in Iraq contradicts the claim. Paul Bremer is disgusted and he plans to run out of there. There is no plan to replace him but to cut and run and hold on to the oil fields and the oil pipeline. Looting the natural wealth of Iraq for a long time to come is the main motive now. This campaign will fail all of the goals of the neo-con cabal, except for the removal of Saddam, However, his removal will not achieve the desired goal of making Iraq Israel friendly. The Iraqi people will not live in freedom as long as occupation forces and CIA agents are in Iraq, carrying out sabotage, destruction and further weakening so that Iraqis would not even think of helping the Palestinians. Besides, when the biggest bully, biggest thug and most powerful assassin comes, the little ones go into hiding.

19. “And the men and women of the American military -- they have taken the hardest duty. We have seen their skill and their courage in armored charges, and midnight raids, and lonely hours on faithful watch.” More than 80% of the war was already won even before a single soldier entered Iraq. American money and air power won the war, not the American soldiers in humvees. American soldiers’ armored charges were only against defenseless women, children and old people who had no weapons to fight, breaking down their doors and scaring them with guns pointed at them. Is this bravery? Scaring people after midnight is not bravery. Besides, American forces have the best protective body gear money can buy; and night vision equipment, which the poor Iraqis are only amazed to watch.

20. “And my Administration, and this Congress, will give you the resources you need to fight and win the war on terror.” False again, because the Iraq war was not the war on terror but war on Islam and for the benefit of Israel, Halliburton, Bechtel and other companies who donate money to Bush and Republican coffers. The Afghanistan war is also against Islam and for the benefit of oil and gas companies of America. Remember, the threat was made to Mullah Omar in May 2001 that if he accepted the American offer of pipeline he will get a carpet of gold and if he rejected, he will receive the carpet of bombs. He rejected the offer because it was not in the best interests of the Afghans and he received bombs.

21. “The terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States -- and war is what they got.” No one declared war on America; I read no declaration by anyone to this effect. It is the Bush government who has declared war on Islam by attacking two Muslim-majority countries for no reason. It is the Israelis and the neo-con cabal who terrorized the U.S. on September 11, 2001. For details see my website and links at The Bush government has not charged or tried anyone for terrorism, except Zacharia Mousavi, and the trial has failed so far in convicting him in an open civilian court. Why not try Osama Binladin in absentia, present evidence of his crimes, his audio and videotapes and whatever there may be, convict him and publish the entire proceedings for worldwide distribution. If the proof is convincing the Muslims will arrest him and deal with him appropriately. Why not try in civilian courts all those thrown in military (including in Guantanamo Bay) and civil dungeons, prove their guilt and let the world know the truth! This is an open challenge to the Bush government but this government will not accept the challenge because they have no proof, only hype. German courts have been trying several suspects and had to free them because there is no proof to convict them. The Bush administration knows that the same will happen in the American courts and the terrorism hype created by the Israelis and neo-cons will be exposed.

22. “We are seeking all the facts -- already the Kay Report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations.” It is false to say that Bush is seeking all the facts; no, never, but seeking all pretexts and justification of the crime already committed in a distant country which was not a threat to the U.S. Secondly, it is false to say that Iraq had any active programs for the production of WMD. Thirdly, David Kay’s testimony in the Congress contradicted the Bush statement. Iraq had no active programs and had no equipment related to WMD production concealed from the UN inspectors.

23. “Had we failed to act, the dictator's weapons of mass destruction programs would continue to this day.” Iraq’s program of WMD in the year 2001 prior to the American invasion was the imagination of the neo-con cabal sold to Bush. David Kay has confirmed that Iraq had no active program of WMD. This was the pretext created for the invasion. Several official visits by Dick Cheney to the CIA office were an unusual activity, which has no precedence. Obviously, this was an attempt by the Vice President to deliver to him the goods he needed from the CIA. Bureaucrats know when there is pressure and when not to admit it, yet deliver the desired goods to the superiors if they want to keep their jobs, perks and pensions.

24. “Some critics have said our duties in Iraq must be internationalized. This particular criticism is hard to explain to our partners in Britain, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, the Netherlands, Norway, El Salvador, and the 17 other countries that have committed troops to Iraq.” False again because all these countries sent mercenaries for hire and for profit and American taxpayers are paying them dearly. No one sent forces under U.N. authorization; therefore it is false to claim that Bush forces are “coalition” forces. To say it correctly, Americans hired mercenaries from several countries, a few hundred here and a few thousand there to provide services to the American forces. These hired guns are not even fighting actively anywhere but serving as hired servants of the Americans. There was no U.N. resolution in support of invading Iraq for the removal of Saddam from power; it is a big lie.

25. “America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country.” This is a false statement again. American security was never in danger and no one asked Bush to seek a permission slip from the U.N. It was a matter of international invasion and occupation of a country thousands of miles away. This was a country which had no resources and no weapons to target the U.S. Bush used a false pretext for the purpose of fooling the naïvely trusting American public opinion.

26. “I believe that God has planted in every human heart the desire to live in freedom. And even when that desire is crushed by tyranny for decades, it will rise again. As long as the Middle East remains a place of tyranny, and despair, and anger, it will continue to produce men and movements that threaten the safety of America and our friends.” Very good and this is the lesson for Bush to learn. I believe that the speechwriter put this part in it for Bush to learn from but he just read the words without knowing what he read. The American government is guilty of appointing tyrant dictators all over the Muslim world and people are tired of them. Naturally, some people have taken up arms to throw out these tyrant puppets. The American government is reversing the label, calling freedom fighters “terrorists” and terrorist regimes “freedom seeking” angels. I do not know how much blood and money has to be spilled before the American people and their government will begin to see the truth and reject the lies of Bush. None of the freedom fighters have ever ruled any country except for the Taliban who ruled for only five years. Even the first American government was filled with a lot of tyranny against slaves and women; it took over 150 years before these wrongs were corrected. The Taliban did not have enough time to learn to rule and correct their faults but they were on the right track of Islamization of the country. Taliban defeated selfish warlords, rooted out opium trade, removed criminals, murderers and rapists from the streets. Americans brought back all the corruption, warlords, opium production and much more of the worst things to the society.

27. “I will send you a proposal to double the budget of the National Endowment for Democracy, and to focus its new work on the development of free elections, and free markets, free press, and free labor unions in the Middle East.” This is another fraud. The American government never wanted true democracy for the Muslim world because people-elected leaders would not be available for purchase by the highest bidder. Elected people are servants of the people but American government thrives only on purchasable puppets who can be none other than appointed and American secured dictators. The puppeteer is in Washington, D.C. This statement is a fraud to fool the American people. If this happens truly there will be no need for armed conflict by the freedom fighters. Democracy can survive only when it grows from the bottom up because without roots in the masses an imposed democracy from the top will fail.

28. “We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire.” False again because America cannot exploit the wealth of other nations without dominating them. American companies cannot tolerate free small countries and any such naïve scheme is bound to fail. Respect for free nations has to develop first. America does not respect small nations and their freedom in the Third World the way it does European small countries. There is an element of racism; the Third World consists of non-white people, therefore, these people are supposed to be dominated by the white people. This racist psyche must be destroyed before respect of the non-white people develops.

29. “America acts in this cause with friends and allies at our side, yet we understand our special calling: This great Republic will lead the cause of freedom.” False again as American friends and allies are not with it, only hired guns from small client states. Also this great republic is not leading the cause of freedom but it is out to enslave weaker nations and countries.

30. “And because you acted to stimulate our economy with tax relief, this economy is strong, and growing stronger.” This is a hoax and an illusion that I have already discussed above. This country is under the heavy debt of many trillion dollars; the debt is increasing at an average rate of one trillion dollars every three years and it is approaching international bankruptcy. The world should stop giving loans to the U.S. because this country is at the edge of defaulting on loan payments. This is not a strong economy but high living on loans. There are more American families and businesses defaulting on loan payments and filing for bankruptcy and it is soon going to be the country’s turn to default and declare international bankruptcy.

31. “Much of our job growth will be found in high-skilled fields like health care and biotechnology.” Bush is talking in the future tense not in present or the past, which means that he is hoping for it. The fact is that high technology people are being laid off in increasing numbers. Only low to unskilled blue-collar jobs with low hourly wages are available. There is a big gap between hope and reality and Bush has no realization of the reality. He is living in a dream world.

32. “This will require that Congress focus on priorities, cut wasteful spending, and be wise with the people's money. By doing so, we can cut the deficit in half over the next five years.” He is giving Congress advice to be “wise with people’s money” but he himself is reckless by spending 100 billion on unnecessary wars, 40 billion on the Gestapo Department under the label of Homeland Security, tax cuts for the rich and so on. Bush is talking about cutting the deficit in half; what he actually meant is that in another six years he plans to cut the rate of the rise of deficits in half. This is political spin to fool the masses. The deficit in the year 2005 is going to be 571 billion dollars but in the year 2009 it will be around 300 billion dollars. The deficit will continue to rise but a little lower rate. He never gives any figures of interest being paid by the taxpayers to the rich who are giving loans to the U.S. government. Bush has turned out to be one of the most reckless spenders of people’s money.

Without analyzing carefully I found 32 lies, deception and spin; had I looked at it carefully the number may go to 40 or 50.


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