The Bush Hypocrisy

by M. Amir Ali, PhD

President George Bush in his press conference on Thursday, March 06, 2003, repeated his mantras, “Saddam Hussein is a threat to the American people” and “he is a threat to the people in his neighborhood”. Bush said nothing new nor did he answer questions by many news reporters. He avoided many key questions as if he would catch smallpox by answering them. Some of the material of this article also appeared in my previously published article, ”The Bush Deception” posted on my web site

On March 10, 2003 the Chicago Tribune published an article on its Op-Ed page by Prof. Fred M. Donner of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literature at the University of Chicago. Prof. Donner asks ten questions, hence the title of the article, “OK, President Bush, what if …?” Prof. Donner asks the following questions:

1. “Suppose that that the Pentagon’s ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign causes gargantuan civilian casualties in Baghdad, and pictures of dead children and mothers air on the evening news? Might not revulsion at our premeditated overkill seriously undermine domestic support for the war, and earn us universal condemnation abroad?

2. “What if, contrary to the Likudniks’ fantasies, Iraqis do not welcome the U.S. forces as ‘liberators’ but rather see us mainly as enemy occupiers and the architects of “Shock and Awe?”

3. “What if Baghdad becomes not the placid seat of a model Arab democracy, but a lethal quagmire of sniping and booby-traps and seat of draconian American military government?

4. “What if no unified Iraqi opposition materialized – none has materialized yet – to take over post-Saddam Iraq?

5. “What if, in response to Kurdish noises about independence, the Turkish army invades northern Iraq to quash it?

6. “What if Iran, seeing us pinned down in Iraq, and tiring of it, moves to annex the oil-rich Shiite provinces of southeastern Iraq?

7. “What if the Likud government in Israel uses the distraction of an American war on Iraq to implement its long-cherished dream of expelling all Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza?” Prof. Donner calls this “ethnic cleansing” and asks, “will the U.S. let this ethnic cleansing of Palestinians happen? What troops would we use to stop it?

8. “Suppose opposition to the war or to Israeli expansionism in Palestine causes the fall of Middle Eastern governments generally friendly to us – Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey – and their replacement by overtly hostile regimes?

9. “What if China is tempted to follow Israel’s lead? Exploiting our preoccupation with Iraq to retake Taiwan?

10. “What if Pakistan or India – both nuclear powers – are tempted by our inattention to push its claim in Kashmir?

Prof. Donner has not asked one obvious question regarding North Korea attacking the American forces at the DMZ and the South since Kim has already declared that a pre-emptive strike is not anyone’s monopoly. He asked the Bush administration if it would go after Iran, China, North Korea, Turkey, India and Pakistan in case hostilities break out. This attack is more likely than China attacking Taiwan. Some of Prof. Donner’s questions imply that if the U.S. wants to interfere everywhere it is going to lead to a world war suggested by Huntington in his book “The Clash of Civilizations” and Hal Lindsey’s suggestion of the “Final Battle” in his book by the same title. The World War III against Islam is the desire of the Likudniks and all Zionists, including Christian Zionists. These people couldn’t have found a more gullible and more willing person than George Bush and that is why they worked hard to make him President. Prof. Donner also talks about the memoranda titled “Clean Break” submitted to Likud’s Prime Minister elect Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996. Authors of these memoranda include Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Paul Wofowitz and others, most of them currently in high positions in the Bush administration. Prof Donner says that the drafters used phrases like “We in Israel…” Prof. Donner asks an important question, if these people are Israelis, “why is he (Richard Perle) serving in a high position in an American administration?” In fact many of the authors of the memoranda which contain the phrase, “We in Israel…” are serving in the Bush administration. One should conclude that the Bush administration is composed of the Likudniks of Israel; policies are framed by the Israelis and for Israel, not in the interest of America or the American people. These Israelis in the Bush government could care less about what happens to America and the American people as long as Israel rules the world through its agents in the White House. Bush has been hijacked by the Israelis and the American people are going to suffer.

Let us look at the hypocrisy of President Bush:

Bush hypocrisy No. 1. Is Saddam a threat to his neighborhood? Saddam Hussein invaded Iran because the U.S. encouraged him, provided support and gave him technology for weapons of mass destruction. It is reported that Donald Rumsfeld personally delivered the technology to Saddam. When he used chemicals against Iran, no government of the West complained or condemned him, including the U.S. Even when he experimented with gases on his own population in Halabja, the U.S. did not complain against it. Secondly, Saddam invaded Kuwait because the U.S. Ambassador, April Gillespie, delivered him the message on behalf of Bush Senior that the U.S. will take no action against him if he did. Since his defeat in 1991 Saddam has not invaded any country nor has he shown any inclination to do so. Evidently, Bush does not believe in what he is announcing to the world about Iraq and Saddam. That is hypocrisy.

Bush hypocrisy No. 2. Is Saddam Hussein a threat to the U.S.? There is no credible evidence that he possesses ICBMs that would be required for him to hit any American land and its possessions. Nor is there any credible evidence that he has any nuclear weapon to drop on the U.S. Naturally, Bush does not believe it either, otherwise Bush will not plan to invade Iraq the way he is not planning on invading North Korea, precisely for the reason that North Korea possesses ICBMs and nuclear bombs. The longest-range Iraqi missiles go only 193 KM, which does not even reach Israel from his launching pads.

Bush hypocrisy No. 3. Does Saddam possess biological and/or chemical weapons? Evidently he does not and Bush does not believe it either. If Bush believed that Saddam has biological and/or chemical weapons he would not put American troops in harms way because he knows that Saddam would surely use them against the American troops. It has been reported that Iraqi scientists, one among them Imad Khadduri who defected to the West, also reported that Saddam destroyed all biological and chemical weapons many years ago and that he has no nuclear capability or any such program. The American government knows it. Bush is definitely a hypocrite on this point.

Bush hypocrisy No. 4. Bush said that he wants the U.N. to be a credible and robust body. The fact is that Bush wants the U.N. to be the slave girl of the U.S. so that he could prostitute her at his will. If the U.N. Security Council fails to rubber-stamp every American dictate, the Security Council becomes “irrelevant”. It is the U.S. that is trying to destroy the real power of this body and make it irrelevant but in this process, he will make the U.S. irrelevant in the eyes of the world despite all the might the U.S. may possess.

Bush hypocrisy No. 5. Does Bush have any support internationally? Bush has no support from major powers except puppets and weak countries that he calls “the Coalition of the Willing”, which has been called by others as “the Coalition of the Billing” or that I may call “the Coalition of the Billions”. He is offering Turkey 30 billion dollars, Israel 12 billion dollars, and billions to Australia, Bulgaria, Rumania, New Zealand and African countries. This coalition of the billing will cost him 50+ billion dollars of the American taxpayer’s money. Imagine the Bush hypocrisy; he has produced 300+ billion dollar budget deficits, adds to it 50 billion dollar bribes to support his war religiously mandated by the gods of Zionism. Add another 50-200 billion dollars for the war and occupation. Iraqi development money will come from Iraqi oil sales. This is the coalition purchased with heavy bribes.

Bush hypocrisy No. 6. Bush said in his press conference on Tuesday, March 5, 2003, “we will act in the name of peace, in the name of freedom”. The fact is that there is peace in the region except in Israel and the West Bank. An American invasion will shatter the peace not only in the Middle East but also internationally by the angry radicals and possibly by the U.S. itself. Regarding freedom, American interference has always given the people tyranny. Good examples are Iran in 1953, Indonesia in the mid 1960s, Guatemala, Chile, Panama, Columbia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Venezuela and fifty other countries. Wherever the American government interferes and American money goes for “aid” that country is cursed and ruined. The IMF and the World Bank are the new tools of imperialism. Bush wants neither peace nor freedom but a perpetual state of war, tyranny and economic subjugation.

Bush hypocrisy No. 7. Bush claims to establish democracies in the Middle East starting with post-war Iraq. Outside of the First World and to some extent East Europe, the U.S. cannot present one credible example of establishing a democracy by its effort. If the people tried to establish democracy, the U.S. went after that country and changed it into a dictatorship. Pakistan established democracy in 1956 but the U.S. did not like it and appointed the dictator, General Ayub Khan in 1958. All elections in Pakistan have been fraudulent and fixed with hundreds of millions of American dollars or new dictators were appointed by the U.S. In Chile, duly elected President Allende was deposed by the CIA inspired and supported coup and Gen. Pinochet was appointed. In Iran Mussaddeq came into power through election but he was deposed by the CIA and the Shah, the dictator of the worst kind, was reappointed by the U.S. In the 1990s in Algeria Islamic parties won elections but the CIA and the French did not allow them to take power and military dictatorship was established, which gave rise to the civil war. Recently, Hugo Chavez came into power through election but the U.S. almost threw him out using its suitcases full of dollars for the American collaborators in Venezuela. There are numerous other examples of the U.S. converting democracies into dictatorships and tyrannies. Also, there are numerous examples of replacing good dictators who were not obedient to the American wishes with American puppet tyrannies. The most recent example is that of Gen. Musharraf of Pakistan who took over power in Pakistan with the barrel of a gun; after brief opposition the U.S. hugged him after he became a tyrant and a loyal puppet in the American war against Islam. Bush himself does not care about public opinion. He disregarded it for his war against Iraq. Millions of people marched in the street in about 2,000 cities around the globe in demonstrations against the war. Millions marched within the U.S. yet he did not care. What he says and what he does are two contradictory things.

Bush hypocrisy No. 8. Bush claimed that he has taken the oath of office for upholding the constitution. Since he has taken over the office of the presidency he has been busy tearing apart the constitution of the U.S. Many individual liberties are gone, religious freedom for the Muslims is going out the window, freedom of thought and expression is weakened and much more. Recently, on a radio talk show (National Public Radio) they were talking about the American economy and politics; one of them was a professor who was asked by the interviewer, what would it take to fix the country. The professor responded that the country needed Scotch tape to put back together the torn in pieces constitution of the U.S. This is the way he is upholding the constitution.

Bush hypocrisy No. 9. Bush compared Iraq with South Africa and Ukraine referring to destroying weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Ukraine did not develop any nuclear weapons but inherited them from the Soviet Union, which became a liability and a burden. Ukraine decided to destroy them cheaply having somebody else pay the cost. South Africa had a white racist government that developed the nuclear bomb in collaboration with another racist government, Israel. When the white racist government saw the prospects of political power passing into the hands of the blacks the racist government did another act of racism by destroying all nuclear weapons covertly so that these weapons would not pass into the hands of the black nationalists. The other important point is that neither South Africa nor Ukraine had a mortal enemy, like the U.S., lurking in the neighborhood with WMD setting up ambush to destroy the government. Also, in case of Ukraine and South Africa there was no bully lurking around, stirring up hatred and war against any of these two countries the way Iraq has the U.S., Israel, Iran, Kurds, Shi’ah, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, all of them paid by the U.S. to create troubles for Iraq. In case of Iraq, Israel is looking for any opportunity to destroy any Arab country which may become strong enough to give pride to the Arabs, not necessarily a danger to Israel. Iraq had to develop and maintain an inventory of WMD for its own defense and for the defense of other Arab countries. Also, take into consideration that the U.S. is working hard to stir up troubles in all Muslim majority countries so that they remain in anarchy and never progress. To keep a country free of traitors needs some vigilance on the part of a truly nationalist government. Bush knows the truth yet he disregards it for his own convenience, propaganda and to please the Likud cabal in his government.

Bush hypocrisy No. 10. Bush claims that the cost of inaction is immeasurably more than the cost of action, that is, war. Does he think we are ignorant fools? A Bush war in Iraq is going to take lives of thousands of innocent people including women, children and old people who have nothing to do with his war. Bush and company use the euphemism of collateral damage. When someone used the same euphemism for the people killed in the WTC destruction, Bush and many Americans became very angry. It shows his hypocrisy and racism. The death of American civilians is a serious matter but the death of Arab and Muslim civilians is collateral damage that can be ignored. In Afghanistan when two American pilots bombed and killed four Canadians they were tried in the courts for murder but when other pilots bombed a wedding party killing 150 people, it was a mistake to be ignored. In Afghanistan the Bush war has killed nearly 15,000 civilians including women, children, young and old. This is racism, hate and hypocrisy because he does not put any value to the life of non-American people. Besides, 100 billion dollars of war and bribe money can be spent for development projects in the Middle East that will win the hearts of one billion Muslim people. The same 100 billion dollars on war and bribes will win the hate of billions of people around the globe. This is not only hypocrisy but stupidity.

Bush hypocrisy No. 11. In his speech at the American Enterprise Institute (a right wing, racist and hate-filled Think Tank) on February 26, 2003, he said that he would not allow the triumph of hatred in the affairs of men, he would show the power of freedom and he would teach civilized behavior in the affairs of men. The record of his government is of hate, racism, disregard of human rights and in Afghanistan his record is that of murder, plunder, bribery and support of thugs, pedophiles, rapists, murderers and robbers. This is pure and simple hypocrisy. Yes, in Afghanistan people are free to murder at will, plunder, rob, steal, rape and be pedophiles. This is really great freedom won!

Bush hypocrisy No. 12. One of the Bush agenda items was to become the education president, implying that he wanted to support education of children in the U.S. He drafted legislation with the help of Sen. Ted Kennedy. In his funding priorities education is absent, meaning that increase in funding for education is lowest in twenty-some years. In fact, funding to education districts has been cut drastically, resulting in staff reductions and program cuts. What Bush says and what he does are contradictory. His war is not going to allow him to fully fund what he promised. He is surely contributing to the destruction of the society. He is a pure and simple hypocrite.

Bush hypocrisy No. 13. He claims that he is not a racist or a bigot. He is a racist and a bigot. It is common knowledge how Muslim immigrants are suffering at the hands of FBI and Immigration Department agents. On February 23, 2003 I participated in a peace rally organized by several religious organizations and churches in the Chicago area. One Mexican girl told her story in the Holy Name Cathedral near downtown Chicago. She is an “illegal” immigrant and works at the O’Hare International Airport cleaning airplanes and she is paid $6.50 per hour. She is a single parent of a six-year-old child; she is under 5 feet tall and weighs around 80 pounds. One night nine FBI agents raided her apartment, handcuffed her and jailed her leaving her child alone. This is the result of terrorism hype created by the terrorists in the Bush administration who needed a “catastrophic and catalyzing event like Pearl Harbor” to unleash war against Islam and immigrants to the U.S. These terrorists who hide behind the euphemism of “neo-conservatives” are Chief of Bigots Dick Cheney, Secretary of the Department of Invasions and Terror Donald Rumsfeld, his deputies Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, Chairman of the Invasions and Terror Policy Board Richard Perle, Inquisitor General John Ashcroft and others. Terrorists outside the government who are supporting these policies are Daniel Pipes, William Krystal, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and many more bigots and demagogues.

Bush hypocrisy No. 14. Bush promised to work for the elderly so that they could receive prescription drugs. His plan will only enrich the rich at the cost of poor elderly. He is fooling elderly people in the guise of helping them. The money on war could be better spent domestically by spending on elderly, youth, needy, poor, homeless, unemployed, uneducated and other good causes but by doing this the rich will not get richer! In case of war, many of Bush Buddies, his dad and himself will get richer at the expense of the taxpayers. Bush is not only a hypocrite but he is a callous and selfish exploiter and a squanderer of the people’s money.

Bush hypocrisy No. 15. Bush claims that he is fighting this war in the interest of the Iraqi people. This is the biggest lie. The record of the U.S. government’s interference in the Muslim world affairs contradicts his claims. According to TIME magazine dated March 10, 2003, page 30, the effect of American interference in Iraq is that the literacy rate went from 89% in 1985 to 57% in 1998, child mortality went from 50 per 1000 live births in 1990 to 133 in 2001 and life expectancy went from 62 years in 1991 to 56 in 2001. Bush and his Likud cabal are not satisfied with this kind of destruction; therefore, they want more war and more destruction in the Muslim world.

Bush hypocrisy No. 16. Bush claims to free the people of Iraq and keep the country united. Yes, we have seen all this in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was a united country with the exception of under 10% of the country where the U.S. maintained a rebel force with CIA money and help with arms and they were called the Northern Alliance. There was no alliance for freedom but an alliance in misery, rebellion, selfishness and traitors. After American bombing, loss of infrastructure, death of 15,000 poor civilians, and over 100,000 refugees, what we have is the chaos of a divided country owned by many warlords. The CIA employee, Hamid Karzai, has no authority over anything outside of his palace, protected by the Americans since he cannot trust his own people to protect him. We are going to find a repeat of the same in Iraq. The evil Saddam kept the country in one piece with peace among them but Americans are going to divide the country into many pieces without any peace. This is exactly the objective of the Likud cabal.

Bush hypocrisy No. 17. Bush is promising rehabilitation for the suffering Iraqis but the reports as recent as of March 10, 2003 indicate there is no allocation of funds or manpower. This is a deception. Bush is anti-Islam, anti-Arab, a racist and a bigot. He does not care if non-white people, non-Christian people and non-Jewish people are suffering, homeless, sick and hungry. He wants his war at all costs. His ideals are the American administrations of Truman who annihilated millions of Japanese, Truman-Eisenhower administrations who killed millions of Koreans and Johnson-Nixon administrations who killed millions of Vietnamese. Bush began killing Muslims in Afghanistan; his blood thirst is not quenched yet and he wants more blood. Bush wants to escalate murders in Iraq and then he wants to go beyond. This bloodthirsty madman and his cabal must be stopped now before he goes for more blood of the Muslims.

Bush hypocrisy No. 18. Bush wants to start the war but he wants the international community to provide humanitarian help to the refugees, estimated to be around one million. He wants the international community to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical help to the suffering Iraqis. This man who talks of love and concern is the man filled with hate and malice. He wants to uproot people and he wants someone else to help them. This is total madness and inhuman behavior. It was reported today (March 10) on BBC that the refugee rehabilitation tab is expected to be over 120 million dollars but the Bush administration has allowed only 37 million dollars. He wants to spend 100 billion dollars on the war, that is, on death and destruction but for rehabilitation only 37 million.

Bush hypocrisy No. 19. He wants the UN inspectors to report honestly; what he really meant is that Hans Blix should let the Likudniks in the Bush administration write the report for him which Dr. Blix should submit to the Security Council as his report. After the March 7 report, the Bush administration is complaining that the Blix report was not negative enough against Saddam. What Bush is suggesting that Dr. Blix should fabricate material against Saddam, which Bush could exploit to justify his war designs.

The world, particularly the Muslim world, should wake up and do everything possible to stop this mad man, George Bush, from waging wars against humanity. In case he goes to war, at least the Muslim world should unite, and those who can afford must begin nuclear armament projects of their own to protect against madmen like Hitler and Bush. Learn the lessons from his behavior against the North Koreans and against Iraq and Iran. At the same time raise voices against the weapons of mass destruction stockpiled by Israel. I find timidity even among the Muslim world in raising their voices against the armaments stored up high by Israel. The only country that was courageous enough to raise its voice against Israel was Syria. Even Pakistan was timid and this timidity is criminal. The whole world must demand elimination of all WMDs from all countries including the U.S., Russia, U.K. France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan. As long as one country has those weapons others have a right to posses all kinds of WMD.

March 10, 2003


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