The Bush Deception

by M. Amir Ali, PhD

This is my commentary on President George Bush’s State of the Union address to the Congress and the American people on January 28, 2003. On the domestic front he offered nothing to the American people but empty promises. He does not have any resources to fulfill any of his promises except for giving tax breaks to the rich. Regarding Medicare, social security and prescription drugs he wants to make the rich richer through HMOs and private investment of social security funds. He wants to reduce the size of the government but he has established a Gestapo organization under the name of Homeland Security with 170,000 employees and untold billions of dollars of budget. He is saying one thing but going in the opposite direction.

Justifying an attack on Iraq, President Bush presented mainly three points: (1) Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction, (2) Iraq has links to Al Qa’idah, and (3) Saddam’s regime is uniquely evil because it is persecuting its own citizens. On January 29, 2003 Ted Koppel of ABC Nightline discussed these issues with three experts: David Albright, an atomic energy expert, David Benjamin, former National Security Council official under the Clinton administration, and William Schultz of Amnesty International.

1. Weapons of Mass Destruction: The experts countered that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction. Bush’s allegations with respect to the U.N. are no more than allegations; there was no evidence that Iraq has any such weapons. What Bush is talking about is that Iraq must prove his innocence otherwise Iraq is guilty. This is contrary to the universal principle that a nation or a person is innocent until proven guilty. Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, a Christian by faith, denied on American TV that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell’s powerful presentation to the U.N. Security Council on February 5, 2003 was no more than aerial photographs and his interpretations, inferences and conjectures; such evidence will not stand in any court or law let alone the court of public opinion except among the most gullible. His presentation of audio- intercepts could very well be manufactured evidence in which the Bush government is quite adept at. Besides, the world knows that there are many other countries who have hundreds of weapons of mass destruction including atomic bombs, such as Israel. It is reported and accepted by the world media that Israel has at least 200 atomic bombs and numerous chemical and biological weapons – why does no one talk about Israeli intransigence in this matter? The other well-known cases are that of Korea, India and Pakistan, in addition to the U.S., France, China, Russia and Britain. Why not eliminate all weapons of mass destruction from Planet Earth? I propose that if one country has any weapons of mass destruction, all countries should be free to develop and manufacture such weapons, otherwise this planet will be filled with tyranny the way America is tyrannizing the Muslim world by waging a war on Islam.

The argument is that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, that Saddam has used them against his own Kurdish population and Iran, and that he will use them again for aggressive designs is a thoroughly bogus argument. He did not use them against the U.S. or Israel or Kuwait or Saudi Arabia in 1991. In the 1980s the U.S. inspired his use of these weapons against Iran and the U.S. provided him the technology that was alleged to have been delivered by Donald Rumsfeld personally.

Bush read a list of his alleged possession of weapon grade material from a U.N. report of 1999 but he failed to mention that all of it was based on suspicion, not on factual findings. Also, Bush failed to mention what U.N. inspectors destroyed in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. Steve Chapman published his column in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday February 2, 2003 under the title, “Thoroughly bogus case for war, Bush’s plans for Iraq turn out to be full of holes” and he rejected all of Bush’s arguments.

The conclusion is that there is no credible evidence that Iraq has any weapons of mass destruction. The reason for Bush’s attack is that Iraq has money, which Saddam supplies to the Palestinians for their war against Israel, which is adversely affecting the Israeli ability to enslave the Palestinians and absorb the West Bank into Israel. Israel is playing a game with semantics; it is calling the enslavement effort a “peace process” and American Zionists are supportive of Israel. Bush, being a lackey of the Christians Zionists, is taking orders from them.

The best evidence of Iraq not having any weapons of mass destruction is the American will to invade Iraq and putting American soldiers in harms way. If the U.S. was sure that Iraq has such weapons Bush surely will not send his troops to Iraq the way he is avoiding sending his troops to North Korea.

2. The link between Al Qa’idah and Iraq: Tariq Aziz emphatically denied any such link on the grounds of differences in ideologies, which are oceans apart. Al Qa’idah is an Islamic movement to bring back Islam into the total lives of all Muslims and their governments by throwing out secular and pseudo-Muslim puppets of the West who are terrorizing all Muslims in their own countries. Iraq is in the hands of a strong anti-Islam government. Saddam Hussein has killed around seven million Muslims, which includes Islamic activists of all shades. Saddam Hussein has much in common with the U.S. in finding Islamists in Iraq and destroying them. Compared to Saddam, the U.S. is kind and gentle because the U.S. is keeping suspected Islamists in animal cages under torture day and night whereas Saddam kills them on the spot mercilessly. I guess it is a matter of opinion what is more kind, whether torturing people day and night, neither allowed to live nor die, or killing them on spot? Conversely, Al Qa’idah would like to kill Saddam, his sons and his henchmen at the first opportunity. It is preposterous to say that Saddam and Al Qa’idah have any links. All experts agree that there is no link and the CIA shares the same opinion. The link through one-legged Abu Musab Zarqawi is so ridiculous that Powell has reduced himself to a lowly politician; hardly any sane person would accept this as evidence. The warmongers in the Department of Defense led by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and their Zionist colleagues are manufacturing evidence to please the terrorist Ariel Sharon and his henchmen in Israel. Daniel Benjamin, probably a Jew and surely a Zionist himself, could not find any evidence in support of this charge. This is a slogan manufactured to gain the support of the ignorant and brainwashed American public.

3. Iraq, Uniquely Evil State: There is no doubt that Iraq is an evil state. All Muslims of the world including the common Iraqi people share this belief. William Schultz argued that Iraq is not uniquely evil and he presented that 2/3 of the world powers are evildoers. Comparing the evil in Iraq he said there are at least one dozen most evil states and some of them may be more evil than Iraq. Powell failed to mention other more evil dictators of the world; shame on him. Why not to mention Israel, Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, Columbia and others? The question arises, why doesn’t Bush go after these one dozen or so most evil states and why doesn’t he raise his voice against 2/3 of the world countries which are evil in some degree? The simple answer is that the U.S. supports some of the most evil states, such as Israel. Not only does the U.S. turn a blind eye towards the evils of Israel, but rather aids them with money and weapons for spreading the evil, torture, murder, bombing and destruction of civilian businesses, farms, gardens, crops and much more. Russia is another evil state that tortures Chechens and other ethnic minorities. China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Yemen, Columbia and many others are evil states torturing civilians. The U.S. record itself is not great. Recently, outgoing Illinois governor George Ryan commuted the death sentences of 171 prisoners on death row and charged police and prosecutors of using torture to extract false guilty pleas from innocent people. There are thousands of prisoners on death row across the U.S. who are in the same situation, possibly innocent people convicted on false guilty pleas under torture. And there are hundreds if not thousands of Muslims accused of being terrorists, thrown in animal cages and dungeons, suffering torture on daily basis. The Inquisitor General John Ashcroft is throwing hundreds of Muslims behind bars and demanding thousands of dollars in bond money before they could be released. There is a plenty of evidence to show that the Bush government is the most evil government in the western world.

There is no doubt that Saddam is the most evil person in the Muslim world; the likes of him have never been born. Perhaps Saddam has killed more Muslims during his rule than the combined fatalities of Muslims by the hands of tyrants and those killed in wars during the last fourteen centuries.

TIME magazine of February 3, 2002 has published an article under the title “6 Reasons Why So Many Allies Want Bush To Slow Down” and it disapproves of Bush’s insistence of the “go-it-alone” attitude.

Some of Bush’s pronouncements

Bush says something but he means something else. I compare him to Tricky Dicky Nixon who never said what he was going to do and never did what he said he was going to do. President Bush fits President Nixon’s profile and his deceiving and contemptuous character.

  • Bush says that he is fighting the war on terrorism but he is fighting a war on Islam that he denies.
  • Bush said that he is going to attack Iraq to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction but he is allowing Israel to build and store weapons of mass destruction. In addition, he is giving economic and military aid to Israel so that this money and arms may be used for enslaving the Palestinian people. The U.S. is the world’s largest arms merchant. The U.S. provided nuclear technology covertly to Israel and India (arch enemies of Islam and Pakistan) while putting all kinds of embargo on Pakistan for developing nuclear technology. This is hypocrisy and a double standard of all American administrations.
  • Bush said that he was fighting for freedom of the Muslims but he has enslaved the Afghanis and is helping Israel in the enslavement of the Palestinians.
  • Bush said he was for democracy and freedom in the Muslim world but he is appointing and/or protecting dictators in almost every Muslim majority country. For example, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Tunis, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and others.
  • In the year 2000 Bush promised a budget surplus but he has given us nothing but deficits, which are sending the U.S. economy down to a bottomless pit. Bush’s new budget planned a deficit of over 300 billion dollars or 1.5 trillion dollars in five years, which adds to the present deficit of 6.4 trillion dollars. Servicing the debt is costing taxpayers 16 cents of every dollar paid in taxes.
  • Bush promised to give the American people a smaller government but he has already enlarged it by adding one more dead stone of Homeland Security Department (call it Gestapo Department) and has done nothing to cut fat from other departments.
  • Bush promised to reduce the tax burden for ordinary people but he is reducing it only for the rich.
  • In the year 2000 Bush promised American Muslims to remove the Secret Evidence Law but he has changed it into the No Evidence Law.
  • The universal principle is that a person is innocent until proven guilty but Bush has changed it to the law of the jungle, that is, you are guilty as charged until you prove yourself innocent. Muslims are being arrested and imprisoned in animal cages and dungeons because they do not know how to prove themselves innocent – they don’t even know what the charges are.
  • He is accusing Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction because he has accused them of it, now it is Iraq that has to prove what they do not have. It is like the ATF accusing an American of owning a forbidden gun and putting the burden of proving innocence upon the accused. How can he do that? The accused says come and search whatever you want but ATF says show us where you are hiding the gun while the poor guy has no gun! Does it make any sense?
  • Bush promised to elevate the status and conditions of the minorities, particularly African Americans, but he is against affirmative action and he is removing their Medicaid health insurance.
  • Bush said that he was for peace worldwide but he is promoting war worldwide. In the Bush semantics war is peace and peace is war. There is peace in the Middle East except for the Israeli war against the Palestinians plus U.S.-British bombings, now Bush wants to wage a war in the name of peace! Figure it out.
  • Bush promised to help establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank but he is helping Israel in destroying Palestinians. He never invited any Palestinian leader to the White House whereas Sharon was invited numerous times.
  • He promised Afghanis food, housing, education and progress but in practice he is bombing them, including marriage gatherings and civilians, in every aspect of life, except the Israeli agent Hamid Karzai and his henchmen.
  • Bush promised senior citizens in America more medical help and medicine but actually they are losing Medicaid and prescription drugs, which they were receiving before Bush got elected. I know many old people personally who lost their Medicaid (state health insurance) and prescription drugs during the last six months in Illinois. Now, the same people have to choose between food and medicine since they cannot afford to buy both.

In conclusion of this part, Bush has proven himself to be a deceiver and a liar. In fact, I consider him to be the head of the Dajjal (the deceiver) system of inhuman, totalitarian and fascist branch of Secularism. Yes, Secularism that is not hijacked by the Zionists is expected to be more humane. For example, some of the Europeans not hijacked by the Zionists have some humanity.

In the year 2000 I supported Bush over Gore for the presidency and wrote several articles in his support (see my website but not as the best candidate, rather as the lesser of the two evils. Bush has not disappointed me in being an evil person but he has proven himself to be more evil than I ever expected him to be. However, I have no regrets for my decision of the 2000 election because the future is unknown and human decisions are made under available information and prevailing situations.

Apparent Objectives of the War on Iraq:

1. The war on Iraq is essentially dictated by American and Israeli Zionists. Bush knows that he has no evidence of Iraq possessing any weapons of mass destruction. However, the Bush government has been in the business of manufacturing evidence or such evidence was and is being manufactured for him by the Zionists. We have already seen such manufactured evidence for propaganda for convicting Osama Binladin and Al Qa’idah in the public opinion for carrying out the 9-11 terror in the New York and Washington areas. I have written an article under the title “Manufacturing Evidence” and it is posted on my web site The Top Zionists and Islam-haters within and outside the Bush’s government, such as Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham, Daniel Pipes, Hal Lindsey, Robert Morey and many others, have been pushing for war on Iraq from day one of the 9-11 terror which they themselves committed, see my web site in the folder on September 11 for a plenty of evidence. Israelis do not want any peace with the Palestinians but total enslavement and they find that Iraq has been supplying money for resistance. The Zionists claim that peace with the Palestinians is not possible as long as Saddam is in power, which is for the public consumption. The fact is that Saddam is providing money and material to the Palestinians for resistance and that is a barrier in their total enslavement by the Israelis. Bush the slave of the Zionists must please the master.

2. War on Iraq is the second link in the chain of wars on Islam. The first link of the war on Islam was Afghanistan, Iraq is the second link and Iran, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia are other subsequent links to be attacked to enslave the entire Muslim Population of the World. Will the fascist U.S.-British alliance succeed? This is an open question. If I read the Qur’an correctly, American and British people will be the worst losers in their attempt for their dominance worldwide. The plan to defeat Islam worldwide was developed, coordinated and perfected under Al Gore in 1993 at the behest of the Zionists for the fulfillment of the Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion. Al Gore’s dream was that when he won the Presidency, Zionists would surely become rulers of the world and the 9-11 terror was planned ahead to begin the war for worldwide domination. Christian Zionists who are the main constituency of Bush sold the Gore plan to Bush and he willingly became a puppet of the Zionists. Bush has effectively lost control of his government, his government has been hijacked and he takes orders from the Zionists since he needs their help for winning his second term. Chances are that he will lose the 2004 election due to the lack of support of the Jewish Zionists and there will be a large defection of the American people due to the loss of trust in his leadership. Besides, the American Jews never trusted the Bushes to remain their puppet in the second term. Bush’s promise of establishing the Palestinian state by 2005 is not going to help him either. This is an empty slogan because Christian Zionists will try to put hurdles in his way.

3. It has been discussed already that the War on Iraq is a link to the war on Islam. The War on Islam is an ideological war because Islam is the only theoretically competing political-economic-social system with the capitalist-secular system. The West, in general and the U.S. in particular, is determined to not allow a totally Islamic system to be established in any Muslim majority country, whether large or small. The West sees that if an Islamic state is established and succeeds in eliminating crime, providing stability and bringing progress and prosperity to a Muslim majority country, this will create a domino effect and Muslim majority countries will go Islamic one by one. If these countries make a political and economic unity that would be most unsettling for the Zionists and the U.S. Their success would have a profound influence even in the non-Muslim world. The people in the “secular” states will begin to convert to Islam in larger numbers eventually having influence for converting their own systems from secularism to Islamic. Will the West succeed in this war against Islam? The Qur’anic answer is a big NO! We read in the Qur’an “They (anti-Islam forces) desire to blow out the light of Allah by blowing out through their mouths but Allah shall perfect His light however much the rejecters (of Islam) may hate it.” (The Qur’an 61:8). And again with emphasis, “He (Allah) it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with the guidance (of the Qur’an and the Sunnah) and the Deen of Truth (the true Islamic system) so that He may make it prevail completely. And Allah suffices as a Witness.” (The Qur’an 48:28). Those Muslims who embrace the plan of Allah will go through many trials and tribulations in this life and will surely prosper in the life hereafter. And those who oppose Allah’s plan may undergo trials and tribulations of plenty and material prosperity for a while for this worldly life but they will end up in the hellfire eternally.

4. The War on Iraq is a scare tactic to the Muslims. This war is about sending the message to the Muslim world not to stand in the way of the American will because you could be destroyed easily if you are not with America. The Dajjal (the promised deceiver) would offer to mankind that either you are with me or against me giving no ground for neutrality. The Messenger of Allah told us that those who submit to the Dajjal will be the losers eternally and those who resist his domination will find themselves in paradise in the life hereafter. It has been prophesied by the Messenger of Allah that the Dajjal will have control over life and death, the way Bush has killed at least 15,000 Afghani civilians, including men, women, young and old, while providing billions of dollars in aid and prosperity for the Israelis. This is indeed the time of test for the Muslim world; let us see who submits to Dajjal and who resists him.

5. Bush claimed that war on Iraq was necessary for the security and freedom of America and the American people. Firstly, Muslims, Arabs or Iraqis never attacked the mainland U.S. or its possessions. It is America who is stationing troops all over the world including the heartland of Islam, the Arabian Peninsula. It is the U.S. who is the aggressor not the Muslims of any color or shade. It is American aggression in the Muslim lands that has created peril for traveling American people. The increased danger to the traveling American people is not because they are Christians, Jews or secularists but because they are perceived as the agents of the CIA or similar espionage organizations. Even if they hide in churches and synagogues they are in danger of being attacked. If the U.S. does not interfere in the Muslim world affairs, the Muslims will respect American people for it rather than attacking them. Bush has duped very gullible American people in obtaining their support for his hostile policies against the Muslim world.

6. The U.S. goal is to establish a worldwide fascist government with the U.S. as its supreme ruler and regional super powers under the U.S. control. Henry Kissinger wrote this in his memoirs in the late 1970s and explained that the U.S. wants to make Israel a regional super power in the Middle East, India as the regional super power in South Asia, Japan in the Far East and he implied Britain over Europe. This plan is being incrementally implemented under all administrations whether Democrats or Republicans. The U.S. finds that Arabs and Muslims place the only hurdles and Iraq is the strongest power in the Arab world that must be destroyed before the hegemony of the State of Israel can be established in the Middle East. All rulers of the Arab countries have already been brought under the Israeli hegemony, however grudgingly, but Islamic movements are the only hurdles. The 9-11 terror was done by the Israelis and cooperating Americans to frame and accuse Islamic movements of carrying out terrorism on the mainland U.S. and giving an excuse for waging a war against Islam under the fraudulent title of war on terrorism.

7. The control of Iraqi oil fields is not really an issue, however, the media wanted to move the attention away from Israel as the main cause, therefore, the media created the farcical oil slogan. Iraq wants to produce more oil and sell it for its own projects of becoming a Middle East power rivaling Israel. Saddam has the dream of making Iraq a pagan power and restore the glory of ancient Mesopotamia vs. the Greek Roman Empire represented by the West-supported Israel. He has never been an Islamist and he will never be one because he is a pagan and a very efficient Muslim killer with seven million deaths at his hand. Perhaps Saddam has killed more Muslims during his rule than the combined deaths of Muslims in the last fourteen centuries of Muslim fatalities in wars and under tyrannical rulers of various shades. He has destroyed Islamic movements from his country pleasing America very much. He was left behind in 1991 so that he could continue killing Islamic activists in his country. In this area he is a darling of the American politicians. Liberals of the U.S. would rather leave him alive in his position so that he could continue killing more Muslim activists.

8. Bush-41(Bush Senior) and his team left Saddam in power in 1991 for two reasons. Firstly, Saddam was and remains a very efficient killer of Muslim activists, which is very dear to the heart of the American politicians. Secondly, the American military needs an active war field for testing newly emerging technologies of war. Take in to account that as new technology is purchased, old equipment must be dumped while keeping the armed forces in shape. All this needs active war fields. It appears that Muslim lands and Muslim populations are considered to be the best. In the eyes of the American strategists the lives of the Muslims have no more value than the lives of rats and mice, and, their real estate, their national infrastructures and their water and farms can be destroyed without regret. In Afghanistan when the American pilots killed four Canadian soldiers, these pilots are being indicted but for those who killed hundreds in a wedding party and other pilots who killed 15,000 Afghan civilians, there were no regrets. American new technologies could be tested on Muslim lands and their properties with impunity. All of it is hidden under the euphemism of collateral damage.

9. Bush wants to get reelected in 2004 on the bodies of the Muslim dead. The media has prepared the ground by demonizing the Iraqis and they could be killed very easily. War always makes a President popular. The question is how long such popularity lasts. His father waged the Gulf war in the winter of 1991 yet lost the election in the fall of 1992. By the same token if Bush starts the war before the end of this winter 2003, would he be able to win the election in the fall of 2004? The answer is uncertain. But if he launches the war in the winter of 2004 his chances of maintaining enough popularity by the fall are very high and he may win the election handily. By this logic I suspect that he would start the war as close to the election as possible like in late fall in 2003 or early winter 2004.

10. For his reelection Bush needs a revived economy. One market analyst said in his radio talk show that war is always bullish for the economy. Whenever the economy begins to go bad American presidents find a way of starting a war somewhere to revive the economy. Is Bush any more moral? No, he is one the most immoral presidents in the history of the U.S. He is expected to do anything to get elected.

As one can see, war on Iraq would bring many benefits to the Bush administration. Should Muslims allow it to happen? Well, the matter is beyond their control. Muslims have failed to do the right things when they had time to educate the American people, bringing them to the side of Muslim understanding of these affairs. The American Muslim leadership is working hard to get invited to the White House so that they could get a chance to kiss the feet of President Clinton and now President Bush. This strategy had to fail and it failed. The real bosses in the U.S. are the voters and Muslims failed in recognizing the real solution and failed in having a vision of educating American people. Muslim leadership in America failed in developing outreach programs for educating every American about Islam and Muslims. Sooner, not later, Muslim leadership will recognize that the solution of the problem for the Muslims of America is in outreach projects; it will begin to gain respect and a place in American politics. Due to the failure of educating non-Muslim populations Muslims lost Spain, all islands of the Mediterranean ocean, India, Bosnia, Kosova, parts of China and the Philippines. When will Muslims wake up to recognize their God assigned duties to mankind? Muslims are proud in claiming “Islam is the solution”. In that case, why do they not have any projects of sharing Islamic solutions with the people who need them most in the West? I am one among few who are challenging the American Muslim leadership to share the message of Islam with the people in America and the world.

What is going to happen in Iraq and Afghanistan by the hands of the U.S.? Read the story of Colombia, which is an American model for Muslims to study. Read the book, MORE TERRIBLE THAN DEATH: MASSACRES, DEATHS AND AMERICA’S WAR ON COLUMBIA, by Robin Kirk. This is what happens; wherever American government puts its feet in, the mess is created. There will be massacres, deaths and plunder of the national wealth. In addition, there will be increased crime rate, drunkenness, drug addiction, prostitution, AIDS and other venereal diseases, gambling, lawlessness, lack of security and peace for the common people, espionage and spies, loss of freedom except for freedom to be a criminal and a traitor. Is this what American people want for themselves and the world?

February 7, 2003


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