Airplane Crashes at W.T.C. & the Pentagon

Who Benefits Most?

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.


The Muslim leadership of the Chicago area called an emergency meeting to discuss the most horrible crimes committed against the American people this morning, September 11, 2001, and the press release which was issued earlier today to the media. This press release condemned terrorist attacks on WTC and the Pentagon which caused a senseless loss of innocent life. The condemnation is unconditional, unequivocal and supports an impartial investigation for bringing perpetrators to full justice. I would like to add that there should be no retaliation against any party or a country based on suspicion and prejudice without proof. The Muslim leaders of Chicago discussed an action plan to help the victims and survivors of the terrorist attack by sending a team of doctors to New York, donating blood for the victims and sending money to help the needy. Committees were established to implement the resolutions immediately.

This attack was apparently well coordinated by people who had intricate inside knowledge, technology, money, manpower, motivation, and the cooperation of a large number of insiders. It is essential, therefore, to find who benefits most from these horrible crimes, who would receive cooperation from the insiders, who would have detailed knowledge of vulnerable parts of the targeted buildings, who would have the technological knowledge to fly those commercial airplanes correctly, who would have knowledge of the force of impact of the airplane for penetration inside WTC and the Pentagon, who would have high probability of success without interruption from the security apparatus of the U.S., escaping the radar systems, and the motivation to die and kill.

1. Motivation

We have to look at the motivation, balancing benefits vs. harm and find who benefits most from this crime.

(a) A True Muslim Group

Those Muslims who have the knowledge of the Qur'an and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (S) know very well that Islam strictly prohibits killing and injuring those who have not taken up arms against the Muslims, even if they belong to the enemy camp. This includes men, women and children of the enemy during a war conditions. The World Trade Center cannot be the target of any true Muslim group or individuals because Islamically, the people in and around the WTC and the innocent people traveling in the airplanes used for the crashes cannot justifiably be harmed. On this account, if the Pentagon is loosely justifiable as a target, certainly the lives of the passengers on the airplane that was used to hit the Pentagon cannot be harmed by any stretch of the imagination. The benefits for any Muslim group are none in this crime but the harms are great. Firstly, the loss of innocent lives which certainly included two to five thousand Muslims who worked at the WTC. Secondly, the bad name given to Islam and the Muslims that this crime will cause will make more people hate and fear Islam and Muslims. Any true Muslim would like people to see Islam as a religion of peace, not war; a problem-solving way of life, not problem-creating. Thirdly, harm may be caused for the Muslims living in the West and North America. There are bigots in the West who are looking for any excuse to harm Muslims, their businesses, their institutions and their religious centers. Even on mere suspicion they are going to cause harm to Muslims and their properties. It is obvious, therefore, that no true Muslim would dare do any kind of stupid and un-Islamic activity to harm non-Muslims or their properties.

(b) Osama Binladin and the Taliban

I know that Osama Binladin is a true Muslim with in depth knowledge of the Qur'an and teachings of the Prophet. I would never suspect that he would do anything against the teachings of Islam and harm anyone who is a civilian and has not taken up arms against Islam or Muslims. His pronouncements are against the military presence of the U.S. in the Muslim lands, particularly, his native land of the Arabian Peninsula, commonly known as Saudi Arabia, which is believed by the Muslims to be sacred. Besides, Osama Binladin knows that any terrorism against American civilians would bring harm to the Muslims living in the West and Islamic interests. I would have serious doubts about the culpability of Osama Binladin in any terrorist crime involving civilian and innocent people, including the bombings of two American Embassies in East African countries. The Taliban are reported to be led by Islamic scholars who know that they are not to harm any civilians anywhere in the world. Therefore, I would absolve the Taliban from any part of the air crashes at the WTC, the Pentagon and other place. The Taliban's interpretation of Islam may be extreme but the brunt of their extremism is borne by those living within the boundaries of their government and it does not extend beyond it. Hamas cannot be implicated because their anger is against the Israelis and those who are in Palestine in support of Zionist causes. According to press reports Hamas has justification for harming Israeli civilians but I have no direct contact for verification of these reports. If they have any justification for harming civilians, this would be limited to the Israelis living in Israel. I see no justification for Hamas to launch a very complicated operation such as we are seeing today at the WTC and the Pentagon.

(c) Secularized "Muslims"

People like Saddam Hussein, Kaddafi, PLFP, PLO and their brethren, who are free from Islamic restrictions and moral scruples, behave more like Russian, American and Israeli governments and will strike the enemy on mere suspicion or take revenge beyond ratio and proportion. However, on other grounds, as we shall see in the following, they are not capable of carrying out such attacks.

(d) The Israelis

The world Zionists and Israelis have no true friend left in the world except the U.S., the sole Super Power, and this support is slipping out of their grip in favor of Muslims and the Arabs. American public opinion is slowly moving away from the blind and unconditional support of Israel towards neutrality and that makes Israelis very nervous. The loss of Al Gore in the year 2000 has upset Israelis very much and Bush disappoints them even more. It is the rising Muslim population in the U.S. that is very scary for the Zionists. Zionists know that sooner than later, Muslims will become politically active and economically rival the Zionists, and that will be the end of American economic, political and military support for Israel. The top of the Israeli agenda is to not only arrest the Muslim growth in America but to reduce Muslim influence. By equating Islam to terrorism and Muslims to evil Israel thinks that it can achieve this goal. Zionists want to create terror in the minds of American people when they hear Islam, Muslim and Arab. Zionists want to see that Muslims and Arabs are attacked and their properties burned down so that the environment of the Spanish inquisition days are recreated in the 21st century U.S. They want to see that Muslims either leave Islam for their own security or are murdered or exiled. Israel has found that terrorism outside the U.S. has not scared American people enough, therefore, it was necessary to carry out terrorism within the U.S. and label it as the work of the Muslims and Arabs. This author continues to believe that the WTC bombing of 1993 was the work of Israelis, and resulted in amendments to the immigration laws and the Secret Evidence Law of 1996, restricting immigration of Muslims and creating an environment of fear for some. However, this was not enough to reduce Muslim influence in America and required more work. Air crashes at the WTC and the Pentagon are their follow up to create terror in the American public so that they will turn against Muslims and the Arabs. It is obvious, therefore that the Israelis and the Zionists have strong motivation to carry out attacks and label it upon the Muslims and the Arabs. In fact, this is the only way left for their own security and keeping the U.S. as their protector. I, therefore, suggest that any sincere investigation must include state terrorism by the State of Israel and its supporters within the U.S. and worldwide. Any material found in Arabic language or Arabic names may also be a set up to camouflage and protect real perpetrators. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Sephardic Jews in their appearance are indistinguishable from Arabs and a majority of Israelis speak the Arabic language.

2. Technological and Scientific Knowledge

This successful air crash required a lot of technological and scientific know how. As the media is saying, large commercial airplanes have a button for announcing a hijacking and were not touched in three air crashes. Why not? If hijackers were in the cockpit and got control over the pilots at gun point, it is inconceivable that the pilot will obey their orders and crash the plane into the buildings dead-center without trying to avoid the target and missing it. If hijackers removed the pilots from their seats and took over piloting themselves, that would require the knowledge of flying a commercial airplane to hit the target at dead-center. They needed not one but a crew of pilots for four airplanes. Who has the capability except Israelis who have Zionists employed by the American companies and willing to strike the target at dead-center without cautioning anyone or using the hijack warning button. There is probability that the hijackers were familiar people to the crew and the pilots, therefore, when they entered the cockpit there was no resistance or suspicion of terrorism. Reportedly, hijackers turned off the transponders in the cockpit and possibly the black box which could give clues to their identities.

Striking the target buildings require precise knowledge where the building is most vulnerable to cause maximum damage. We know that the Israelis and Zionists have or had access to the building and knew it very well.

Also, terrorists needed knowledge of the radar system and holes in the system so that they could steer the plane away from the designated flying corridor yet not be detected. This required inside knowledge of the system. New York being a Zionist-dominated city has knowledge available to them and the willingness to use it.

3. Cooperation and Coordination

Successfully crashing three airplanes within two hours at three targets, two of them far apart by several hundred miles, requires tremendous amount of cooperation and coordination. It has to be a military-like operation. The work would require a lot of inside information, which no other group has access to except American Zionists. Most importantly, getting on aboard airplanes with weapons or an insider without weapon, knowledge of the radar system and holes within it, timing of three separate attacks, all require coordination. The only people who can plan, coordinate and carry this out in complete secrecy are the Zionists of America and Israelis. I am sure that there are numerous Zionists working within the radar system, working as pilots in all commercial airline companies, working in the security system and so on. Neither Hamas nor Osama Binladin nor the Taliban nor any other group has the sophistication required for this operation.

Within the last twenty years Israel and the Zionists had two American Administrations who were very friendly and cooperative with the Israelis, the Reagan Administration and the Clinton-Gore Administration. The Bushes were not seen by the Zionists to be as friendly as they would like them to be. The fact that Bush II has spoken in favor of the Muslims and the Arabs scares Israelis and they would like force Bush to work against the Muslims. Israelis hope that these air crashes would do the trick.

The world will not get a handle on terrorism until the Israelis are included as suspects in the world of terrorism and its activities are scuttled. State terrorism by Israel in Palestine is well known but not well recognized. The world has to come around to blame where the blame belongs - Israel.

American Muslim Response

American Muslims should act in two ways: (a) immediate response to bigotry and attacks against Muslims, and (b) solve the problem of terrorism by removing tyranny, injustice and the double standard of the U.S. government.

Response to Bigotry

There will be hundreds of attacks against Muslims and Arabs but Muslims and Arabs should follow the guidance of the Qur'an, kuffu aydiyakum, meaning tie down your hands. It means, take all the abuse but do not respond in any manner and this will win many hearts in our favor. Sabr in adversity (see the Qur'an 2:177) meaning patience (no revenge) and perseverance should be our response. This was the Prophet's response and he is our role model.

Long Term Strategy

There is no alternative but to educate the American people about Islam and Muslims and issues which affect Muslims and the world, such as Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and others. Ignorance is the mother of prejudice, hate and fear; education removes ignorance. Muslim Americans have the responsibility of educating the American people and in ten years we can complete this phase of the work.

- September 11, 2001


September 13, 2001 - After watching over 52 hours of media reporting and various commentaries I do not find two aspects addressed at all:

(a) No one has mentioned that terrorism is a sign of underlying disease; what is the diagnosis and what is the disease?

(b) All the emphasis is on suppressing the symptom, that is, terrorism. What is being done to treat the disease? What is etiology of the disease?

My basic contention is that Israelis and the Zionists should also be prime suspects. What I am hearing on the media is that the U.S. is focusing on Arabs and Muslims exclusively. For example FBI is looking only for Arabic names in the airline manifests and chasing them rather than looking at every traveler and including Jewish names for investigation. So far there are allegations against the Arabs but no hard evidence. Why did they not look for Jews obtaining pilot training? Israel is perfectly capable of the long term planning of an operation like this by registering Jews for pilot training under Muslim names and carrying out the operation as Muslim operation. Read BY WAY OF DECEPTION by David Ostrovosky.

I am appreciative of the President Bush who, while talking to the Mayor and Governor of New York, he said that Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans should be respected and that they are not involved in any way in terrorism.

Pressures on the Muslim world leaders

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yasser Arafat and the Arab world are coming under pressure to cooperate in arresting and handing over Osama Binladin to the American government. It would be wrong to arrest a Muslim leader and hand him over to the enemies of Islam. First of all, the U.S. has a duty to produce hard evidence against Osama Binladin and a Muslim country should try him and convict him if there is evidence within the laws of Islam. If the Muslim leaders are not willing to learn from Islam then they need to learn from Israel. Israel refuses to hand over criminals to any country. Even abductors and hijackers whom it considers to be criminals are tried and sentenced in Israel. The U.S. has readily given in to Israeli whims and fails in extraditing American criminals from Israel.

Leaders of the Muslim countries should not submit to the whims of the enemies of Islam but ask hard questions about solving problems of the Muslim world, which includes removal of tyranny and colonialism from Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Kosova, ending aggression against Sudan, ending embargoes against Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan and ending Anti-Islam campaign worldwide.


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