The Terror in New York and Washington

 Addendum after Three Months

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

I published this article on or about October 28 on the Internet. It was also published by the MUSLIM OBSERVER, a weekly publication from Michigan under the editorship of Dr. Aslam Abdullah. I updated this article in two stages but did not publish it because I did not see any urgency about it. However, the Pentagon release of the new Binladin videotape which contains "smoking gun evidence" made it necessary that I should publish it (see item #24 below). Is this tape reliable? ABC Nightline had a show on December 13, 2001 and gave it a very appropriate title, "In the Eye of the Beholder". As for this author I give all the credit to Hollywood for its production, a remarkable job in making it a real home made looking tape without the knowledge of Osama Binladin and his guests. At least in part I share the skepticism shown by the Al-Jazeera representative in Washington, Mr. Mirazi, on ABC Nightline. If Mirazi believed in my hypothesis that it is a Hollywood production all of his questions are answered. Neither the picture nor sound quality is clear especially when Binladin talks about the air attacks.

In my original article I gave eighteen reasons  in support of my theory that the 9-11 attack was not carried out by any Arab nor was it planned by Al-Qa'edah or Binladin. In this addendum I provide additional points 19 to 26 in support of my theory. The whole article is posted on the III&E web site for any one who wishes to read it. It remains my firm beliefs that the 9-11 attack was planned and carried out by the Israelis and I have reasons to believe that some element in the U.S. state or local governments gave their tacit approval if not direct aid.

19. Airline Manifests

A complete list of airlines manifests has been published and it is available on the Internet which contains no Arabic names! Where did the Bush government obtain those 19 Arabic names? How was it discovered that the same people had taken flight training at private schools? Evidently, these were supplied by the perpetrators so that the Arabs are nailed down immediately before the government had any chance of suspecting the real criminals, that is, Shabak or some other Israeli sabotage agency. 

20. Osama Binladin's Denial

In an interview published in Millat, an Urdu language magazine in Pakistan, Osama Binladin has in clear language denied any complicity or prior knowledge of the 9-11 terror. Osama has a public track record of remaining silent when he may have been involved in any terror activity, such as, Al-Khobar tower and USS Cole bombings. This author considers that Osama is believable when he denies the charge. Many British and American analysts have also declared in their writings that Osama should not be blamed for 9-11 terror.

21. Taliban Control over Osama

It has been reported by many sources that after the U.S. embassies' bombings in East Africa the Taliban took away Osama's communication equipment, placed restrictions on his activities that  included directing any terror activity. 

22. Necessity of Establishing Military Tribunal

President Bush issued an order to establish a military tribunal to try and execute suspected terrorists. Adam Cohen wrote in TIME magazine,

"The Administration has expressed concern that if suspected terrorists face ordinary trials, confidential evidence and informants names will be released. But there are ample procedures for keeping those under court seal, as was done in the first World Trade Center trial. Ashcroft told TIME the military tribunals are at least partly about winning the public relations war."
TIME 12/10/2001, P.35.

This quote shows three significant points: (a) government's desire to conceal sources of information, (b) Cohen in TIME argues that such concealment is possible without military tribunals as was done by the Zionist-managed Kangaroo Courts of New York for the trials of Sheikh Omar Abdur Rahman and other accused Arabs, and (c) Government's necessity of good public relations irrespective of right or wrong. Ashcroft is less than honest and he is not telling the whole truth, neither is the media. This is the admission that the Administration has no evidence even to convict Osama Binladin in an open court of law, even less evidence to convict Mullah Omar or any of the Al-Qa'edah operatives. The Tribunal is being set to try only "foreign nationals". American nationals even when suspect of  treason will be tried in civil courts. Bush is making a statement that only the Americans are human beings worthy of full justice whereas foreign nationals are sub-humans deserving to be shot dead at the Military Tribunal's whims.

23. Necessity of "Winning the Public Relations War"

As TIME quoted Ashcroft, there is a necessity of "winning the public relations war" which was the main cause of quickly accusing Osama Binladin as the main suspect in the destruction in New York and Washington on 9-11. He was the easy target and the Administration could satisfy the American people that the culprit has been identified and destroyed. It has nothing to do with justice. All evidence points towards Israel but Osama and the Taliban were falsely accused because for the Administration to accuse Israel would have been the public relations nightmare. This is a lesson for the world about capitalism and democracy: the strong and powerful can do no wrong and the weak can  do no right. Just because the Super Power of the world declared that Osama Binladin and the Taliban were guilty of the crime, there was no need to provide evidence and the powerful has a full right to destroy a country, kill thousands of innocent people and render hundreds of thousands of people into refugees, appoint mercenaries, murderers, hoodlums and criminals as puppet rulers of the country. All the powerful has to do is to accuse someone and he becomes guilty until proven innocent. If this is not the law of the jungle then what is?

24. Necessity of Producing Binladin Animation Tape

Here comes a new video tape by Osama admitting his guilt of destroying buildings in the U.S. This tape contradicts all previous pronouncements of Osama and Taliban about their innocence. Didn't he know that he has already video taped statements that contradict his previous interviews and announcements on Al-Jazeera TV? Naturally, this new tape was produced in Hollywood and perhaps the U.S. government paid for it. If Hollywood can produce Jurassic Park and Star Wars, it can produce a tape of Osama Binladin admitting his guilt. The technology is there and why not to use it to support the U.S. government even though it may be a lie and a deception. This is a public relations war and this must be won. Since the Administration has no evidence, it has to fabricate evidence. This writer firmly believes that the Jalalabad video tape released by the U.S. Department of Defense and all such tapes which may be produced in the future are fake and they are the fiction of Hollywood. Disregard this tape as a propaganda ploy.

Example of an Amateur Animation of Bush (made in Australia):

"Look how easy it is to fabricate a video. Look at this Bush video. In about 2 hours only, a high school student and I fabricated a video clip of Bush speaking. We were surprised how easy it was.. We changed what he said and added subtitles of the new talk. Think how easy it would be for Hollywood professionals! Click here and be patient and you will see that videos on computers cannot be used as evidence because they can be changed and fabricated.

We made Bush say: “Thousands of Arab Americans who committed these acts and those who harbour them are held accountable, make no mistake”. In reality, Bush didn’t say that, but later in the tape in a part we have not included excluded harming those “Thousands of Arab Americans who love the American flag”. So we have changed what’s said to something else."

25. Heydays for Anti-Islam Bigots

Israel won big by carrying out the destruction of the WTC and Pentagon and was able to recover world opinion in its favor in its war against the Palestinians. However, Israel failed in starting a backlash against Muslim and Arab Americans in the U.S. Israelis and American Zionists are not satisfied and they are doing everything possible to start a public backlash against the Muslims and Arabs living in the U.S. Those who are leading the charge are well known bigots like Daniel Pipes, Robert Morey, Hal Lindsey, and Steve Emerson joined by Franklin Graham. In addition, there are numerous anti-Islam bigots who are competing for attention to fuel the fires of hate against Islam, Muslims and Arabs, and their heaven is the Fox News Channel. They will not be satisfied with partial success; they want 100% results. They will not rest until all Arabs and Muslims are thrown out of the West (remember Inquisition days) and World War III is started against the whole Muslim world. One bigot is asking the U.S. to bomb Makkah and Madinah and he knows the consequences of such attacks.

26. "Carpet of Gold or Carpet of Bombs"

There is a media report that two French writers have written a book in which they say that in May 2001 a delegation of Americans made an offer  to the Taliban government to approve construction of oil and gas pipelines through Afghanistan. When the Taliban refused because the terms of the contract were not suitable for their country, they received a threat with words to the effect that either they approve the project and get a carpet of gold or they will receive a carpet of bombs. The Bush government was under self-inflicted pressure to make the threat true to the word. The excuse was found in the 9-11 air attacks. It did not matter whether the attack was carried out by the Israelis (my hypotheses and agreed by many, among them David Duke) or CIA (see or by the U.S. generals (according to Lyndon LaRouch ) and there may be other theories. All Bush had to do was to accuse Osama Binladin and go after Taliban as his protector and in the process kill thousands of poor Afghani  people and drive hundreds of thousands to refugee camps. This is more evidence that Osama Binladin has been picked to fulfill Bush wishes, not that Osama is guilty of anything. As a child I was told a story that there was a king who wanted justice in his kingdom. A murder was reported to him. The king ordered that the murderer must be found or the chief of police will be hanged. A thin young man was brought and presented to the king as being guilty. The King ordered that he must be hanged. When this very thin man was hanged he did not die because the rope did not fit tight enough around his neck to kill him. The King ordered that a fat man must found and hanged in his place. The order of the king was carried out. This is Bush justice. Since he could not put the rope around Israel's neck he put it around the Taliban and Binladin's neck - the easy targets.

I have given 26 reasons to believe that the 9-11 attacks were not carried out by Osama Binladin or Al-Qa'edah but it was the finest achievement of the State of Israel. Sooner or later the truth will come out. If the American people do not wake up to this reality, God's justice will be upon them. So far all my 26 arguments remains un-refuted by any responsible authority. In September to November 2000 I wrote and published five articles in support of Bush to give him maximum possible Muslim vote and he received the margin of victory in Florida. He is sure  to lose the Muslim vote in 2004 as his father lost in 1992. Bushes never won Jewish vote in America nor there is any chance they will receive it in the near future. See how history repeats itself!           

What can the Muslim Americans do?

Muslim Americans can do what no other Muslims can do. This is a "reach one and teach one" movement or an "one family a month" movement, see ONE FAMILY A MONTH article at If one Muslim invites 2-3 persons a month to his home for a meal and talks to them or one family invites a non-Muslim family (two adults and one or more children) a month, they can reach and educate 24 to 40 persons a year. There are seven million Muslims in the U.S. and the total population is 280 million. Among 7 million Muslims, there are at least 2 million families and if each family invites and educates one family a month, we can reach and educate 24 million to 48 million people a year. This way we can reach the entire population of the U.S. in ten years. The net effect would be the removal of prejudice, hate and fear of Islam from this country. Ignorance is the mother of hate, fear and prejudice and education removes it. The success of this project will have profound effects on the whole world. The Institute of Islamic Information & Education (III&E), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and other organizations have published brochures for the education of non-Muslims about Islam. Please see the web site, look for articles in the "September 11" folder for more articles about the terrorist bombings. There are many more articles and links available for more information about Islam and availability of literature for distribution.

December 16, 2001


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