The WTC and the Pentagon Destruction

Manufacturing Evidence

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

"The investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks is the most comprehensive the world has ever known. Yet after wading through mountains of paper seized in Afghanistan, checking out hundreds of computer discs and interviewing scores of al-Qaeda detainees, investigators have found not a single reference to the Sept. 11 hijackers. 'Where's the intel on these people?' asks a senior FBI official. 'Even after all the time, there are no documents and nothing in the humint (human intelligence).'"
– Michael Elliott in TIME magazine, June 3, 2002, P.39


It has been over nine months since the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon. All thirteen investigative agencies of the U.S. government could not find a single bit of evidence to prove that Osama Binladin and his followers carried out the attack. Instead of focusing on Osama Binladin and Al-Qaeda, the U.S. should investigate the world's worst trio of criminals and mass murderers, Ariel Sharon, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and their comrades. The Bush Administration got into the business of manufacturing evidence to avoid its embarrassment of carrying out mass murders and destruction in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Muslim majority islands near the Philippines without any evidence of their guilt of 9-11. It is obvious that the evil trio are the puppeteers and the rest of the U.S. government is their puppet. Lately, this evil trio has been joined by the drunkard racist and religious bigot, Prime Minister of India Atal Behari Vajpayee, and Russia's Putin, who are conducting their own wars against Islam and Muslims in India and Chechnya, respectively. These criminals are responsible for plotting to crush Muslim people's aspirations and struggle for freedom from imperialism and hegemony of anti-Islam powers of the world.

Manufactured Products

(i) Video One

Manufacturing of the evidence began with a video tape allegedly found in Jalalabad. This tape was perhaps produced by Hollywood and paid for by some American government agency. If Hollywood and Disney can make animals talk with synchronized lip movements to go with the words, make Star War movies where man-made creatures talk, and cartoons that talk, why can't Hollywood produce a video with Osama Binladin speaking the words that the Bush Administration wants him to talk about. All it takes is a look-alike actor or simply Osama's picture. Once computer graphics people have a picture of the person they can clothe him anyway they desire, put other people around him, provide the desired background, put the words in his mouth in any language they desire – bingo, you've got manufactured evidence.

(ii) Video two

Then, there was another video allegedly sent from Pakistan to Al-Jazira TV in Qatar by a courier service. There was no clue who sent it or why. It was obviously manufactured and sent by the CIA to fool the world that Osama was admitting his own guilt. It did not work with the Muslim world nor with one-half of the European population; only the gullible Americans believed because they have been brainwashed and conditioned over a period of two centuries to believe whatever their government and the media tell them, especially in foreign affairs. Since Islam and Muslims occupy a special place of hate and fear in the West, why not believe that the Muslims did it!

(iii) Video three

The above two failures motivated the Bush government to try once more and perhaps it was the CIA who sent another video to Al-Jazira TV, which was shown worldwide. In this video it was again shown that Osama Binladin was admiring "the 19" who gave their lives for their cause. These three videos convinced only the most gullible among the Muslims and those who have always been yes-men to Bush commandments. The American people needed no more such evidence because they were already believers in their president and his administration.

(iv) Article from "Osama"

After three failures with the Muslim population of the world there appeared an article/interview of Osama Binladin where he allegedly praised the 19 and promised more terrorism. A careful reading of the article would show that it was perhaps written by a CIA Osamalogist. This article also failed in convincing the Muslims that Osama has anything to do with the terrorism in the U.S.

(v) Interview with "Mullah Omar"

Another attempt was made to convert Muslims into believers of Osama's guilt through an interview with Mullah Mohammad Omar published in Ash-Sharq Al-Awasat, a British Arabic language newspaper, and a translation in English was published in Arab News of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In this interview Mullah Omar allegedly assured that the war will reach the White House. A careful scrutiny of the interview shows that it was perhaps written by the same Osamalogist in the CIA.

(vi) Alleged shoe bomber

In between the Bush government produced the so called alleged Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid, who was arrested but there was no link produced to Al-Qaeda or Richard's targets. No one was hurt and no damage was done because it was carefully manufactured evidence. This was another ugly attempt to make the Muslims believe that Osama and his Al-Qaedah are terrorists but this did not work either.

(vii) "The dirty bomb plotter"

Now, we have this Jose Padilla, aka Abdullah Al-Muhajir, who was allegedly identified by Abu Zubaydah. At first we need to investigate the identity of Abu Zubaydah whether he is a genuine Muslim struggling for freedom or a mole of the U.S. Assuming that he is a genuine Muslim struggling for the freedom of the Muslim world, why should he survive the fight and get arrested? A true fighter Muslim would rather die than become a prisoner without any legal recourse; getting arrested is out of character. Was it a true fight to arrest him or was it a show to save a mole while keeping his cover? Only a mole would cooperate with the tyrant master and provide information about a freedom fighter.

On the other hand Abu Zubaydah, if he is a true Muslim freedom fighter, would identify Jose Padilla only if he suspected or had evidence of him being an American mole. This scenario is more likely because Jose Padilla has not been charged, is kept out of the hands of civilian courts and is being kept in a safe place. If he was a mole he would be given a new identity at the proper time, a pension plan and a lump sum reward for his services if he did provide valuable services. The question arises that if he was a mole who returned home why then he was presented as enemy combatant? Actually, the Bush Administration needed a boost in the public opinion for successful spy work and Jose Padilla provided it. The operative principle is not to lose any opportunity available for positive publicity for the Bush administration. Perhaps this is the reason why he was kept for a month quietly before the government could decide how to use him for the benefit of the administration.

Regarding anything alleged to Abu Zubaydah as the source is a suspect and unreliable due to the lies and deception the Bush government is capable of. According to Michael Elliot in TIME Magazine of June 24, 2002, page 25: "U.S. officials have a reason for publicity attributing to him many of their leads, whether they originate with him or not. It declares to his old friends that he's turned colors and come over to our side.'" In this situation is there any credibility left with the U.S. government?

There is another possibility that Jose Padilla was a mole but turned to Islam and forgot his assignment, therefore, he was nabbed when they found him. Also there is a possibility that he was and remains a mole but he is being used and abused to elevate public opinion of the Bush administration.

(viii) The phone chatter

We also heard about recorded phone chatter in Italy allegedly between Al-Qaeda operatives. Also we learn of recording of old chatter between alleged terrorists. The interesting part of this chatter discovery was that it was said that the chatter was in the Egyptian dialect which translators could not understand. Very interesting! In fact, the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language is the most commonly understood dialect throughout the Arab world. All of this is part and parcel of manufacturing evidence. Who are they fooling?

The Question

If the Bush administration claims that it has evidence to convict Osama Binladin then why does it not try him in absentia in a civil court, convict him and publish the evidence? This way the Muslim world will be convinced of his crime and some will help in apprehending the convict. The U.S. has precedence in trying suspects in absentia and obtaining convictions followed by search and extradition efforts, frequently successfully. As long as the U.S. avoids trying him in courts in absentia Muslims will be reluctant to believe in the manufactured evidence and propaganda against Osama and Al-Qaeda.


Is this the end of manufacturing evidence? Hardly! I am sure that a lot more will be "revealed" after their manufacture and will be used as propaganda in the tradition of Josef Goebbels. His principle was to repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat more until a lie is believed to be a fact. The U.S. government and the media are following Goebbel's principle of manufacturing evidence and repeating it until the gullible people of America accept it as the fact.

More terrorism to come

There may even be more terrorism by one or more teams of Israelis and Americans to further achieve the goal of fighting Islam. It is an ideological war and has nothing to do with terrorism. Donald Rumsfeld has said repeatedly that they (referring to Muslims) want to establish an Islamic system and he would not allow it. The world's worst terrorists are found within the American government structure, such as the CIA and the FBI, and in other terrorist countries like Israel, the Fundamentalist Hindu government of India, Russia, which is massacring Muslims in Chechnya, and let us not forget the Serbs. These terrorist states and their agencies are the menace and danger to mankind.

Israelis are not done with terrorism yet because the population of Muslims in the U.S. is still growing. Israelis and their Zionists friends in North America have set the goal of removing Islam from the West and fighting Islam in the Muslim countries. The growing Muslim population in the U.S. means their growing participation in politics, which means a demand for even-handed policies by the U.S. government. Eventually, U.S. Congressmen and Senators would have to pay heed to the growing Muslim demands and that would translate into less financial and military support for the Israelis. When the only Super Power withdraws its support of the tyrannical and racist government of Israel that would be the end of Israel. Israel's proactive action must be more terrorism within the U.S. and framing of Muslim Americans rather than outsider Arabs and Muslims. This would meet their requirement of starting a backlash against the Muslims in the U.S., creating an Inquisition-like situation. An Inquisition-like situation has attacks and murders of Muslims, burning of their centers and mosques, forcing them to renounce Islam, mass killings and massacres or giving the option of exile, if that option is given.

The preventive action by the Muslims is developing closer relations with the American people, educate them and try to remove their ignorance of Islam and Muslims. I have proposed a One Family a Month plan which has the potential of removing opposition to Islam and Muslims in America within the next ten years. American people are by nature good people but they have been duped into taking an anti-Islam position. Muslims have the duty of opening their eyes. The Muslim American leadership has failed miserably in this area – it is time that individual Muslims and Muslim families do their own share wherever they may be living.


June 25, 2002


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