Information on the Alleged Bin Laden Confession Tape

Bin Laden in Jazeerah tape on the left. Who is this guy on the right pictured in the CIA released video pretending to be Bin Laden? Any fool with eyes can see they are not the same person.

Tape transcript

Many in the Arab world call the tape a fake

The Bin Laden Tape: Another Fraudulent Translation

Look how easy it is to fabricate a video. Look at this Bush video

One in three Americans say the tape is a fraud

World divided over authenticity of the Bin Laden tape

CIA's funniest home video?

Oops...Exposing the video tape of Bin Laden

Reactions to the tape

US urged to detail origins of the tape (Guardian)

More observations about the tape 

Unwinding The Bin Laden Tape (Guardian) (this article show just how desperate they are to prove a point, no matter how ridiculous the argument may be.)


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