End of the Road for Bush?

by Hameed Abdul Karim <cis@visual.lk>

A whole lot of analysts knew that the American regime was aware of possible hijackings, according to numerous news items flashing across the globe on the Internet.

And quite a few, substantiating their allegations with plausible evidence, charged that Israel was behind September 9 – 11.

Now news of Bush being aware of the tragedy months ahead of the actual incident is coming in thick and fast. The elite American media, dominated by the Zionists, was also in the know. To think otherwise would be an absurd position to take, knowing that there are undercover operators – or spies, to use the crude word – working in the media. Big Business was also in the know which explains why large chunks of airline shares were dumped just days before the Jets hit the Twin Towers.

So why are the enlisted mainstream US media, their Jewish lobbies and representatives of Big Business blaming Bush for not doing anything after he had received such credible information when they themselves remained silent?

That question is easy to answer. It’s time to dump Bush the way Big Business dumped airline shares.

There is another why to this question. The answer to that is Bush, like his old Pappy before him, is calling for the establishment of a separate Palestinian state on account of political expediency. Israelis do not like the idea as was made clear in the Knesset recently even though they know jolly well that Bush does not mean what he says. And so Bush has to go.

And Bush wouldn’t be the first US president to be thrown out by Israel. Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Bush’s Pappy suffered the same ignominy. The only one who survived the call for an independent state (no matter how insincere) was the crafty Bill Clinton. The Jewish lobby went to work on him like mad with Monica Lewinsky in the lead role. But that guy he didn’t blow it (pun intended). He ate the cake and had it too!

Hilary Clinton had made similar calls for an independent Palestinian state. But she learnt fast. She needed the Jewish support (and of course money) for her election campaign and so she stopped talking silly things like human rights for the Palestinian. She cooed up to the Jews and won. In her victory there is an object lesson to every aspiring politicians in the U.S. of A.

In the days that follow there will be a song and dance about the American media being ‘free’ as they go gunning for Bush. But that would be hocus-pocus, as the American would put it. There was a similar claim by the American to such ‘freedom’ when they went after Richard Nixon as soon as they got wind of the deal he had made with King Faisal.

Don’t buy the crap about the mainline American media being ‘free’ when the claim comes around; and it will certainly come, ever so subtly, as night follows day. You will be better off buying Enron shares! When people start talking of how ‘free’ the Mainline Western media is ask them why they didn’t have the ‘freedom’ to report the case of Israeli Jews America deported when they were nabbed spying on sensitive US installations on the pretext of selling art. Or the case of five Jews who were caught filming the Twin Towers no sooner the first Jet hit. Better still ask the American Media why they didn’t report objectively on the more recent case where Israeli Jews were arrested with bombs near a military installation in Washington State. Why was it not ‘free’ to continue reporting the ‘Breaking News’ (I saw it on SKY News) of the incident where a section of the Pentagon was evacuated after ‘gaseous fumes’ were detected?

And when Bush is kicked out who is it that’s going to take over the US Presidency? Why it will be Dick Cheney himself. With his extreme racist Right Wing views he will be the one Israel would want to occupy the seat of the ‘most powerful man in the world’.

But the tragedy for history – and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not - would be that another Clinton would be deprived of beating a Bush – again – at the next presidential elections.


NOTE: The dumping of George W. Bush is not new as author has shown. The sources of Zionist power are the following: (1) money they spend for political mileage, (2) the leg work they do for the politicians, (3) their influence upon media by (a) owning media outlets and (b) educating, training and providing Zionist journalists to the media, (4) outreach to community leaders, such as, the clergy and community organization leaders, invitations to dinners and presenting their side in a very convincing manner, which includes telling lies, half truths and even misinterpreting the Bible, (5) flooding the media with articles by syndicated columnists and freelance writers, and (6) mobilizing Jewish lobbying through phone calls, telegrams, fax messages, email and visits to the politicians and influential people. In the year 2002 there are more Muslim Americans than the Jews and they are in a position to match and override the Zionist lobby. However, Muslim Americans lack vision, motivation, direction, leadership, understanding of the American political system and the will to compete for power in America.

The American system is an open system constitutionally but artificially closed by those who are in power. This system has to be pried open by the force of money and manpower, if used properly. The beginning for American Jewish in a credible way began in the late 1940s during the presidency of Harry Truman, a Christian Fundamentalist and dedicated to the Zionist causes. The man most responsible for organizing Zionist influence in America is Abe Feinberg, a very rich New Yorker. I am calling one or more Muslim billionaires in America (there are a few) to come forward and play the role Abe Feinberg played in gaining Zionist influences. Even a few millionaires can take the initiative and lead the work. The Muslim masses in America should have their own outreach projects to reach every American home and talk to them. American policies can be changed within the next ten years if we have the collective will. I, a very poor man, have initiated the work in 1985 but inadequate money and manpower does not go very far. I have been able to reach, directly and indirectly, to over 25 million people but the pace of progress is very slow and I need thousands of colleagues in my work.
- Dr. Amir Ali


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