The WTC and the Pentagon Terror

Conspiracy Theories (Part Two)

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

Part one of the series of these article about the WTC and the Pentagon terror dealt with the Bush theory and I presented that it is the weakest of all theories I have seen. The Bush theory has no credible evidence and it is based on allegations and accusations, most of them are incredible. The next one I would like to present is somewhat more credible than the Bush theory.

Anthony J. Hilder Theory

He has produced a video to explain his theory and he has a web site The video is titled "Illuminati 9-11, Who's Really Behind the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center, Osama bin Laden or Osama bin Bush?" In addition to Anthony J. Hilder other speakers appearing in the video are Jordan Maxwell, Illuminati Historian; Suzanne Harris, Law Loft; Cliff Kincaid , author and President of American Survival, Inc; Ted Gunderson, former of Chief of Southern California FBI office; and Clayton Douglas, an American activist. Let me make it clear that I have tried to transcribe to the best of my ability but I may have missed or misunderstood some words and phrases; the reader is advised to go to the website of Anthony J. Hilder, order a copy of the video and view it.

Conclusions of the Video

Talking about the Bush anti-terrorism war he says,

"Islam is targeted as the fall guys because they hate the Manhattan money monarchy not because they hate the Americans… This is a war against Islam. Islam is an obstacle to world government. Muslims have to be terminated. The President of the United States wants to terminate these people. We must get in bed with individuals seeking linguistic, religious, political national states that deserve to be free. We must have free world alliance."

"We are told that an Arabic guy living in a tent in Pakistan up in the mountains financed the most elaborate attack on this country is absolutely ludicrous, it is absolutely ludicrous."

"Osama bin Laden is not our enemy, the man is not your enemy."

The contention of the speakers is that an operation consisting of four airplanes, nineteen hijackers, hatched over several years requires the participation of hundreds of people. There is no possibility that such an elaborate operation could have been carried out without the involvement or knowledge of NSA (National Security Agency that includes sabotage), Mossad (Israeli intelligence and sabotage agency), MI5 (the British intelligence and sabotage agency). According to Hilder et al, the 9-11 plot was hatched in England, some of the people were trained in Afghanistan and in the U.S. under the protection and direction of the U.S. personnel. The execution of the plot was directed by the FBI with the participation of Mossad and the CIA.

Opening of the Video Tape

"George Bush is taking where Adolph Hitler left off. Adolph Hitler began the New World Order."

"If you like what Hitler did you're going to love what junior Bush is doing."

"Saudi Businessman Osama bin Laden has denied involvement in the attacks. But he said he fully supports such 'daring acts.'" The Latest News, September 13, 2001

Flashes from the former President George H.W. Bush's speech on September 11, 1991 saying:

"What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea a New World Order, it is a big idea a New Word Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind, peace and security, freedom and the rule of law."

Anthony J. Hilder appears and talks: "War has been declared upon the United States of America and everybody is in it. This war has been declared by the evil arc that controls this country, the Cassias (sp?) Cartel, the American Illuminati, the powers that would be. Why would they trade the World Trade Center for world government? Because they want it all. If there is anything you have, whatever you have, what you hope to have, they are planning to take it away. They plan to kill you, control you or incarcerate you and it is soon. People do not have the foggy idea, the foggiest idea about you are really going down. What is going down is this country, and it is going down now. If you like what Hitler did you're going to love what junior Bush is doing. Baby Bush does not have the personality, does not have the guts, he is a wimp. He is not a leader, he is a follower of the ……… financial fraternity who orchestrated all this. He is his daddy Bush's baby boy. He laid nude in the coffin at the Skull and Bones along with his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush and they are born again in Satanic Order. Take a look at the movie "Skulls". Does that fraternity still exist? Yes, it came here in 1832. It's a part of the Illuminati. We have Illuminazi, a group of people who want to rule the world. Hitler's second book was the World Order, the New World Order… Bush and company at Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) crowd are trying to establish today what Hitler established yesterday. But Hitler is being demonized and Bush is being praised."

Body of the Message

Anthony J. Hilder says that New World Order equates the Nazi National Socialist movement; this is what Adolph Hitler was trying to achieve. George Bush wants a world war to bring about One World Government. They had to create incidents to find a way to do it. The U.S. government has a track record of creating incidents to find excuses to do what may have been considered immoral or illegal. The Spanish American war was begun with the sinking of the battleship USS Maine. Franklin D. Roosevelt knew six months earlier that the Japanese were planning on attacking Pearl Harbor; he made it easy for them to attack so that he could join World War II. FDR contested his election on staying out of the war but he wanted to join it, which Congress would not agree to.

According to Free World Alliance (FWA group), Washington, D.C. is the most corrupt place on the face of the earth. There are more lies, deception, manipulation, and exploitation, not just of the people of color but of the whole entire world. The media in America are nothing more than lackeys for International Banking Cartel out of England.

As supporting evidence Hilder presents a TIME magazine photo of Bush addressing the Congress after the 9-11 incident in which there are symbols of Roman Fascii on both sides of the podium where Bush spoke. The Fascis symbol consists of a bundle of sticks with a hatchet at the head. Two five feet high Fascii may be seen in the picture shown by Hilder in his video which he claims that was published by TIME magazine. Other Fascist symbols used in America are the eagle and the pyramid with an eye on top.

Hilder attacks the concept of Homeland security and equates it with Deutschland (German) security of Hitler, which took away all liberties of the population under Nazi control. Accordingly, he claims that a national identity card is the goal and the next step would be a tattoo or some mark on hand or back of the neck. It is ironic that 85% of the population of America may accept such an ID card willingly and will be trading liberties with security which is tantamount to slavery.

Hilder brings the similarity of Hitler's burning of Reichstag, which was like burning the American Capitol Building and blaming it on the rebels; he was able to take over the country as a dictator. Hilder calls the 9-11 terror a textbook operation to scare people so that more severe anti-terrorism laws could be passed. The tactic is to scare people into giving up their liberties for security. Nazis used this method over and over again to take away people's liberties but they had referendums so that people would accept it willingly. Bush is doing it from the top, using presidential orders and arm-twisting the Congress to pass bills to his liking. He says that America has been suckered one more time. The FWA group claims that Nazization of America is in progress. They predict that more is coming to frighten people into giving up their freedom; for example, bacteriological warfare, biological warfare, chemical warfare and even nuclear warfare on American land by U.S. government operatives.

Suzanne Harris of Law Loft fought in 1995 against the passage of an anti-terrorism law. She equates that law to taking away liberties of the people and replacing it with tyranny. According to this law the FBI could knock on the door anytime or break down the door, arrest a women without any charges, not allowing her to pick up her purse, lock her up without allowing any phone call or a lawyer. Government prosecutors can huddle with a judge in his chamber secretly, present a one-sided case and she would rot for the rest of her life in prison without even knowing the charges against her. This happened in Virginia to the wife and daughter of Dr. Iqbal Yunus and others; only some of them were released. This law has indeed taken away the human rights of people in the U.S. These are Israeli laws designed against the Palestinians to render them into slaves. The passage of such a law needed some work.

Ted Gunderson, former chief of the Southern California office of the FBI, had a staff of over 700 persons and a budget of $22.5 million. He claims that his office was the best-run place of criminal investigation anywhere in the world. His people had knowledge of the February 1993 World Trade Center bombing and it was carried out by the FBI. Why did the FBI get involved in it? In the mid-1980s Anti-Terrorism Law was introduced in Congress but there was no support for it. The operative principle is that you have to scare people into giving up their freedom. After trying for many years the 1993 terror was organized by the FBI. Imad Salem was hired to make the real bomb – he was going to make a fake bomb but his handler John Anderson told him to make a real bomb. The van was supposed to be parked by a certain pillar but they could not because another car was parked there. Therefore, the bomb-loaded van was parked as close as possible but it was not effective enough, only six people died in the blast. That was not enough blood to pass an anti-terrorism bill. In two years the FBI carried out the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building that killed 168 people. The Anti-Terrorism Law was then passed in 1996. Ted Gunderson claims that FBI-CIA operations go far beyond WTC 1993 and Oklahoma City bombings. He accuses these organizations of being behind USS Cole bombing, the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi bombing and the 9-11 terror. The key man who knew about the FBI and CIA involvement was John Anderson who died in the 9-11 incident in New York City. John Anderson was involved in the Nairobi bombing and he was responsible for removing all evidence of government involvement. Gunderson says that the government knows the what, where, why and how of everything; the NSA with a staff of 150,000 people is not sitting idle. Gunderson claims that the CIA has license to kill and the CIA makes the mafia looks like a Sunday school class. He blames the CIA for involvement in some or all of the following crimes: Lebanon Marine barracks bombing, Pan Am 103 bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, USS Cole bombing, US Embassies in East Africa bombing, WTC 1993 bombing and WTC-Pentagon 2001 incident. Adolph Hitler used to say that if you are going to scare people you’ve got to make it real, give them little blood, make it legitimate. The CIA and the FBI are working on Hitler's advice. The American people are traditionally very independent but the architects of New World Order have their agenda of control.

Hilder contends that Homeland Security is the Gestapo, a tool for the control of the American people and denying their freedom. The anthrax scare came out of the government laboratories, not from any foreign source. The goal of the U.S. government is to suspend the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th amendments of the U.S. Constitution and eventually to suspend the document entirely and impose martial law on the country. This is where the Lyndon LaRouche theory comes in, which will be discussed in another article in this series.

It is unfortunate that the American people came to think that America was attacked from the Islamic world. FWA group claims that real enemies of America live in the plush penthouses of Manhattan, Connecticut, Palm Springs, Gross Point and similar places. The crowds at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in Manhattan and the Trilateral Commission are the people responsible for pushing one world government and creating conditions for the realization of their dreams. This is the plan to enslave the world. All American governments, whether Republican or Democrat, obtain their personnel to fill top positions from the CFR or Trilateral Commission. Both Bush governments Papa "Poppy" Bush and Baby Bush appointed nine out of ten top people from CFR, excepting only Richard Armitage. According to FWA group Richard Armitage and Bush Sr. were deeply involved in the heroin trade in Burma and South East Asia to make money for their wars against weaker countries around the globe. Gen. Khum Sa, a top drug trafficker in South East Asia, gave his testimony that the CIA, Richard Armitage and 'Poppy" Bush were the barrier in stopping heroin export to the U.S. and the world.

One of the speakers of the FWA group, Cliff Kincaid, advises the American people that the only security against government encroachment against their freedom and liberties is never to give up their firearms. The video shows scenes from Nazi murders and burning and ATF burning of the Branch Davidian building of David Koresh in Waco, Texas, in which many women, children and elderly were burned alive to their deaths. On one side the video shows Nazis killing civilians and leading civilian prisoners in Europe then switches to American forces killing civilians and leading civilian prisoners away in Afghanistan.

Peace, Security, Freedom, Rule of Law

George H. W. Bush uttered these words on September 11, 1991. Let us understand the meaning of these words for the world outside of the U.S. Freedom for the Americans means the U.S. government should be able to continue to exploit any country, especially the weak ones, appoint dictators and tyrants over them and use the rule of law cliché to oppress them when they rebel against the dictators. The American government should have the freedom to send its armed forces and its CIA agents to far off countries to suppress people and re-impose tyrants the way the U.S. did in Iran, Algeria, Sudan and many other countries of South America. It is freedom for American soldiers and CIA agents to recruit women in the invaded countries for prostitution and freedom to leave behind illegitimate children without support the way it was done in Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Peace and security for the American people means no security or peace for the people of the Third World countries. Bush-41 did not utter the words justice and equity for the people of the world because that was not his intention in any way. At least he was honest and truthful about his intentions. He wanted tyranny, oppression and subjugation of the weaker nations and said so clearly. In fact, vulnerability of the American people means peace for the weaker nations. Peace for the Third World nations lies in their strength: militarily, economically, socially, culturally, technologically and out of the clutches of the imperial powers like the U.S.

Islam means peace through justice and equity; if justice and equity are denied, peace is denied. The one who denies justice and imposes injustice at the barrel of a gun is the real terrorist.

September 25, 2002


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