The WTC and the Pentagon Terror

Conspiracy Theories (Part One)

by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

It has been over one year since the terror and destruction of the WTC and the Pentagon. I have condemned this terror several times and I believe that the wrong people were punished for no fault of their own. The real terrorists are loose and being protected by the U.S. government and the West at large. These terrorists are Israelis and their American co-conspirators living in safety, whereas innocent people have been killed by the thousands, thousands have been arrested and harassed and hundreds are suffering by the hands of American persecutors in the American dungeons of terror. In the absence of any irrefutable evidence, people come up with their own conspiracy theories against the government's own conspiracy theory. Former President John F. Kennedy's murder is a good example. The U.S. government failed to provide any irrefutable evidence in support of its conspiracy theory that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who was the sole conspirator and murderer. There, multiple of conspiracy theories arose, many books have been written on the topic, movies have been produced and articles have been written. It appears that the WTC and Pentagon destruction is going to see the same fate and the real perpetrators will continue to enjoy their freedom for another terror and this time they will frame Muslim Americans. The next terror is expected to be much greater than 9-11 because the Israelis and their American co-criminals have not achieved their goals completely yet, that is, removing Muslims from the West under the conditions of inquisition and ethnically cleansing the whole of Palestine. Five years ago I was talking to Muslim Americans about a fifteen-year window of opportunity to change their environment in America by outreach projects to prevent inquisition of the Muslim in America and the West, but this window has become much narrower now – we may not have ten years but only a few.

In addition to my own theory, there are many others which I would like to summarize in this series of articles. This is not an attempt to give an exhaustive list of all conspiracy theories but a collection of a few which I have been able to find.

Bush Conspiracy Theory

I do not know who theorized it but President Bush immediately embraced this theory, therefore, I must attribute it to him. The Bush theory is the weakest of all theories. A theory remains a theory until irrefutable proof is presented, criminals are tried and convicted in open courts. The Bush government has failed miserably in presenting an iota of evidence, let alone trying the accused in the courts in absentia or otherwise. Even the FBI has admitted that there is no documentary evidence to link Osama Binladin, Al-Qa'edah or any Arabs or Muslims to the 9-11 terror. See the following written nine months after the 9-11 terror:

"The investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks is the most comprehensive the world has ever known. Yet after wading through mountains of paper seized in Afghanistan, checking out hundreds of computer discs and interviewing scores of al-Qaeda detainees, investigators have found not a single reference to the Sept. 11 hijackers. 'Where's the intel on these people?' asks a senior FBI official. 'Even after all the time, there are no documents and nothing in the humint (human intelligence).'"
Michael Elliott in TIME magazine, June 3, 2002, P.39.

Bush Secretary of Propaganda Against Islam, Tony Blair, who sometimes acts as Prime Minister of the U.K., wrote in his report on the guilt of Osama Binladin, "This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case against Usama Bin Laden in a court of law." This was the report that was accepted by the American puppets in the Muslim majority countries including Parvez Musharraf, who joined the war on Islam under the pretext of "war on terrorism". I have a copy of this report reproduced in a published book and I found no evidence, only accusations. This Tony Blair report was written in September 2001 and copies were given to all governments of the Muslim majority countries with the orders to join war on Islam which they did either actively like Musharraf or through their silence like many others.

In the absence of any evidence, the government appointed Josef Goebbels whose job is to concoct lies, repeat, repeat and repeat more until the most gullible accept these lies as truth without any proof. The American people have been brainwashed over two centuries to accept any lie coming from their government in the area of foreign affairs. In foreign affairs the U.S. media is the fourth branch of the U.S. government and it is not “patriotic” to disagree with the government policies. The Joseph Goebbels of the Bush government is Donald Rumsfeld, whose job is to fabricate, repeat, repeat and repeat even if it fails to convince the truth seekers in the Muslim world and worldwide. The Inquisitor General John Ashcroft's job is to find innocent people and accuse them of crimes that constitute the material to repeat the lies. In the beginning three videos alleged to be from Osama Binladin were produced but they were never submitted to the courts for cross examination by experts to find if they were genuine or made in Hollywood or the work of computer graphic experts of the CIA or FBI. At least 80% of the Muslim world believes them to be manufactured material. Then there were interviews by Osama Binladin and Mullah Omar but they were never examined for authenticity. The only genuine interview with Osama Binladin was published on September 28, 2001 by a Pakistani Urdu magazine MILLAT but the media of the West ignored it. In this interview Osama Binladin refuted all charges against him and he said in clear terms that he had nothing to do with the 9-11 terror and he knew nothing about it until it happened. He also guessed that the 9-11 terror must have been the work of the Israelis.

Islamic Principles

Allah provides Muslims with principles about accepting or rejecting lies, rumors and allegations only after verification. Allah says in the Qur'an

“O you who (claim) to believe! If a corrupt person brings you news about something, investigate it lest you harm people out of ignorance then regret it.” (49:6)

'Ilm Ar-Rijal is the science used in investigating authenticity of Ahadith. If any transmitter or a narrator in the transmission of a Hadith is of poor moral character or has poor memory the Hadith quality is lowered or rejected as fabrication. In case of the American government, allegations against the Muslims should be rejected until proven with irrefutable evidence in a court of law. Firstly, we do not know who the accusers are; they are nameless and not identifiable. Secondly, we know that we are dealing with American accusers, among whom are drunkards, fornicators, adulterers, agnostics, atheists, homosexuals, embezzlers and worst kind of people. How should Muslims accept allegations against other Muslim brethren who pray five times a day, fast in the month of Ramadan and more and there is no proven track record against them of being liars or criminals? Osama Binladin and his associates are known to be good Muslims who live by the tenets of Islam, therefore, they are believable, not their accusers.

If we are not willing to learn from Islamic sources, learn from the enemies of Islam. The Israelis do not trust any sources but their own. Similarly, the American government does not trust anyone but its own sources or if the source is one of its own 100% puppets. Why should the Muslims believe in the verdict, allegations and accusations coming from their enemies?

In case of the U.S. we are dealing with a wholly corrupt government, which appoints corrupt dictators and despotic rulers in the Muslim majority countries and uses them to oppress Muslims, denying them "democracy", freedom, progress and development. The U.S. government is one of the most corrupt governments in the world and Muslims should not believe anything from this government unless irrefutable evidence is produced and accepted by world courts with proportionately Muslim judges sitting in it. In fact, I believe that only Muslim judges should decide the cases of Muslims accused of crimes within the Muslim majority countries.

Allah further decrees in the Qur'an:

"O you who (claim) to believe! Let no people ridicule other people who may be better than they are, and let no women ridicule other women, who may possibly be better than they are. Do not defame one another, nor call one another humiliating names. It is wrong to call a man by a derisive name after he has accepted the Faith (in Islam). People who do not repent such acts are sinners. O you who (claim) to believe! Avoid being too suspicious, for sometimes a suspicion is a sin. Do not spy on one another, nor backbite against one another. Would you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother? You loath such acts, so fear Allah Who receives the penitent compassionately." (49:11-12)

The Chain of Lies

Make no mistake that all false arrests make a chain of lies to be repeated giving an aura of truth. In the early period after the 9-11, Abdul Hameed Walker aka John Walker Lindh, a white American convert to Islam, was arrested and accused of crimes against the U.S. This created a false impression worldwide that the Taliban and Al-Qa'edah were a bunch of criminals unjustly fighting the U.S. and Muslims. Next we saw arrests of hundreds of people who were brought to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, kept in animal cages, persecuted, tortured and many died due to the tortures despite the fact that no one was charged of any crime nor was anyone convicted. This was another link in the propagation of lies performed under the eyes of Donald Rumsfeld. Next we were presented with Zacarias Moussaoui who was charged but nothing has been proven against him. "Plea Bargaining" is nothing more than proof that the government has no evidence of the crime but out of its embarrassment extracts false confessions to justify the arrest and it is done under coercion, duress and intimidation; all illegal acts made legal under the American "legal" system. Next we heard about Abu Zubaydah, who may be dead under torture. Nothing was proven against him nor was he charged of any crime. Next we heard of Richard Reid, the so-called "Shoe Bomber", who was not charged with any crime yet, only suspicion. Next came Abdullah Al-Muhajir aka Jose Padilla, the so called the "dirty bomb plotter". He has not been charged of any crime but the sole purpose was to provide another link to the propagation of the chain of lies. Recently a new link was provided in Ramzi Binalshibh and his confessions on Al-Jazira TV of Qatar.

Al-Jazira TV is reportedly owned by the Emir of Qatar. The government of Qatar is known to be the most obedient servant of the U.S. government in the Persian Gulf region. Is it possible that the masters of Qatar, the U.S. government, would allow an independent satellite TV station to be operated by a slave nation? Of course not! Naturally, Al-Jazira TV is operated as an "independent" TV channel by the will of the U.S. government so that there is at least one TV station that would have the credibility to be used in case of need as a propaganda channel. This is the time to use Al-Jazira for American propaganda and it is being used. In my view everything coming on Al-Jazira should be looked at with skepticism as American propaganda.

The next link in the chain of lies is Omar al-Faruq who was arrested in Indonesia who began to sing in the American hands providing all the information. I am a skeptic. I do not believe that a true Muslim freedom fighter would allow himself to be arrested without harm and will begin to sing the song to please his handlers. Anyone who allows himself to be arrested is an actor in the drama and he is an infiltrator who is reading the script for his handlers. Who is Omar al-Faruq?

The next link in the chain of propaganda came as five young Muslims, born in America, from Lackawanna, a suburb of Buffalo, New York, who traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan for their own reasons but are accused of receiving training in terrorism. Their names are Yahya Goba, Shafal A. Mosed, Yasein A. Taher, Sahim A. Alwan and Faysal H. Galab. Note that they are not accused of committing any crime anywhere in the world.

The Goebbels' chain of lies is an attempt to repeat, repeat, repeat through more and more arrests but there is no need to charge them or convict them in any crime. This is the war of propaganda in the media whereas a crime must be proven in the court of law. The arrest and charges began in the fields of Afghanistan with Abdul Hameed and now young Muslims are being arrested close at home in the U.S. and there is no need to even charge them. A Muslim is guilty of an unspecified crime when he or she is arrested which bypasses the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Evidently, this principle does not apply to Muslims. A Muslim is guilty when arrested until he proves himself innocent without an attorney or a court of law. The irony is that he does not even know what the charge is against him that he must prove himself innocent of.

This is the whole idea. The Israelis and their cohort American Zionists are trying hard to implicate all Muslim Americans as terrorists and their presence in the U.S. as dangerous to the American society. Their goal is to remove Islam and Muslims from the U.S. and entire West. Anti-Islam forces in the U.S. are going to conduct a much bigger terrorist event than the WTC bombing of 2001 and they will frame Muslim Americans whether born in America or abroad. Their goal is to create an inquisition-like environment in the West for the removal of Muslims. This plan was finalized in the fall of 1993 under the direction of Al Gore and that is the reason I opposed him in 2000 presidential election; it was not for the love of Bush. I supported the lesser of the two evils, I wrote that then and I repeat it now.

The links in the chain of anti-Islam propaganda continue and more is coming. Will the Muslims and the truth-seeking people believe in this propaganda? Only the time will tell us.

Reactionary Pagans

When the pagans are defeated in an argument they resort to terror, persecution and murder. The Bush government is acting no different from the pagan rulers of the past. In the Qur'an (2:258, 19:46 and 21:58-70) we find the story of Abraham. When Abraham defeated his opponents (his fellow citizens, his own father and the king) in his arguments against paganism they resorted to burning him alive on stakes. When they failed in killing him they exiled him. When the Bush government is asked to bring proof of its allegation there is no answer coming but terrorism against the innocent people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. This is the war against Islam. Like Dajjal, when Bush is asked about proof he responds that either you are with him or against him.

The fundamental question of motivation and benefits from the 9-11 crime remains unanswered by the Bush government. I have been able to collect many benefits for the Israeli government and at least sixteen benefits for the Bush government. See my article showing the benefits for the Israelis and the Bush government, In this all Muslims are net losers. Any Muslim could have seen that disturbing a sick and sleeping wolf will invite his attacks and destruction. No Muslim in their right mind would even think of disturbing a sick wolf that attacks only the weak but never attacks a stronger party. Recently, I heard a question on a talk show: why should the U.S. attack Iraq who has no nuclear weapons but does not attack China who has 120 ICBM’s targeted towards the U.S.? The reply of the host was that China was a powerful country and by attacking China the U.S. will lose a lot of lives whereas attacking Iraq posed no such risk.

In my articles I have given almost thirty reasons for rejecting the Bush theory of the 9-11 terror. See In future articles I am going to address other conspiracy theories that are more plausible than the Bush theory.

September 21, 2002


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