Woman's Role In Calling To Allah

Question: What do you say about the woman's role in calling to Allah?


She is like the man. She should call to Allah, and order the good and forbid the evil, since the texts from the Noble Qur'aan and the Pure Sunnah prove this, and the words of the scholars are clear about this. So she should call to Allah, order the good and forbid evil in accordance with the manners prescribed in the sharee'ah which are required from the man.

Along with this, she should not be diverted from calling to Allah by impatience and by lack of perseverence due to the fact that some people belittle her or abuse her, or make fun of her. Rather, she should bear that and patiently persevere - even if she sees something from the peaople which may be counted as being mockery. She should also take care of another matter, which is that she should be an example of chasteness and cover herself with hijaab in front of males who are not mahrem for her and she should avoid mixing with men.

Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baz


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