Tragic Institutions

July 25, 2002

The Institutions of a society mirror the society itself. Thus America, one of the most vibrant efficient societies in the world, also has vibrant institutions. Pakistan, a corrupt country to the core, too has its reflection in the lethargic and corrupt institutions.

It is no wonder then, the Muslims being the laziest and most apathetic society in the world should have its organisations reflect them. Lets take just the mosques for now, but this is true of all organisations in the UK.

So called Mosques manned by poor quality committees have become graveyards devoid of all activity, simple prayer halls that look like mosques. Other Institutions simply offer feel good social events, nothing more than over-pious get together’s.

At worst a mosque teaches you how to read a book you don’t understand, and how to pray. At best you walk away with a few hadiths and learn Arabic. No wonder when the Muslim enters adulthood he has absolutely no idea of how to react to a challenge to Islam or to the Muslim Ummah. At this early stage he still believes Muslims are a great nation instead of the dead wood we are. He is full of fire having never been exposed to the real world.

At some point after he leaves the mosque, he will encounter the first challenge to Islam. It can take many forms, from seeing Palestinians die or Muslims die in Kashmir or Chechnya. Angry and still full of fight he will want to act. However the mosque has not equipped him to do anything.

His peers are equally unsure of how to react or have simply lost the will themselves. His father will perhaps pray, his mother will wear a headscarf. And even attend a talking shop called a circle. But that is the sole contribution to Islam they will give.

This is the world the young Muslim will find himself in. To his or her mind this utter impotence and ignorance in being unable to change the status quo is crushing. The confidence and optimism and vision that the Muslims had is destroyed at this early stage.

It is like sending a young soldier to war but giving him no weapons. It will not be long before he realises the fight is lost.

It is at this stage that being unable to reconcile the belief in the Power of Islam with the impotence of the Muslims around him, a change will occur in the child’s Mind. It will destroy his vision and will and create another impotent Muslim unable and unwilling to give Islam anything back.

Here he takes one of three courses of action, all completely destructive and useless.

1) He or she will pray as the mosque trained him to do. He will take the path that thousands of Muslims have taken. It is the impotent existing order. Beseeching God to work for them and thinking talks will solve their problems. Prayer and circles and talks finally joining one of the myriad of groups consisting of theoreticians, speakers and intellectuals of the Muslim world. Groups that know everything there is about Islam and nothing about how to save the Muslims.

2) He will simply give up and become one of a billion Muslims who find excuses why they can't do something. When a man finds a situation he cannot change sometimes he blocks it out, gives up and refuses to look at it again. The mosque never taught this man to help himself so he feels useless and unable to cope. Blotting it out. Thus he is defeated mentally before the fight has started. He washes his hands, on children dying. In his mind it is someone else fault, someone else’s problem.

3) The Paranoid Muslim, who like a wild wilderbeast in the plains of Africa watches as one by one lions kill the rest. He becomes paranoid and starts to see lions in every movement in the grass.

Normally the animal’s reaction is to fight or run, but the Muslims just stand there, either unaware or incapable of defending themselves.

When a man is unable to fight a foe, of course it is natural that he becomes paranoid. Only a fool would rest easy. He knows the enemy is coming but doesn't know how to challenge it.

This is the crime of the so-called Mosque. These are the mindsets the mosque is responsible for. Millions of Muslims pass through the institutions and never benefit from them. When a Mosque becomes a prayer hall it becomes a killer, a murderer, an enslaver.

The Muslim world is destroyed by them. It has taught us nothing and thus destroyed our ability to defend our religion throughout our lives. And history will repeat itself with our children. We have created a monster. This institution can change the Muslims forever or it can continue to produce confused irresponsible Muslims.

Instead of being a hive of activity in the defence of the community, it is a hollow prayer hall run by Scholars who know Islam, but know nothing of the Western World, its institutions, its organisations, nor how to change it. These leaders in the mosque who have never held any competent position in industry are completely incapable of bridging the gap, or teaching strategies, for the Ummah's defence.

An example of this scholarly inability to understand modern day solutions that protect Islam and Muslims is despite well over two million Muslims in the UK, there is no single lobby group that is active on behalf of Muslims. So while Palestinians die, we pray. And the Zionists Synagogues work tirelessly to enhance the Israeli sphere of Power in western Europe.

Another recent example is the Terrorism bill, forced on us by Jack Straw, and yet the scholars in Blackburn or around the country launched no counter move to remove him. They are too busy praying and preaching.

Mujahadeen in Kashmir starved of cash paid the price.

Not for the Zionist this apathetic ignorant approach. Synagogues are not mere DAWAH halls, no they are ACTION packed organisations in the defence of Judaism. Synagogues by teaching the community have accomplished One hundred MPs in Labour alone who have joined the anti-Muslim lobby "The friends of Israel". They pay for the best scholars, that teach the people how to defend Israel, teach the children how to react. Each child is taught how to vote strategically, how to Lobby, how to challenge the Media, how to excel in school. Ours the most ignorant can barely speak English.

If any institution is responsible for the death and humiliation of a billion Muslims it is the so-called Mosque. Activate this and we activate the countless millions of Muslim children who pass through it. Fail and every man fights alone.

Surely then it is every man and women’s job to change it. No matter how hard.

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