Blame – all blame – should be laid on the Muslim world

...for the humiliation it has contented itself with, and not on the American tyranny

by Dr. M. Sa‘id Ramadan Al-Bouti

October 2001

All observers worldwide perceive that the American finger of accusation concerning the 11th of last September event is automatically pointed at the weakest entity in the world, and at those whom America beforehand considers her enemies, disregarding and taking no heed of any evidence to support the accusation.

However, Allah has willed that these two qualities be existent in the Muslim world: for it is the weakest part of the world, and America hereditably considers it as her traditional enemy (the evidence of this fact is that America has always been letting the Israeli terrorism loose on the Muslim world, without any compliance with the criteria of justice, of humanity or of combating terrorism).

I am not trying here to direct any blame to America for what she has been inclined to do, for she has her own plea which she is clinging to – the American interests which the whole world should be sacrificed for! In fact, I am addressing my question to the Muslim world (of which the Arab states constitute a dear part): “Why have you condemned yourself to bear this humility, whereas you have formerly been the most invincible and the most powerful nation in the world?” You are Muslims, but you don’t have an all-inclusive Islamic unity! You are Muslims, but the only observance you show of the Islamic doctrine is embellishing yourselves with its emblems, while turning away from its contents and verities! You are Muslims, but you have made your societies, your institutions and your clubs a hotbed of the cultures of those who are plotting against you and who are lurking for you!

O men of the Muslim world, both leaders and peoples! Regardless of what you have contented yourselves with and condemned yourselves to bear, I would like to ask you seriously: are you sincere in your membership of this religion, or you have become fidgety and fed up with it, but reluctantly shamed into showing satisfaction and compliance with it? If the latter probability was really the case, why don’t you avow it? Why don’t you subdue your false outward membership of Islam to your real inwardly being fidgety and fed up with it? Until when will you keep on making yourselves a symbol of this humiliating double-faced dealing?

On the other hand, if the former probability was really the case, and if you allege that you are still faithful in your belief in Allah and sincere in your fealty to Him, then why don’t you hold fast to His Rope which will reunite you; why don’t you behaviorally and practically value its orders and rulings and why are your mouths watering with greed for the heaps of cultural rot with which the enemies of your religion are currently being suffocated from the East to the West? Perhaps you would say: it is our weakness before the brilliance of strongly-desired and craved-for trifles with which the Western world is overwhelming us and which leave to us no other choice than submission and yielding!

My response to those people is that there is no Muslim who isn’t weak in himself, but strong with the aid of his Lord, Allah (The Almighty, The All-Glorified). So, if he relies on himself and resorts to only his own strength, he will be subject to the effect of his own weak points. But, if he asks help from Allah (The Almighty, The All-Glorified) by way of prolonged supplication as well as perpetual resort to Allah and showing humiliation and submission before Him, Allah will stir up such a strength in him that would make oppressors and tyrants tremble with fear. Mohammad (pbuh) was no stronger than you in his human personality, but he was stronger than all oppressors in the world due to his prolonged supplication, excessive devotion and perpetual imploration at the Door of Allah (The Almighty, The All-Glorified).

This was the very practice of first generations of Muslims to whom Allah has subdued thrones, made the world submit and quelled the foreheads of oppressors and tyrants.

Why, then, O Muslims – and I am addressing your leaders and monarchs, in particular! – why don’t you cure your weakness with the remedy of supplication, excessive imploration and resort to Allah? Was the Messenger of Allah as well as his companions in a more pressing need to that than you are?

If you are really faithful in your membership of Islam, a glaring brand will spark from the assembly of your sincere belief with your personal weakness – a glaring brand of the kindled feeling of bondage to Allah in your hearts. This kindled feeling will lead you to the sanctuaries in which you will show your humiliation, imploration and anxious supplication before Allah, and you will make this practice a post-prayer rosary.

In that case, the hearts of Americans and of similar nations will be filled with such an amount of dread of you (and you are more than one billion people) that will be many times the dread which is filling their hearts nowadays of Taliban regime (who are no more than a handful in a plain). Allah is truthful in His Saying: "So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: for you must gain mastery if you are true in Faith".

So, if you are faithful to Allah, as you allege, you should understand this Saying and pinpoint your position in relation to It.

(Translation from the Arabic text)

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