Triangle of Evil

NOTE: I admire Brother Khawaja Ashraf's courage and I agree with his analysis. I did not see an American plot at the time of Kargil but after 9-11 the whole plot became transparent. I have been warning my audiences in the U.S. since 1994 that America is waging a systematic war against Islam and Muslims. Muslim Americans had the greatest responsibility to wake up and start their own defense. Since 1998 I have been telling my audiences that we had no more than a fifteen year of window of opportunity to work on the American public opinion and turn it in our favor before it was too late. 

We have five enemies who are working together to destroy Islam as the deen of Allah. These five groups are (1) Secular Fundamentalists, (2) Christian Fundamentalists, (3) Zionist Fundamentalists, (4) Hindu Fundamentalists, and (5) Russians and the Serbs. Secular Fundamentalists are the most powerful as a group because they control almost all the governments of the world including Muslim majority countries. They control the entire educational system from KG to Ph.D. in almost all countries of the world, and they control trillions upon trillions of dollars. The American government is Secularist on the surface but controlled by the Zionist or the Christian Fundamentalists depending upon the party in power. The Zionists control through the  Democrats and the Christians control through the Republicans; either way both are anti-Islam, pro-Zionists and pro-Hindus. 

Those who control the American political system are under 3%, another 2% are in the media, and together they control the population through targeted propaganda for the support of public opinion. In the American masses about 20% have sympathies with the Muslims and support them and 20% are hardcore supporters of the government policies, whether Democrat or Republican. The middle 60% of the population is confused and votes in favor of the winning propaganda. Muslim Americans have a duty to work on the middle 60% of the American population to bring them with the other 20% pro-Muslim Americans. This job can be done within the next ten years and we can save our progeny in America and serve Muslims worldwide. Is there any one listening? Please read the following letter by Brother Khawaja Ashraf.
- Dr. M. Amir Ali

America, Israel and India is a triangle of evil. They always carry daggers against Islam and Muslims worldwide.


From: Khawaja Ashraf
Subject: RE: American Threat to Pakistan?
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 11:41:57 -0700

Usman Khalid sahib:

United States had two options in her war against terrorism: 1) First destroy Pakistan and then go to Afghanistan, or 2) First destroy Afghanistan and then go to Pakistan. General Musharraf directed United States towards Afghanistan not knowing that Americans are going to come after him after they are done in Afghanistan and of course India will help them out to deal with Pakistan.

Due to General Musharraf's hind sightedness Pakistan has been fully entrapped by United States, India and Israel. I have been warning about this scenario even before 9/11 incidents. I understood that Kargil was the starting point for major catastrophic changes in our part of the world. General Musharraf's coup reaffirmed my thinking. I wrote to General Musharraf as soon as he made his coup that he had done the most stupid thing and Pakistan was going to suffer a lot due to his irresponsible behavior.

General Musharraf has already done a lot of damage to Pakistan. I am even concerned whether Pakistan will survive General Musharraf's follies. I hope it does.

I think General Musharraf can do a favor to Pakistan by immediately resigning and handing over power to the chief justice of Pakistan with the sole purpose to hold elections ASAP and let the elected representatives deal with the mess the General has created. Anything else (forced change through another military coup or the formation of a national government) can destabilize Pakistan and provide an opportunity to the CIA network inside Pakistan, US forces inside Pakistan and in the region, and Indian forces on the border to disintegrate Pakistan according to their design.

Since General Musharraf has a one-track mind, I doubt he will agree to what I am suggesting. I suggest the common Pakistanis should prepare themselves to face ultimate eventualities, which are about to take place in their part of the world. I think next few months are very crucial.

I wish we (common Pakistanis) could help Pakistan but nothing is in our hands.


K. Ashraf


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From: Usman Khalid
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 9:37 AM
Subject: American Threat to Pakistan?

American Threat to Pakistan?

by Usman Khalid, President Ansaar Muslim League

As the terrorist attacks continue in Pakistan particularly in Karachi, it appears that endorsement of secularism has helped only the PPP and other pro-India elements (MQM, ANP etc) while natural supporters of General Musharraf are reviled in the press or are subjected to crack down. There are other reason for Pakistanis to feel alarmed. Even though the Americans promised to be discreet in the conduct of their operations in the Tribal Area, their press has not only given it extensive publicity, it regularly assails Pakistan for being uncooperative. Joint exercises at Agra between air assault units of India and USA add another dimension to the threat faced by Pakistan. In displaying readiness to join India in the use of military force against Pakistan, the USA exacerbates the threat and exerts pressure.

The US Presidents make quick decisions when the public preference is already clear but they hesitate when it is not. At this time, the Jewish lobbies appear to be at the zenith of their power and influence and can even override the President. They have elevated the words of President Bush - Either you are with us or against us - to the level of a doctrine. But this reduces the number of American friends to only two - India and Israel; all the other countries hold the Doctrine in varying degrees of contempt and disdain. Its two friends in the Triangle of Evil have started new pogroms against Muslims and Christians in Palestine and India. There is bound to backlash as it is realised that by joining a coalition of pariahs the US earns only hostility and isolation. The American mainstream is bound to rise against it in due course.

Many countries share the dilemma of Pakistan. We are put under pressure, reviled and threatened to co-operate in action that are neither in the interest of USA nor of Pakistan. We must not submit to pressure; we must continue to articulate that our interests in the Middle East and Central Asia are common with those of the US. We must uphold international law and use its authority to resist American pressure. Our press must underline that American invasion of Afghanistan was wrong in international law. Continued occupation of Palestine and Kashmir in defiance of the UN Security Council Resolution are threats to peace and order in the world. Genocide is a crime. When wanton violence is condoned or sanctioned by officials or leaders, they are culpable and they must be indicted for the crime in the International Court.

The countries in the firing line and the peoples who are targets of the Triangle of Evil have prime responsibility to stand up and resist. Why should any country stick out its neck when the victims themselves do not cry out? But if the victims do cry out and resist, they get more time, then they get more help, and eventually more respect. That has been the experience of Palestinians as well as Kashmiris. The Bush Doctrine, that equated resistance with terror, stands debunked in Palestine. We must now be able to underline that the US invasion of Afghanistan brought back to power those the Afghans rejected and ousted from power with the help of USA and Pakistan. We must be able to say that it is wrong to chase the defeated in Afghanistan; they should be allowed, even helped, to rejoin the mainstream they split from.

We would help America as well as ourselves by making a case for keeping America away from land war. America conducts its war with high flying aircraft dropping precision bombs. However precise these bombs, they target grid references on a map often after the target has moved away. Moreover, those bombs have such large radii of destruction that 'collateral damage' is often the only damage they cause. We cannot permit Americans roaming around in the Tribal Area because they would inevitably get into trouble and would call in their bombers. No country can take the collateral damage from letting American forces operate from its soil. We must make that point before the Jewish lobby begins to call for punitive strikes on Pakistan and India sees an opportunity to invade.


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