New Delhi terrorist capital of the world

by Ahmed

16 May 2002

It would be appropriate to say that in India, Pakistan is god. Unlike anywhere else in the world when a disaster or catastrophe strikes it is attributed to Mother Nature or the will of God. But whenever anything happens in this poverty stricken - aids riddled nation of over 800 million illiterates it is immediately credited to Pakistan.

What is even more amazing is that all such “attacks” happen only days before a high level foreign entourage is to visit India.

Remember the December 1999 hijacking of an Indian Airliner incident that came weeks before the under secretary’s visit, where the ludicrously idiotic Indian officials published the hijacker’s demands even before any authority entered into negotiations with them. Remember how the hijackers changed nationalities at least three times, first they were Arab-Afghans, then they became Kashmiris, and finally Pakistanis.

Above all lets not forget the pleas Indian high commissioner was making to ground the plane on Lahore’s tarmac all the while his government was going on Indian state run television stations accusing Pakistan of involvement. And my favorite, the plane hijacked “flew undetected” for five hours across a dozen Indian states into Pakistani airspace. Well fortunately for us, Pakistan stood vindicated when the world media broadcasted dark complexion, thick accent – neck-shaking buffoons jump out of the plane and run off, no Pakistani, Kashmiri, Afghan or an Arab could have played Indian so well.

And how can we all forget the massacre of 36 Sikhs in March of 2000 only days before President Clinton’s visit to India. There were escalation of tensions, accusations, and allegations – just about everything was thrown at Pakistan except for evidence. What is amazing is how the international media gets sucked into Indian conceded and cynical stage shows, foreign press all ran headline covering the story and only BBC in a subsection months after clarified that in light of recent evidence submitted to Indian supreme court it is determined that “unknown Indian officials intentionally perpetrated” the act against the Sikhs of Kashmir to fuel violence and earn sympathies of America.

In 2001 before Secretary of State Colin Powel’s visit to the region it was the “false alarm” hijacking that went on for four hours on India’s New Delhi airport. While the drama was being broadcasted live on international television channels, every now and then Indian officials would come on camera, and state that they have undisputed evidence that two Pakistani citizens trained by Pakistan’s “secret elite military unit" are the actual hijackers – alas the drama ended when the Indian commandos stormed the plane and . . . then there was blackout of all news. Weeks later international newspapers termed the incident as “a series of comic errors”.

India’s latest 2002 issue so far has been, an attack by an alleged “elite Pakistani guerilla force” on the Parliament, who were “trained and sophisticated enough” to perpetrate the act yet idiotic enough to carry their passports, id cards, letters from their wives, and even receipts of purchase of undergarments from a market in Karachi in their pockets for convenient recovery by the diligent Indian officials. This time around it only took days for the world to find out the truth when India’s own newspapers started publishing stories of conspiracy and cover up around the incident.

Most devastating so far has been the Godhra train incident where 58 militants of the Hindu fanatic RSS and VHP parties were killed. Indian officials instantaneously saw a Pakistani hand and vowed to strike back in kind and avenge the death of the militants. Unfortunately what unfolded in the weeks to follow the incident can only be compared with the Nazi persecution of Jews, or ethnic cleansing of Bosnians at the hands of Serbs. So far 2500 Muslims have been killed, over 8000 have been burned and mutilated, and an estimated 120,000 have been displaced from their homes to find shelter in graveyards, underground water tanks, or landfills.

As for the Pakistani hand in the train incident, British high commission to India published an in depth report identifying and linking Indian prime minister’s own aides to the event. Human Rights Watch, an international non-profit organization working to safe guard human liberties and civil rights published a detailed report stating evidence that Indian government was involved and provided strategic support to militants and terrorists who killed Muslims.

“What happened in Gujarat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims,” said Smita Narula, senior South Asia researcher for Human Rights Watch and author of the report. “The attacks were planned in advance and organized with extensive participation of the police and state government officials.”

Finally a day before Under Secretary on South Asian Affairs’ visit to the region unknown gunmen barged into an Indian military fort, in a region that houses more than 700,000 soldiers and paramilitary troops, and killed 36 soldiers while sleeping. Once again, accusations are made, tensions are escalated, and revenge is vowed. And as time would pass once again we will come to learn of the Indian prime minister or his government’s involvement in this terrorist act perpetrated against his own people.

As India’s national elections come closer, and the militant BJP with its goons RSS and VHP sink deep into political and economical fiasco domestically the frequency of these “attacks” on allegedly poor, humble, and innocent India will doubled if not quadruple. More innocent will suffer, more people will die, and no one will benefit except the prime minister of India and his terror factory.

It is not the Indian government’s treachery that hurts or disturbs me. I like all Pakistanis have become immune to India’s daily dramas, false propagandas, and malicious allegations. It is the suffering and killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians of India that hurts.

Above all it is the blindness to the state sponsored terrorism of India of the so called champions of democracy who turn a deaf ear to cries of innocent women, children and civilians in India – that hurts.

If the US can have the courage to send troops under United Nation’s banner and liberate the minorities of East Timor from a Muslim majority Indonesia or coin an alliance to rescue the world and Afghanistan – why cant it show some courage to rescue the minorities of India.

And if it is, that the entire free world is decapitated to move against the Indian terrorism at least say a few words of sympathy to the families of victims. And if the whole of the free world is incapable of doing even that – than for the sake God don’t encourage Indian government to kill more Sikhs, Christians, and Muslims.

Extracted 06/30/02 from Pakistan Nation


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