Wanted: Muslims
For Training In Daw'ah, Dialogue & Peaceful Co-existence

The Institute of Islamic Information & Education (III&E) has been offering Da'wah training courses since early 1997

Opportunity For the Muslims in the West: Since the 9-11 terror at World Trade Center and the Pentagon people in the West have become much more interested in learning about Islam than ever before and the Muslims must avail this opportunity and harness its benefits. At many Islamic centers across North America the Christians visited to learn about Islam and Muslims but they could not find competent Muslims teaching them. It has been observed that some Christians came forward to help the Muslims out by teaching Islam to other non-Muslims in an Islamic center. This is a pathetic situation and it must be removed by training Muslims how to reach out, present Islam to the people and be able to answer questions with confidence and knowledge from authentic and credible sources. We invite all Muslims living in North America and Islamic centers to avail the services of the III&E and hold training programs at their centers.

Experience of the III&E: This course has been conducted in Chicago (5 times); Camp White Eagle (near Rockford), Illinois; Berkeley-Rolling Meadows, Illinois; Villa Park, Illinois; Garden Grove, California;, Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. This adds up to twelve times. In all cases Islamic organizations have sponsored the course by providing physical arrangements, local publicity, recruitment and financially helping those who need such help and are deserving for attending the course. The III&E has worked in cooperation with WAMY in Riyadh, ICII in Leicester, England, and IET in Minna, Nigeria.

Age spread of those who have attended: 13 years to 71 years of age.

Education spread: High school students to Ph.D. (even in Shari'ah) and M.D.

Education level preferred: College graduates and up.

Other requirements: Be a Muslim and have a commitment to educate non-Muslims. An applicant must be a resident of North America and willing to travel at his/her own expense, bearing expenses of boarding and lodging and paying the full tuition fee or finding a sponsor. The III&E will not help anyone living outside of North America for his/her entry visa or expenses.

Length of the course: Nine days from 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. daily with breaks. The course will begin on a Friday 6:30 P.M. for registration and introductions and will continue the next day, Saturday at 9:00 A.M., through following eight days closing on the second Sunday evening.

Contents of the course: Fundamentals of Islam, Techniques of Handling People, Presenting Islamic Beliefs and Practices, Misconceptions about Islam held by the Muslims, Misconceptions about Islam held by the non-Muslims, Comparative Religion - Christianity, and Establishing and running a not-for-profit organization. For details see www.iiie.net

What is provided: Course material, lunch and refreshments during the day.

Tuition fee: $250.00 except when someone or an organization subsidizes the fee.

What is needed to conduct the course: An sponsoring Islamic organization who can provide a class room with the necessary facilities, arrangement for food services, tea and coffee arrangements, cleaning services and a quiet environment.

Class size: 10 to 25; if there is more they may be divided into two sections.

Resource Persons: Dr. Amir Ali, Bro. Bashir Mundi and local scholars and leaders may be requested to speak on special topics.

For more information: Contact Dr. M. Amir Ali at the following address:

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