The Road Map – To Permanent Israeli Colonization of Palestine

by M. Amir Ali, PhD

I have been trying to understand the Sharon-Blair-Bush Road Map for Palestine. Has anyone published a complete text of the road map? We heard and read about fourteen reservations of the Israelis – what are they? Regarding the Middle East “peace” proposals, it has been the practice of Israeli strategists to prepare a “piece” plan rather than a peace plan, give it to the U.S. for offering it to the Palestinians as American proposals; when the Palestinians show their willingness to discuss, Israel begins to alter their own proposals so that they become unacceptable. For the Palestinians the latest “road map” is just another exercise to manipulate the world opinion in favor of Israel; this is the reason why I have added Sharon’s name to the plan. The Sharon plan with the concurrence of ‘Bliar’ (yes, Blair the liar) and Bush is to put together a Saddam-like tyrannical government in Palestine or at least to instigate a civil war among the Palestinians. The divide and rule policy has never failed.

Nothing is specific. Everything is vague and I do not understand what is being offered and what is being accepted. It seems that this road map is a fuzzy page of abstract art and each party is seeing what it wants to see. The Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Palestinian people are not told about the contents of this fuzzy map. Naturally, the leadership of Islamic movements in Palestine is seeing what it wants to see and it is defining the road map accordingly. However, their agreement is conditional to the agreement of the other side and they would like to see practical steps of Israeli withdrawal. Based on my current knowledge, I am going to give my impressions of the road map. To sum up, this appears to be the road map to permanent colonization of Palestine by Israel, secured and guaranteed by the U.S. government. Please forward to me if you have drafts of the road map and Israeli reservations. If I find that these documents say something different from my impressions, I reserve the right to revise my own comments.

My tentative comments

1. Palestinians have been asking Israel and the world powers to return to them only 22% of Palestine and Israel could keep the rest of 78%. The new road map appears to accept the Palestinian demand but Israelis in reality want to give the Palestinians only 9.9% of the Palestine, that is, 45% of the West Bank and Gaza. Why should the Palestinians accept this road map?

2. Palestinians are demanding the removal of all settlements and even the U.N considers all of them to be illegal. The father of settlements policy, Ariel Sharon, does not agree. He is willing to remove a few “illegal” settlements, which are nothing but trash dumps, being labeled as “illegal outposts” where no one lives. Why should the Palestinians accept Sharon polemics? The criteria of what is illegal should be the U.N. resolutions not Israelis, even if the U.S vetoes such resolutions.

3. Palestinians have been demanding removal of all Israeli Terrorism Forces (ITF), which try to pass as Israeli Defense forces (IDF) but Sharon did not agree to their total removal. In fact, these state terrorists are continuing with their terrorist operation as they terrorize the civilian population. Why should the Palestinians tolerate Israeli Terrorist Forces, armed and equipped by the Americans, on their lands? Recent withdrawal of Israeli terrorist forces from Bethlehem and a small strip in Gaza has been correctly labeled as a “token” withdrawal that carries no significant concession. The world should declare Israeli forces as American mercenaries paid for and equipped by the American taxpayers.

4. Palestinians have been demanding the closing of all Israeli check points within the West Bank and Gaza so that they may have free movement but Israel has made no such commitment nor is there any time table given. All we are seeing is tokenism. Why should the Palestinians tolerate Israeli invasion in their lands?

5. Palestinians have been demanding freedom to raise crops, raise fruits and vegetables in their own back yards and establish their own industries but Israeli terrorists routinely go around and uproot crops, uproot trees, destroy back yards and buildings so that Palestinians cannot become economically independent of Israel. The Sharon-Blair-Bush road map mentions nothing about making the Palestinian state economically viable and free of dependence upon Israel. Why should the Palestinian people agree with Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas’ submission to Israeli hegemony over their lives?

6. Palestinians have been demanding removal of occupation forces before they stop their war for freedom. They showed their good faith during the negotiations after the Oslo Accords for several years and lived in peace. Israelis used this period of peace to tighten the grip of occupation. It is Sharon who instigated a new Intefadah by invading the Haram Shareef. If the Palestinians stop their war for freedom then there is no incentive for the Israelis to move out of the West Bank and Gaza and they will tighten their grip further, using Americans arms, tanks, helicopters and fighter planes. Why should the Palestinians submit to this occupation and submit to slavery?

7. Palestinian freedom fighters have wisely determined not to attack their secularized leadership who love to become American-Israeli puppets thereby initiating a civil war. Israelis and Americans would love to instigate a civil war among the Palestinians, which would be a victory for their enemies. Wisely, the Israeli-American puppet leadership of Palestine has also not submitted to the suggestion of starting a civil war among the Palestinians. Demands made on Abu Mazen of stopping the Palestinian “terrorism” is essentially a suggestion to start the civil war. Why should the Palestinians submit to the suggestion of starting a civil war?

8. The West has committed multiple heinous crimes: (1) persecution of the Jews throughout 2,500 years of European history, and (2) occupation of Palestine, terrorizing the Palestinians, exiling them from their ancestral homes, rendering them refugees and giving away robbed Palestinian lands to fellow Europeans. Palestinians deserve an apology, return of their lands and reparations from the West led by the U.S.

Rationale given for the establishment of Israel

a) The Jews were persecuted for centuries in Europe, at first by the Catholic oriented governments and people, and later by the Fascists and the Nazis. It was reasoned that the Jews needed their own country so that they become their own rulers.

b) God promised Abraham and his progeny Palestine and Jews are the only true descendants of Abraham and inheritors of the land. This promise is in the Jewish Tanakh (Christian Old Testament) and it is incumbent upon the Christians to help the Jews in attaining their goal.

c) The land of Zion or the State of Israel was given solely to the children of Abraham and Jews claim to be the only inheritors, therefore, Palestine belongs only to the Jews to the exclusion of all other people. The Christian Fundamentalists, including George W. Bush and many in his administration, support Jewish claims wholeheartedly.

Response to the Jews and Christian Fundamentalists

I have dealt with the question of claims to Palestine and meaning of “a great nation”, a covenant made to Abraham in the Bible as well as in the Qur’an in my article, “Palestine: God’s Covenant with Abraham” posted at In this article I have given a lot of evidence to draw the following conclusions:

1. In the light of the Bible and the Qur’an, God’s covenant would not extend to the sinners and transgressors from Abraham’s progeny.

2. In the light of the Bible, the Jews have proven themselves to be sinners and transgressors making them unworthy of inheriting God’s covenant with Abraham.

3. God made an independent covenant with Ishmael to make him a great nation.

4. The political history of Palestine shows that Bani Israel ruled the land for less than 400 years whereas Ishmaelites ruled it for 1280 years of the 3200 years of the existence of Bani Israel. Ishmaelites got control over Palestine within 28 years of the rise of Islam whereas Bani Israel got power over it more than five centuries after the birth of the tribes of Bani Israel. It shows that God’s choice to pass on the inheritance of Abraham was for the people of his faith more than his descendants. Ishmaelites fit both criteria of belonging to the progeny of Abraham by genealogy as well as faith under Islam.

5. Making Abraham’s name great or making him a great nation may have several meanings. Six criteria have been studied under this heading and found that only Arabs (Ishmaelites) and Muslims fulfill the criteria whereas the Bani Israel are left behind and are lost in the dust. Evidently God’s covenant with Abraham was not for the children of Israel but for the children of Ishmael.

After this study, it will take courage and neutrality to accept the Muslim’s claims to Palestine. The prejudiced West, due to its hatred of Islam and Arabs, appears to be incapable of accepting the obvious. It will take only God’s miracle to convince the West about the Truth. Obviously, the claim of the Jews to Palestine supported by the western Christians is absurd and laughable.

The Real and Meaningful Road Map to Peace in the Middle East and the World

1. The world, through the U.N Security Council, must declare that the occupation of Palestine by the Jews by displacing of the Palestinians was illegal and immoral and was an act of cruelty and injustice, which must be rectified the earliest. This clause and a timetable for its passage must be a priority item of the road map.

2. The pro-Israel world must recognize the fact that if you want to give something to someone, you must give him from what you own. It is illegal and immoral to rob someone else and give your robbed property in charity. The West has done precisely that; the West robbed the land from the Arabs and gave in charity to the Zionists. The right thing to do is to return the robbed property to its rightful owners irrespective of the time elapsed as long as the rightful owner is living or his inheritors who have been rendered into poverty and misery are still living. I will not extend this period of ownership to hundreds or thousands of years because that would complicate life all over the world. There are Europeans who have displaced original inhabitants of the Americas, Europeans who have displaced aborigines in Australia and Aryans who have displaced Dravidians in India, and so on. Incidentally, Muslims did not displace anyone but opened the door for successful integration of conquered people into their own religion and culture removing all racial and national barriers.

3. In the Western secularism there is no place for a racially or religiously based state. The Western pluralism demands one-person one vote and majority rule of constitution and law. The West is spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually to undermine and sabotage Islamic movements worldwide so that they are not able to establish Islamic rule anywhere. The 9-11 scenario was created by a joint project of the Americans and the Israelis to find an excuse to wage a war on Islam; Afghanistan was destroyed; Sudan was forced into turning away from Islamic system attempted by Dr. Hasan Turabi; Iranian stability is being undermined by the CIA because it wants an Islamic system; Pakistan has been in trouble for the last 50 years because the people want an Islamic system; Algeria is in the middle of a civil war waged by the West through the hands of its puppets; tyrannical rulers have been established and secured by the West in Tunis, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Yemen, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Central Asian countries and other parts of the world so that these tyrants could continue to crush Islamic movements. It is the height of hypocrisy and double standards that the same powers support a religion and race based government in Israel. Shame, shame and more shame on the West! The road map for peace in Palestine must include the dismantling of the racially and religious based government of Israel and establish majority rule on the principle of one person-one vote.

4. Zionist terrorists, before 1948, and Israeli terrorist governments, after 1948, have exiled over one million people from their lands and put them in refugee camps. A majority of the original refugees are dead but the first and second generations are still holding on to the claims and titles of their properties. A road map must include the right of return to their ancestral homes and adequate financial compensation to those who may opt not to return.

5. The talk of “reining in terrorists”, “cracking down on the terrorists”, “building the Palestinian Authority security apparatus” and Palestinian police force must stop. These phrases are the code words for starting a civil war among the Palestinians and that would be a victory of the Zionists and their lovers. The only terrorists in Palestine operating since the 1930s are the Zionists and current terrorist government led by Ariel Sharon. There must be a well-defined program of scuttling all economic and military aid to Israel by the U.S. and all Zionist lovers. The U.S. must subject Israel to the same rules it imposes upon other countries receiving American and international aid and loans of all kinds. The tax exemption given to the Americans for providing donations and loans to Israel must be abolished at once since no such exemption is allowed for any other country of the world. Any help given to Israel from American taxes is a subsidy to terrorism. Any road map devoid of a plan to reduce Israeli government to its size financially and militarily will surely fail.

6. The U.S. and the U.N. talk of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) a lot for the Third World countries but no one talks about WMD developed and stock-piled by the Israelis. Israel should be subjected to the same restrictions imposed on Iraq, Iran, Libya, Korea and other countries. A road map that ignores this important restriction is sure to fail. Israel must be required to hand over all WMD to a U.N. commission for dismantling and destruction under the eyes of the world.

7. A road map must include a provision for the Jews to stay in Palestine if they so desire. Israeli Jews should also be given financial incentives to migrate to a new home in the West. The U.S. spends over 100 billion dollars annually for the security of Israel. All the money spent for the security of air, road and ocean traffic and security of various buildings is the money being spent mainly due to the existence of Israel whether the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 or the Arabs carry out terrorism. If there were no Israel, there will be no need to waste all that money in the name of security. In addition, approximately 10 billion dollars are paid annually in economic and military aid to Israel, which is used mainly for killing the Palestinian men, women and children. It would be a lot cheaper to pay money to all Israelis as an incentive to move out of Israel. The U.S. should provide each of the Israeli family a house or an apartment in the West comparable to what they have in Israel and pay $100,000 per family as an adjustment allowance. Within five years time a lot of squatters in the settlements will move out voluntarily and the rest can be moved out forcefully. The U.S. should make an announcement that financial incentives are available only to those who will move out voluntarily during the first five-year period. The policy of economic incentives should be available to all Israelis living in Israel and its settlements.

8. A road map must include U.S. guarantees of removing all Jewish settlements and Israeli terrorist forces from West Bank and Gaza by force, if necessary, the way Saddam was forced out of Kuwait and finally his government was destroyed; Taliban were forced out of Afghanistan; Serbs were forced out of Kosova; Manuel Noriega was forced out of Panama and numerous other examples. U.S. should not hesitate in bombing Jewish settlements and IDF in the West Bank because they are causing security problems for the U.S. and other people in the region.

9. A road map must state that the Palestinian people will form a government of their choice and a type of system they like, which includes total Islamization of their state as long as rights of the minorities are protected according to the international norms and conventions.

10. Israel has disregarded 30+ U.N. resolutions; therefore, a road map must include a timetable for the implementation of all U.N. resolutions. The U.S. should take the responsibility for the implementation of all resolutions in Israel, if necessary, by force.

11. Since the U.S. and the Israelis demanded to ignore Yasser Arafat and bring a new government of the Palestinians, a similar demand should be made upon the Israelis. The terrorist and murderer Ariel Sharon should be retired and a moderate prime minister should be appointed.

12. Since the U.S. and Israel are demanding that the Palestinian government should start a tyrannical civil war, a similar demand should made upon the Israeli government to start a tyrannical civil war against the settlers and conservative extremist Israelis.

13. Peace in the Middle East is not possible until the American people are told the truth about Israel, Arabs, Islam and Muslims so that the people may support the truth. It is a mockery of democracy to keep the population ignorant and prejudiced towards a people and follow a policy of hate, tyranny and destruction. The American government and the media should replace the false propaganda of hate of Arabs, Islam and Muslims with the message of truth and love of fellow human beings. Secular humanism demands truth and justice not the falsehood of Nazi / Fascist / Zionist /Capitalist Gobbelization, that is, repeating lies until they are believed as truths by the ignorant and gullible masses.

14. A true peace with the Muslim world is not possible until the U.S. and other western colonial and imperial powers recognize that their meddling in the Muslim countries has been a serious error. The West led by the U.S. must make amends by withdrawing their armies, their “security” apparatus set up for the support and protection of their puppets, all spies and infiltrators and their forces of espionage operations. The U.S. must honor what it says that it wants “democracies” in the Muslim world and let the Muslims choose their own form of government, economic, social and family systems rather than trying to impose the Western brand on the Muslim world. The U.S. must have a policy of respect and honor for the Muslim world and Islam, not hypocritical slogans of respect but doing everything possible to undermine and destroy Islam.

15. Economic imperialism over the Muslim world through IMF, World Bank and direct “aid” must stop because these plans are motivated by robbing the poor nations and making the West richer as every dollar in aid and loans generate two dollars to the robber countries of the West. During the last fifty years I have not seen one Muslim majority country that made economic progress by the use of Western “aid” and all aid recipients have become poorer and dependent on the dole.

The Web of Deception and Blackmail

Since the election of Richard Nixon, American agents of Israel have been spinning webs of deception and blackmail for their removal after one term if they go against the wishes of Israel in their policies towards the Middle East and the Muslim world. I believe that Henry Kissinger is the father of this policy and now there are numerous Israeli agents working in and around the U.S. government. Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush were brought down after one term because they were not perceived to be 1000% pro-Israel but a little less. Now the term of George W. Bush is to be brought down in the next election cycle because he is pushing for the Palestinian state by the year 2005. Israeli agents want to make sure that he is not elected so that he would not be around in 2005 to push Israel for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Nixon hated Jews and the result was that he was trapped in the Watergate burglary and some of his own doing brought him down. Carter was trapped in the web of bad economics that Zionists spun around him. His micromanagement style did not allow him to work out economic policy details as he was not an economist and Zionists made good use his ignorance. Carter’s sin was that he pushed Israel for the settlement of Sinai desert and Gaza strip that Israel had to give up.

Israelis loved Reagan because he gave them full support for the invasion in Lebanon and the settlement policies. In addition, Reagan ordered the transfer of nuclear technology to the Israeli’s and awarded them billions of dollars worth of defense research and production contracts. Despite Reagan’s disastrous economic policies causing severe deficits, his mental disability to be attentive in meetings as his Alzheimer was already growing, his administration was projected as a success and him as a great president. The matter of fact is that Reagan was only a token president during his second term and Israeli agents were the real rulers.

Zionists hated Bush Senior to begin with and he was considered to be a friend of the oil kingdoms of Arabia. The Bush election was very hard on the Israelis and the Zionists and they immediately began strategies to make him a failure and deny him the second term. He was trapped into agreeing to increase taxes, which came back to haunt him and he lost the election.

Clinton was not trusted by the Zionists to begin with, therefore they bound him in a Zionist cabinet and Zionist advisors to begin with a dedicated Zionist vice president, Al Gore. Zionists still could not trust Clinton due to his intellectual independence; therefore, they felt it necessary to implant an Esther in his office for blackmail in case he went out of line. Jews have been implanting Esthers for the last 2,500 years in palaces and with the people in power to blackmail them and get what they want from them. (If you are not aware of the role of Esther, please read the Book of Esther in the Biblical Old Testament.) The Esther in the Clinton White House was Monica Lewinsky. Clinton proved to be too smart and blackmail did not work to the satisfaction of the Zionists. However, Clinton was forced to back down and reduce his pressure on the Israelis for a “peace” settlement with the Palestinians.

Bush II is caught up in a web of deception and blackmail, that is, circumstances under which he was pushed into the war with Iraq. Zionists had to fabricate lies and false documentation to make him a believer and they also fooled the nation. The alleged Iraqi purchase of Niger’s yellow cake uranium is a classical example of this deception and blackmail. The media is silent in identifying the person responsible of paying thousands of dollars to the Niger official who produced a counterfeit document. Zionists used this document to embarrass Bush and lower his popularity and it appears that they are trying to dump him in 2004. The sin of Bush in the eyes of the Zionists is that he supported the establishment of a Palestinian state and pushing for 2005; if Bush is not reelected, the Palestinian state and the road map is dead. Actually the road map was dead on arrival.


1. The British government robbed Palestine from the Arabs and gave the land to the European Jews for the establishment of the State of Israel with the connivance of anti-Arab Western powers. British and the U.N. had no authority to give away Arab lands to the European Jewish invaders.

2. According to the Bible and historical conventions of the world, Jews have no claims to Palestine. Any Biblical claim is doctored, distorted and concocted.

3. As long as Israel exists, there is no possibility of peace in the world and the American economy will get worse gradually due to the huge cost of security of the U.S. as well as that of Israel. As soon as the American people learn about the source of their economic and political problems they will surely turn against Israel. It is only a matter of time.

4. As for the United States of America, Israel is a parasite, a leech, which is living on the economic and political blood of the American people. America’s economic blood is being sucked by Israel – American people have been hoodwinked into believing that they are paying only three billion dollars annually but the real cost due to Israel is the entire budget of the Department of Homeland Security plus at least one half of the CIA budget and a significant portion of the Defense Department budget. The economic cost to businesses and citizens is immeasurable and add on top the psychological cost and inconveniences. Politically, the U.S. is distrusted by the people of the world and a majority of the governments, except the puppets whose survival depends upon the U.S., also distrust. The U.S. is particularly hated in the Muslim world due to its support of Israel. Compare the hate of over one billion Muslim people verses selfish neutrality of five million Israelis. The founding Fathers created this great country but Harry Truman and his successors put the country on the path of self-destruction. On the outside this country has grown fatter but from inside a cancer eating it; the sooner the disease is recognized by the American people the better it is for them.

July 19, 2003

Note: It seems that the Road Map was DOA, dead on arrival, because Israel all along had no intention of removing itself from the Palestinian lands. During all this period Israel has continued to bomb and kill Palestinian children and women and old men. Naturally, the Palestinians are going after the Israelis in mini-retaliation; the war never stopped and there is no hope to convince the Israelis that they should move back, taking back their forces and settlements with them. The solution of the problem is in the hands of Muslim Americans. Muslim Americans have a duty to educate the American people, reaching out to every home and educating them about Islam, Muslims and Palestine and bring them closer to Muslims. When the American people are educated, they will put pressure on politicians to resolve the problem equitably or at least stop supporting Israel with money and armaments. For more see my article THE PALESTINE SOLUTION on my website

August 24, 2003


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