An Anti-Islam Book Review

The Muslim Ummah is in slumber and unaware of things going on around them and against them. This column is to wake up the Muslims to do the right things to protect themselves, their families, their Ummah and their deen from the onslaught of anti-Islam demagogues and liars. These demagogues may not have a permanent impact on Muslims but they can cause temporary problems for Muslims living in the West as well as Muslim societies around the world through creation of intense hatred of Islam in the people, politicians and the media in the West. The very simple thing Muslims must do is to educate the non-Muslim population of the world of the truth about Islam. Truth is the light which removes darkness of ignorance, prejudice and hatred. Demagogues and liars thrive only in darkness.

THE ISLAMIC INVASION: Confronting the World's Fastest Growing Religion, by Robert Morey, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR 97402, 1992, 187 pages. This book consists of six parts and eleven chapters. In his introduction to the book Morey shows his disdain of Islam spreading in the West. In the first three chapters he tries to condemn Islam by use of a parable, claiming that Islam is based on ancient Arab pagan culture, denying that Arabs of the Arabian peninsula were descendants of Ishmael and attacking Muslim life in general. In chapter four he claims that Allah is the name of "a Moon God" which renders Muslims moon worshippers and pagans, the worst lie anyone has ever created against Islam in the last fourteen centuries. The lie that Allah is "a Moon God" has been picked up by several other anti-Islam organizations who are publishing tracts, flyers and brochures by the tens of millions and distributing them in the entire English speaking world.

Morey, in Chapters 5 to 7, compares the God of Islam with the god of Christianity, compares Muhammad with Jesus and in the process, fabricates material to put down Prophet Muhammad(S). For example, on page 86, he claims that Prophet Muhammad(S) had sixteen wives, two slave girls and "four women were neither wives or slaves but devout Muslim women who 'gave' themselves to satisfy Muhammad's sexual desire". He reserved chapters 8 to 10 to attacks on the Qur'an by quoting writings of many Western critics of Islam, many a times out of context. He quotes Burton, "The Muslim accounts of the history of the Qur'an texts are a mass of confusion, contradiction and inconsistencies". Morey says, "when turning to the Qur'an, you find a jumbled and confused ordering of individual Suras". Chapter eleven is reserved to attack the so-called Nation of Islam, which informed Muslims consider to be a non-Muslim cult.

The language is poor and replete with factual errors, for example, talking about the Battle of Uhud, he write, "The Meccans had finally decided that Muhammad was a serious threat and approached his band with a large army headed by Uhud". He presents opinions of other demagogues as facts and he himself fabricates freely.

Even an half-informed Muslim would have no problem identifying lies and fabrications but uninformed Muslims and non-Muslims may be confused and even believe his lies and develop hate of Islam and Muslims. This is the reason why Muslims cannot afford to ignore such writings.


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